1.11- Nothing is Going Right

Welcome back for another chapter! Let’s get to it, who reads intros anyway?

Let’s start with our founder…wait what?
This is Kyla Herndon, a complete stranger knocking at the Moonwisp’s door at 3 AM. Who does that?

She then immediatly went to the backyard to have a water balloon fight with Cornellius Vaughan.
Who had been stealing our (futurely) space rocks. Again.

In the morning, Aurora wakes up feeling weird.
She therefore started using her hands backwards, it cooks well apparently.

Scrolling around to see if people were having kids in the town, I found this…
Please, stop having kids.

Blake is having a nap.
I obviously mean he passed out from fatigue after coming back from a school trip.

Aurora had ordered a pizza for the hungry kids and it arrived right on time!
However the deliverer glitched and could never make it on the lot, we had to pay the 30$ but Aurora could never pick it up from the sidewalk. (It also never disappeared until I had another play session).

Aurora: I can’t understand the logic in all this.

So Aurora had to cook after all.
But first she had to go through a forest of stinky teenagers. And here is Bane’s formalwear, which no-one knows why he’s wearing (he’s not insane or anything).

She’s at it again!
Stop it Aurora, the food will drop on the floor!

Aurora: Meh.
It has to be an illness.

Aurora: I don’t feel sick.
Then why do you have a permanent bowl on your hand?

Aurora: I am the founder, I do what I want!
*shudders* Well…actually…it should mean that you’re the only one who can’t but…okay.

What’s wrong Bane dear?
Bane: I want some food.

How about the one your Mom HAS HER FINGERS THROUGH?

After their meal, it was time for some more unjustified scolding for all the kids from their dad this time.
Bellatrix: Hurry Daaaaad, I need to gooooo.

She ended up wetting herself. As usual. I am sure she was potty trained.
Bellatrix: You stink!

Blake: No, YOU stink!

Bane loves to just stop and inspect objects and he makes those awesome faces.
Bane: Can you tame ladybugs to be adventure buddy?

I’m afraid it would be hard.

Bellatrix: Who cares about ladybugs? I’M HUNGRY!!!
Hey I can’t fix that, it’s an ISBI, if you want a shot at heirship, you got to prove something.

Well, she proved that she can survive.

And that she really can’t cook Mac&Cheese, as she burns it everytime…

A short one this time, because next one will be longer! Another family outting, more unexpected stuff, and a legacy favorite, birthday! (I think)


2 thoughts on “1.11- Nothing is Going Right

  1. ivanasims

    Nice work with the ISBI, I appreciate it! I would get mad for sure trying to handle one! I’m glad the children managed to survive and I hope to see them again 🙂 And thank you so much for following my story!

    Liked by 1 person


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