1.12- It was Bound to Happen

Another chapter!! As promised last time, another outting, and a birthday (kind of) and more weird stuff!

Here we have this dude, Laurence VanWatson, who was never invited.
Laurence the dude: This Mac&Cheese is burnt, yo.

Yeah, that’s a Bellatrix special.

When evening came he was still here, and changed into a zombie.
Laurence: Human is so mainstream.

May it be he decided it was the perfect timing for homework.
Laurence: “How to eat brains, part one”

I don’t understand, the family has like one space rock, no telescope and yet they keep coming for Dean.

Never in my entire Sim-gaming history had I have my men abducted so much without me wanting it to happen.
Dean: PLEASE! I’m so tired of this!

Well, you should know by now to stop investigating the lights.
Poor thing.

To try to make him feel better and in general for the whole family, I upgraded their appliances.
No more uneven cooking or fridge tasting food!

The next morning, it is the Autumn festival and I have the boys and Aurora head there. Why not Bellatrix? She hadn’t done her homework. And Dean was in the red too much.
You can only be four for apple-bobbing anyhow.

Look at this angel face!
Blake won, however.

While I had Aurora pick some wildflowers, the green boys had another go.
This guy, super posh and well-groomed…

With quite an alright face.
Fidel Andrews, Beau’s son, believe it or not. Yes, THE Beau Andrews from Sunset Valley.

Meanwhile we get our first Trick-or-Treater.
This is young Denny Landgraab.

Glad to see Dean answered.
Dean: Oh hey Denny, you came to give me candy? How sweet but your grades won’t be any better from it.

Denny: No Mr. Moonwisp, it’s Halloween… You’ve gained some weight, professor.

Back from the festival, I hang this little piece on the wall.
With Bane looking buff, Blake being lost and Bruce trying to act all innocent.

Just to remind you these two are actually a couple.

Dean: Darn, Denny was right. I gained a few pounds.
What video games will do to you, I tell you. Or is it?

Most of the time, Aurora writes or cleans or cooks.
Sometimes she glitches in protest and hurts her leg very badly.

What’s this? A cake?
Yes! I forgot to take picture until after >.< Blake aged into an adult. He locked his final trait at Family-Oriented. His previous traits are Loner, Artistic, Unlucky, Good Sense of Humor. His Lifetime Wish is set to Illustrious Author for which he will need to paint ACTUAL STUFF! He gets ripped pants not cause he’s cool but because he is unlucky.

This girl came over with Blake before his birthday and her face is so unusual it’s interesting. She has purple eyes, too.
Much more suprising than Beau’s son, can you guess who her parents are? Her name will tell you. Tonya Crumplebottom-Bunch. That’s right. With a proper makeover, I’m sure she could be lovely. However, makeovers are for spouses only.

Haven’t seen much of Bellatrix this chapter.
Fear not, she didn’t do much.

Next time, the end of the world. The horror that will scare the soul of you. No kidding, be prepared, don’t read it to get to sleep. There’s some funny stuff too.


3 thoughts on “1.12- It was Bound to Happen

  1. somebodysangel13

    Ooh, alien baby on the way! But the others are almost grown, so it can’t possibly be part of the heir poll, right? (I know the poll is done :P)

    Blake is very handsome, hopefully he finds a nice spouse (whether he’s TH or not).

    Liked by 1 person


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