2.0- Merry Christmas!!

Hello everyone! I’m sorry it’s been so long, but my laptop was barely handling the game anymore, but now, I have a brand new desktop that can run it fiiiine without sims standing around all day instead of doing something! Better graphics, better resolution, and NEW generation. 😀 Let’s get started. shall we?

As Bellatrix’s Lifetime Wish is to be a Master Acrobat, she immediatly signs up for the job, as her first torch-holding action!
A fitting stage name is necessary, and it is likely Bellatrix will not outgrow her nickname, as she is quite known for not wanting to grow…

Her younger half-sister, the cuty-creepy Barbara, will be staying for as long as she is not a young adult.
Ain’t she just devouring souls and such?

As this is an ISBI, accidents happen.
One would think from her pose that Bellatrix is responsible, but alas, Bane is, as betrayed by his smelly armpits.

It’s really affecting our heir, though.
“It’s okay, I won’t tell if you don’t” Tell what? That you prevented your brother from using the bathroom and that you made him wet himself, despite being under GOD’S CONTROL (me…)? Alright, I won’t tell either, I’ll just put it up on this blog…

In the meantime, meet the real duties of being heir ; doing everything in the house.
Hopefully that will leave her enough time to hunt for a spouse, raise kids AND complete her lifetime wish.

Though the siblings should be gone, they’re still here.
Pretending to look for a house to move into (Damn you Story Progression, taking all cheap houses…I don’t want to kick them into no home, I’m afraid Story Progression will delete them from the whole town…)

Bruce graces us with the beautiful sight of the frozen pond.
At least he shouldn’t be able to set that on fire.

Bellatrix gets some decent training as to how to raise kids by having to be the one to take care of her alien sister.
In the meantime, Barbara gets another kind of training.

She might enjoy it a bit much.
Awwww, yiiisss, this potty was gooood.” Only slightly disturbing.

During my computer building time, I soon had everything set up EXCEPT for the internet receiver, which is why I was unable to post the updates online for so long. Therefore, I took the opportunity to do a makeover for the house. Here is Generation 2 house, and starting HERE, is the new computer content.
From the outside, an expansion at the back and one on the right.

The entry and the living room.
Plenty of room in hopes of avoiding route fails at the door.

With a nicely separated toddler area.
With of course the necessary gear to skill them up quickly and leave the parents to do more important stuff.

Aurora and Dean’s bedroom, on the relaxing side.
Aurora’s work station is on the right, as if she was ever going to work again.

On the sleeping side, a bed of course, and some fancy mirror area.
On the right, Barbara’s crib.

The pretty bathroom hasn’t changed much.
It only has a different flooring and wallpaper.

The kitchen and dining area got quite the touch of color.
It also has a bar and buffet area at the back.

Entering Bellatrix’s bedroom is a reading area and a computer station.
Which Aurora is already requisitioning.

Here is her sleeping area, in a style to fit her Ambitious trait.
With a fireplace on the left, and a makeup area on the right, for her shows.

The once bleh and practical bathroom has had a lot of work done.
It is now the red room.

Despite the lack of bedrooms for the spares, they are still here for now.
It gives Bane mixed feelings.

Barbara feels nice about it since WHAT’S THIS?
It has finally happened! A picture of Barbara that is only cute and not creepy!!! *Party*

Happily there are couches, on which the siblings will spend their last night in the legacy house.
Goodnight Bruce, little boyscout who took the firelearning part to heart.

Goodnight, Bane.
Little geek who always tried to be the most disturbing but failed.

Goodnight, Blake.
Little artist whose talent and sense of humor never quite came through.

For as the morning comes, Bruce watches through the window with melancholy.
All three depart for a house to be seen another day, and they will be seen another day.

However, this day is also Snowflake day…
So Bellatrix invites her brothers over for the evening for a Gift giving party.

It sure did not take long for Bruce to start working on his own lifetime wish with the help of Story Progression.

While waiting for the hour of the party, Bellatrix trains her little muscles.
Can’t let Bruce get ahead for too long, after all.

Evening is not even there yet, and Bane arrives very early to the party.
He was probably very eager to visit his family he must have missed so much.

Along with the siblings, Bellatrix also invited this guy.
Clyde Barlow, her highschool sweetheart that revealed himself at her prom. (You’ve probably all forgotten about it.)

Little Clyde (He becomes an adult in a few days) goes first.
With the cutest face in the world. he must have liked his gift.

What was the gift, might you ask?
A lamp. It was a lamp. A plain normal boring lamp.

To spice it up a bit, lets look to the sky and see this not so plain sky.
Lovely ❤

Back to the party, Bruce the firespark goes.
He is NOT happy, as he got coal. UNLIT coal. Under the circumstances, it is unclear wether he received coal because he is naughty and sets things on fire at his birthdays, or if he was giving coal to encourage his hobby…

Bellatrix goes next and gets a chess table.
Probably from Clyde as he is the only one not to know that the exact same object lurks in the room behind Bellatrix, hence her moderate expression.

Distracted by the party, I forget to make it Aurora’s birthday party too.
Hey, at least there’s pizza to make up for it!

Whoa! Go easy on the makeup there, raccoon!
“My fingernails!!! They’re gone!” You’ll have a makeover eventually.

For right now, there is a first.
Someone other than Dean gets abducted! Sorry Bellatrix!

Upon her return, the party is over, and other aliens require the heir’s attention.
So to speak. (Get it? Wow this is lame, sorry >.>)

Barbara, what are you doing?
“Transferring information to the mothership.” Yikes!

While Bruce is putting time into a job, Bane finds himself a girlfriend before Bellatrix.
You could have done better though, Bane. :/

Blake, on the other hand, makes himself a boot-licker of first class.
At least the legacy house does get the money. so nobody will object.

To try and catch up, Bellatrix heads to the park on a spouse hunt or to perform for tips.
She finds it empty and skates a little instead, since she can’t perform during winter, apparently.

Back home, Barbara devours the readers souls by staring them down.
Oh, and she’s also learning how to walk.

We won’t be having any cousin from you, it seems. Is that your odd sense of humor?

Dean’s birthday starts hot!
Dean: “I miss my son Bruce…”

Now we know where that comes from, and who’s your favorite, Dean…

Once the daredevil of the family courageously extinguishes the flames and the fireman arrives too late, time for take two.
Said fireman stayed for quite a few days standing there, until he automatically got reset.

In case anyone forgot how skinny Dean is, here it is, in all its glory.

It does not disappoint Aurora however, who continues with her new-found habit of immediatly requisitioning things.
In her daughter’s bedroom, especially.

Meanwhile, the mentionned daughter is enjoying a good time with her prey, the adult Clyde.
Nothing better than a pillow fight to get someone to rekindle the old flame.

Who knew it was that easy?
Bellatrix learns in the process that her love interest is family oriented. Plus for parenting help, mayhaps?

Secure the hunt!
While nothing is official yet, there are other ways of securing things in a legacy…

Yep, you guessed it, might as well enjoy it while he’s there and not crying about whichever needs.
But was there a jingle? Or was this to boost their relationship? Or both?

As your mind tingles on that question, just another typical day in Dean’s life.
Can male elders be pregnant?

This is the question I leave you with. Next, perhaps a pregnancy, but from WHO? Next update will also be pretty long to make up for my absence.

Leave your comments below and tell me what you think! Thank you for reading!




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