Animal Award Nomination


It appears I’ve been nominated to my first ever WordPress Award. Thanks to Samali, author of The Rourke Epic Legacy as well as the Young Forever BISBI, for this honor. I’m not in date for the Young BISBI, but I can tell you that the Rourke Legacy will for sure make you want to try the challenge and make you want to download every single of her sims because they are all awesome.

You might wonder why I have this ugly image up (I hate muppets, sorry to disappoint) instead of the common one, you’ll just have to read this.

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.
  2. Post the award picture on your blog (I’m using ixot’s Animal picture, instead of the totem one, but still valid!)
  3. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  4. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  5. Pick and notify ten nominees

About Me:

Okay so…I’m Canadian, my first language is French so maybe you can guess where I actually hail from. I am currently 22 years old and studying Psychology at University. I like it, but it is very hard since -insert old voice- my memory isn’t what it used to be. I really love to write, which I think is why I like to write and read Sims stories. I love to create, whatever it might be. I’m very passionate in general, may it be good or bad. I think it tends to drive people away from me at times, but I enjoy my solitude (You know, like all simmers mostly). Solitude is great for creating, writing and playing videogames. I do lots of that, o if you wonder why I haven’t been posting updates, it’s because I’ve either been busy at school, or I was swallowed by my Xbox.

My Animal:

That’s hard. How do you even choose? There’s so many parts of my personnality that have both extremes (How can one be passionate and calm? I can.) at the same time that it makes it near impossible. So I went for a panther.


I could have chosen cougar but I’m not that vicious so a black panther is a little bit more calm, right? RIGHT? Anyway, I chose panther because of my solitary and independant nature. My friends have often compared me to a cat and I consider my actual best friend to have been a cat. However I know it’s not pretty when I’m mad. You know, passionate in frustration too, so >.> One main thing about me is that I fire up extremely easily when talking about injustice, but I wouldn’t know of any animal that is known for its…political involvement?

So there, and because I can, here’s a picture of my cat who died at the start of April and who was a fighter like I’ve never seen;


There, ha!


This is even harder, because I don’t read that much blogs these days and those that I do read have already been nominated but…I guess I’ll have to nominate them again? Can I? Well I don’t have a choice.

1. The Maitland Round-Robin Legacy by many people (but currently Sam). I’m nominating this because it’s an awesome project and it needs to be seen! So the nominee is Radax I suppose. XD

2.The Traveler Legacy by Ivanasims. This blog is Sims-related with an intriguing story that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. Ivana creates characters with much depth and still has a hint of humor, which I enjoy very much.

3.The Bagrov Legacy by Sammy-Sama. I know She lost her saves and how that sucks but her blogs were all very enjoyable so maybe this nomination will make her want to pick it up again 😉 *nudge nudge* I mean you still get to read 23 awesome chapters or so!

4.The Lightning Alphabetcy by Heather. Her Zales already got nominated so now her Lightnings! Heather was one of the bloggers I started following first, whom without I wouldn’t have found all the others I’m afraid since I’m terrible at finding legacies that I like.

5.The Dysfunkshinul Legacy by Sam/ Gryffindork. Just hilarious and unique characters all around, the Langurds will make you discover new horizons. Like how much you can laugh in front of your computer in the dark and look completely insane.

6.Loki is Surrounded by Idiots by Laserkatt. Another ISBI, gotta love those. But you know, this one has Loki for a founder. Her sims are all…special? I guess that would be normal when you’re related to the God of mischief.

7. I’m out, not that I don’t read others but they’re all by the same bloggers or by Samali who nominated me and I already bragged about her legacy for her.

8. So that’s it I guess.

9. Does that even count? Is that even legal?

10. Tell me I’m doing this right.


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