3.7- School Potatoes

Welcome back to the Moonwisp ISBI Alphabetcy! Last time, the quadruplets became teens and Cole made it one step closer to his long-life dream of being a chess legend.

Naturally, everyone’s diet is made of cake and only cake.
Daryl couldn’t be happier.

More teens means they all need to learn how to drive.
Starting with Daisha, who has been in her PJ’s ever since aging up.

Daisha: I’m a snake.

Meanwhile, it’s the daily clusterfuck at the school door.
Hey there Samali! (Only teacher in the whole school)

There is not much to spy, most people are related or too young.
There’s always Jerald, Dalyra’s good friend.

Apparently Jerald has a brother.
Can’t you guys have some sisters too?

Because we got an awful lot of guys back home.
Like Drake, who interrupts his beauty sleep to wander off downstairs.

To stop in front of the toy oven…
Drake: Damn it. I’m too old for this now. Why did I miss my chance?

Who wants cupcakes anyway when there’s an endless supply of cake?
Damien sure doesn’t mind.

In no time, Daisha can now drive on her own.
Daisha: Like a boss.

Those are the two cars the family has.
The black and white one went missing so Cole had to buy another one with his points to replace it…

There is still time today for more driving lessons.
Damien: Your heart is right there. Exposed, easy to pierce.

Why is everyone looking at Cole?
Cole: Stop goofing around, like. You got to learn too.

This cruelly satisfied smile though, Cole.
Damien: Hell, driving suuuuucks!

Gobias passed away.
His second son is now rich, since he had a favorite.

Duncan likes to go around in his bathing suit.
This has brought to my attention that he has no nipples. No. Nipples.

Insulted, he decides to take a trip to space.
Not my fault your skin has nipples but you chose not to!

So, did they attach you some nipples?
Duncan: No, piss off.

The next morning, all the kids are at school and Cole’s opponent is working, so he has to find something else to do. Upgrading the stove it is.
Bobbi: At first I was afraid, I was pretty fried, kelp thinking I could never cook without you as my side…

I got a mod for cat eyes, got tired of them looking so dead in the eyes.

Cole’s opponent, Jamie Jolina, is done working.
Sadly he lost and will have to try again the next day. Dr Jolina has a busy schedule.

Cole still has very important questions for his kids.
Cole: Do you like your ice cream, like, in a cone or in a bowl?

Drake: In a cone, I guess?

Then it’s time for him to learn how to drive.
Cole: Hey, like, wait up!!

Going around town, we find the black and white car that was lost…
Apparently it was bugged there.

Dante finished a painting.
Dante: I uh…this isn’t what I had in mind when I started it…

Daenerys is enjoying the hot tub in her grandparents’ bedroom.
Daenerys: That’s the life of a Queen, oh yes.

Damien jumped on the easel as soon as Dante left it, only to be interrupted by his mother.
Bobbi: Scrap the art, Drew, muscles is what gets the girls.

Dalyra is still practicing the piano.
Luring everyone into being inactive to listen to her melodies.

Even Drake is enjoying it.
Drake: Me? Enjoy stuff? No way, I was uh…

Duncan is…swimming fully clothed.
Duncan: Might as well use this to wash my clothes, less wasting water. #environment

Those two are doing their homework.
At least Dante found a chair.

It’s time for round two for Cole and Jamie.
With the papparazzi making sure to capture this epic moment.

Duncan: *Gasp*
Cole lost again.

Duncan: I had bet all my week’s chores on his win, I better start working on it then.
Betting? So you like to gamble?

To let off some of the stress, Cole takes care of his potatoes.
Still hasn’t found the lost potato chip.

The next morning, all the teens get up in unison.
Which is kind of creepy in a way.

While they’re all off to school, it leaves only those two for a birthday celebration.
Cole is so very thrilled.

Daryl makes his wish to see space one day.
Cole: OMG, like, get on with it already.

Sparkles time!
Ignorance is bliss, right?

Cole is so very bored, and Daryl is a lot less cute.
He rolled Family-Oriented. Bad idea, Daryl, you’re too dumb to correctly raise kids.

Even Cole tried his hardest and the game seems to work against him.
Dalyra: I can’t get to school in time, too many people.

She finally manages to go in.
Damien and Daisha are still waiting, however.

Finally all the Moonwisps are in.
There is still quite a lot of people though.

Drake comes out at the end of school.
Other kids are still getting in.

Daryl is home from his first driving lesson, from which he learns veeeeery slowly.
Cole is on round three with Jamie.

Daryl works on being useful.
Except, Daryl, you’re not up for heirship, so you could be a total jerk and it would be fine too.

Cole WINS!
And with that he completes his LTW by getting to rank five of ranked chess match!

Congratulations, Cole.

While Jamie was hard to beat, she wasn’t distracted during matches, so those two get to be friends.
Cole had a wish to make her his good friend too.

Once that is done, back to giving some weird attention to his kids.
Cole: Like, creamy or traditional?

I suppose that would be traditional?

So Bobbi randomly rolled this.
No Bobbi, HELL NO!

To try and take care of the school issue, I dropped a second school.
I also made the base school be ground level, to avoid stairs routing fails.

Speaking of fails, Cole still has this locked in.
However, I’m pretty sure its already done.

Cole can’t teach him.
And here’s Drake driving on his own to school…

Kids at school, garden tended, wife at work, Lifetime Wish achieved, what is left?
Right, making sure we don’t lose the cats.

Lets get the stuff down.
Cole: Chicken breast or chicken leg, like, any?


So far, all straight, only Damien left.
Damien: Dad, don’t talk, I like my coffee black.

Well okay then, what are the odds? 7/7 are straight.

Just out of curiosity, Cole asks Daryl too.
Cole: Do you put, like, ketchup on your poutine?

Daryl: What’s poutine?

Now that it’s settled, Dalyra goes back to plotting world domination via piano.
Damien: No-one can dominate those dance moves. *caresses leg*

Okay then… Now that we know we need more female options in this town, it’s time to end it on this note. Next time, more driving lessons, and a boring Costume party! And other stuff too!


7 thoughts on “3.7- School Potatoes

  1. somebodysangel13

    Ugh, I hate the clusterfuck at the school, so annoying! I solved mine by putting in the Careers-School mod, which allows kids to go to specialised schools at the job rabbitholes. It helps some, but not that much. Have heard about a mod on MTS that puts in more doors, but haven’t tried it myself.

    Wow, 7/7 all straight? That never happens in my games! Maybe we need some fresh blood in town, don’t want to start inbreeding just yet 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Mayhaps I’ll have to drop Frank in there and hope he makes babies for future generations.
      I kind of solved my school problem, but it’s still not perfect. Now the kids stand a chance at not having bad grades at least.


  2. illusorythrall

    I totally hate the school routing failure. Especially in Sunset Valley with the stairs at the school. Luckily, in my two current games it hasn’t become a problem.. yet. I’m not holding my breath, though. It’s bound to happen eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      That’s why I bulldozed the school and remade the lot completely flat, haha! Plus a second school. Set one for teenagers, one for children. It’s not perfect, but it helps.



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