3.9- A Sad Potato

Moonwisp update! It’s so fitting that this one has been waiting to be taken care of and then the SimNaWriMo comes out! Consider this my first update for that event. Let’s try to be more frequent, shall we, still got 22 generations to go. I say we but I mean me.

Last time, Dalyra aged up into a beautiful…
…always pissed off young adult.

Cole got to finally do whatever the hell he wants because he’s done with his lifetime wish and training the teens.
Which highly summarizes itself to watching TV, listening to tabcasts and tending the garden.

So all kinds of activities that really don’t matter if interupted by Dalyra’s graduation.
But of course it happens while he’s doing something meaninful like cleaning the house. Dropping it on the floor instead of taking it out as he leaves is just way too hard. Sims.

So out they go. I like Dalyra’s outerwear.
Dalyra: Why is there trash in the cat litter anyway?

Barbossa does not know.
Barbossa practices hunting on his toy, keeping his little paws warm in winter.

Somehow this car can hold ten people in it.
And it even keeps them happy!

They make it to the City Hall, where they find a Javier trying to impress everyone.
I’m impressed, because it looks cold according to how thick the air is.

The foot tapping at the door is a nice occasion to see the teen’s prom outfits.
I really like Damien’s.

This is what Dalyra got.
She is likely indeed, with how many points she has in piano and guitar. By the way, I haven’t talked about LTW because I figured I’d choose those right before the poll.

Quit rolling your eyes, Vicki likes that suit too!
Damien: This is getting old.

As soon as they get back from graduation, it’s time for the teens to go to prom.
We’ll call it the Christmas Ball because prom usually is in summer.

Usually summer also doesn’t ruin shots by having everyone in their outerwear rather than their formalwear.
Daenerys: Go, driver. We don’t need the others.

Here are the highlights;
Of course Daenerys wouldn’t handle not being Queen…

Many Romantic Interests. Many of which are cousins… *facepalm*

Lonely at home, Dalyra looks out the window at the wall of the house.
Dalyra: Why does nobody love me?

Oh shush, many people love you.
Dalyra: Guess I’ll just play some guitar then, such a sad life.

To this music the couple kisses.
Cole: Like, I gotta teach you how to be better at your job.

Way to break the mood, Cole.
Cole: Well, I’m like off to bed, lol.

Years and years after Bellatrix herself I finally get this popup.
He has lived way beyond his life expectancy.

Barbossa: Zzzz…No more fires…zzz…
The world is a safer place, yes.

The teens get home from the Christmas Ball and fail to escape Dalyra’s well-layed trap.
Dalyra: Let me sing you the song of my people.

Duncan says nope and makes way for the treadmill.
Duncan: Music won’t save nature, but running might!

Cole went to hug Dalyra to interrupt her plans to kill her siblings.
Cole: Like, their needs are in the red now, tone it down.

So she immediately goes to pick on her brother.
Dalyra: You’re polluting this world with your existence.

Duncan takes it as well as a puppy from which you’d steal a toy.
Duncan: How dare you say that? At least I wear fart-filtering underwear! What do YOU do?

She’s probably trying to never get invited to family parties.
Dalyra: So called Enviro-Knights anyway.

No global warming in this game, but spring is here.
Time to remove those Christmas lights.

It’s also time for Cole to rejoin his one true love.
Cole: May this like season show me the way to the Sacred Potato Relic.

This epic quests continues with him raking the leaves off his holy garden.
Too bad he can’t turn it into fertilizer.

Barbossa was just about to go for a hunt.
But then he took and arrow to the knee had this weird head twist.

Grimmy: Ahoy, Matey!
Cole: You stupid old rug, like he’s a cat, not a pirate.

This is so sad!
Grimmy: I’ll save you from those landlubbers, yes I will!

At least he gets to finally join his best friend of all Bellatrix.
Barbossa: The hell do you mean, “shiver me timbers”?

Grimmy tricks him into following him with a toy mouse.

He’s gone. 😦
Grimmy: Hoist the colors high, friend.

He sure did in my heart, and in Calypso’s.
She was never the one to go towards people, she always preferred her mate.

Daryl is immediately heart-broken without anyone even telling him the news.
Ah well, you’ll forget you’re sad in approximatively 2 seconds.

Daisha burries her grief with leaves.
Maybe she’s just still in denial, who knows.

Dalyra is past denial, also past acceptance, well, she’s just always pissed.
Dalyra: The cat died, I better write him a song. Call it “Furry Captain” or some dumb name like that.

Dante could not understand the logics behind why cats have to die, so he asked his father, master of Logics.
Cole: I don’t know like, look it up on Google.

Dante might as well have asked the crickets by the pond.
Wait, the pond? The pond is back.

It might give a chance for Dalyra to express her Angler side rather than just her mean and musical side.
But she doesn’t see the pond. She just got irritated at that tree…

The next morning, kids are away, so that means the grown-ups no longer need to hold their emotions in.
They can go and cry in that pile of leaves.

They could, but they did something else.
Naughty slobs.

Cole proceeds to cleaning up the crime scene.
Chipmunk: I…I saw what happened!

Calypso might be antisocial, but she’s loyal to her humans and decides to take it upon herself to eliminate all eyewitnesses.
That chipmunk is very ferocious.

Calypso pulls out her master kungfu moves.
The Chipmunk truly is an impressive foe.

Calyspo: Did I get him?
You’re so very cute, but no, the eyewitness escaped. -You were also beaten by a chipmunk-

Hopefully the eyewitness won’t crash this party just yet.
It’s time for Dante to join his sister into the realm of young adulthood.

The whole crew is there. There’s a problem when your family is so big they’re called a crew.
Dante: Splendid, even my hateful sister is cheering for me!

Maybe she was hoping for something like this? Makeover much!
Don’t ever pull that smile again either.

That smile is better. This whole look is better.
Dante rolled Dog Person to finish his personnality. He is Artistic, Loves the Heat, Family-Oriented and Savvy Sculptor.

He is ready to descend into the levels of Hell in search of his wife.
Dante: May I perhaps enjoy one last slice of cake first?

It probably won’t be your last, darling.
Dalyra: Bye folks, I’m still the best!


Well, that’s not for me or you to decide. Better pictures of Dante will come next, along with -probably- Daenerys’ birthday. These kids barely have any age difference. Stay tuned. Whatever that means.



2 thoughts on “3.9- A Sad Potato

  1. somebodysangel13

    Did we already poll the Ds? I can’t remember… but Dalyra is awesome, getting irritated at all the things. Also, I’m irrationally pleased with myself that I finally learned how to spell Dalyra’s name without checking your post first. 😀

    Yeah, there are way too many kids, I couldn’t believe how many teens you have! Guess that’s what happens when you have multiples. I quite like Dante’s look, his big nose suits his face.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      We didn’t poll the Ds 😛
      Congrats on spelling Dal’s name XD
      They’re all so close in age too so its just so many teens and yet no traps.
      I like Dante’s big nose too. ❤



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