3.10 – Another Grown Potato

Another update already! This time I finally figure out the school system, and Dante and Dalyra enjoy their youth. This is also SimNaWriMo update number 2!

Cole is still torch holder, but he doesn’t have much to do anymore.
Cole: Can you, like, cook that for the kids later, ma?

How easy his life, being the kid of an overly implicated ghost. No duties whatsoever.
Cole: Hey Athena, aren’liket you a beautiful lady?

Yes she is. Bunny Gnome thinks so too, and creeps her out.
Athena: No, I will not go out with you.

There are three bathrooms in this house, yet people always want to use the same one at the same time.
Daenerys: How DARE you ask ME to leave the room? This is my throne, MINE!

She left anyway, because the law says you can’t bash on the village’s fool.
Daenerys: No, Otis, for the fifth time, you’re my dad’s cousin, you’re a creep and I don’t want to go on a date!

Somehow, Drake has not received a single one of those eerie phone calls.
Drake: Nobody wants to date me, and that’s perfect.

Given that more than half of this town is related to him, it probably is better that way.
Dante: This genealogy book says there’s barely any girls unrelated to me…

To this revelation, he is inspired to paint.
Dante: That’s my family tree, crooked and on fire.

It looks nice enough, so the family tree goes on the kitchen wall.
Too bad I forgot you can’t CAS frames on paintings made by sims.

The TV broke again. Too much Food Channel.
Cole: Like, so the red wire here is broken, I seeeee!

Cole can merge with electronics to find the problem and yet he can’t find the sacred potato.
This poor sad well-tended garden has yet to produce a single potato.

But wait! What’s this?

Could it be THE potato?
Nope. None of those three potatoes was the sacred potato relic.

EEK! No eyes! Oh well, not removing the custom eyes, ghosts are meant to be scary.
Aww, Barbossa woke from the grave to nap on a bed. Don’t like the earthy and wormy cushion?

Dante likes the sound of an earthy and wormy cushion.
Dante: Brings me closer to my wife!

Time for a school check!
Elementary school is clear.

Highschool is…
Drake: Really Damien?

Highschool is crowded. -_-
There are way too many teens in this town, so me fixing it didn’t help much. Arg!

Daryl still managed to get out of bed late.

Bellatrix: Chill out, I’ll go for him.

She did.
Bellatrix: Alright kiddos, time for the field trip, you’re all outside anyways!

She just doesn’t like her grave and needs to go out once in a while too.
I don’t even want to know what Damien was up to. Lucky grandma was there to stop him.

Meanwhile, back home, the adult siblings spend some quality time together.
Dante: Yay, my big sister, I love my big sister!

Unrequited love is the worst.
Dalyra: BIG sister? You’re calling me fat?

Dante: What the hell? You ARE my big sister! As in older.
Dalyra: So I’m fat and old now?

I think Dalyra is doing it on purpose.
Dalyra: Weeeeeell, you, sir, are a piece of trash, I’ll have you know.

Poor Dante’s little hurt feelings.
Dante: And to think I wanted her as a wingman to adventure into Hell…

Cole had to go and break it off before someone died horribly.
Cole: Like, don’t approach him again.

Dalyra: He just called me a man…

Full of love for all his kids, Cole changes Dante’s mind by telling him about painting with ketchup.
Dalyra: I don’t like you either, computer!

Bobbi got promoted!
She chose Electric Rock, because she had rolled a wish for it.

Ah Daryl, the eternal Hot Tub user.
Ah Daryl, you still didn’t learn how alarm clocks work.

He is still not going to school.
But this time everyone was inside in time.

Same at the Elementary School.
In case you suffer from the same problem still, I fixed it by 1. Having 2 schools and setting them for different age groups. 2. Removing all stairs that led to the doors. 3. Getting this mod and following their instructions.

But no-one wants to fix their bugs! People want cake!
Glorious and oh so rare cake!

But the Queen is still sleeping!
Daenerys: Meh, cake again? I’ll pass.

Her father scowls from downstairs. She rises!
Daenerys: Fine, is that excitment enough?

You’re excitable, make it happen!
Daenerys: Wow, so many people, I’m impressed!

She craves attention so much she literally waited for people to show up before blowing the candles.
Daenerys: I only waited for my dragon sidekick.

Despite Damien’s look, Daryl is not naked right now.
Daenerys is finally becoming an adult, it’s been forever it seems!

On the left, Daenerys. On the right, Bobbi.
They are so very similar, only the mouth and eyebrows arc are different. Not a clone, yay!

She’s a pretty and classic woman, and her final trait is Workaholic. She is Easily-Impressed, Perceptive, Excitable and Bookworm.

Such an enthousiast worker, or at least she should be!
Daenerys: What the hell are you cheering for? I’m pretty, and an official part of the competition. I will retake the Iron Throne.

Nevermind Dalyra’s suspicious third leg…

Cole looks so proud of his daughter, and Bobbi has mixed feelings.
Bobbi: Who’s that and why does she look like me?

She’s your daughter…

Some things never change, no matter how old you are.
Daenerys: OMG Otis, NO!

Poor Daenerys, such a sad start to young adult life, she might end up traumatized.
I don’t watch nor read Game of Thrones, but I do have to thank the series, for creating such a nice name. So that means the only references to the series mainly come from the little knowledge I have of the series and a bit of Wikipedia. *oops*

Well that is it for this time! Only the quads left, in only 3 sim days, and then its the poll. Yikes! There wasn’t any of Duncan and Daisha this time, sorry! Too many kids, TOO MANY KIDS!


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