3.11- A Spooky Spring Potato

Hello people! This is SimNaWriMo update number 3. I will officially not make it to 7, yet alone 10, but hey, 3 is all I can do at this point. I have exams coming. I’m also very sick as some of you may know (no wait, you don’t know XD) so most of the time I look at my screenshots with a blank stare for about an hour before I write a single word UGH. Sorry, little rant, it just really sucks to be so sick you can’t even do little “relaxing” things like playing the Sims. It’s also why I haven’t been on Boolprop much for those who know me from there. And for those who are curious, it’s anemia.

For those of you who aren’t curious, I have a whole new chapter for you! One which involves Dalyra plotting world domination again.
Daenerys: Oooo, piano! Let’s be totally boring until I really need to fill my needs!

Only the village idiot would be too dense to fall into the trap.
Daryl: Uh? Book?

While Drake doesn’t fall very often into Dalyra’s trap, he’s all ready for his elder days.
Drake: My life…is a roller coaster.

Dante has finally come up with his own domination device.
Daenerys: Ooo, pancakes!

Everyone: Who said pancakes?
His plan works very well it seems.

Surprisingly, in memory of his mother, Cole rolled a wish to exercise a bit.
Cole: Fuuuu, Mom! It’s still like hard!

Bad Regan, stop stealing the men!

On another note, Bellatrix has wandered near her part of crypt.
Bellatrix: Who the hell is this? Thinks she’s an acrobat or something, I’ll show her!

Let’s leave Bellatrix to her own devices and go on a family outting in the VIP bus.
Bobbi: What’s with that plumbob?

Damien: I uh…I’m lost Mom.

I like Daenerys’s everyday clothes.
I know the real Daenerys does not wear purple but  I believe it would look like that if she did.

They arrive at the park for the Spring Festival, with only Cole actually looking foward to it.
Drake: And here you have, the big black lame bus, ladies and gentlemen.

Cole and Bobbi haven’t been romantic in a while, all to Cole’s disarray.
It’s time to test where their love stands after so many kids.

Bobbi is extremely nervous.
Cole seems more confident.

Well that’s unexpected.
Who’s the Zero anyway?

Cole is very ashamed and Bobbi disappointed.
Bobbi: Told you we shouldn’t have.

Cole wants to show this stupid machine otherwise.
There, all the bad was forgotten in a blink. Or in a kiss.

Cole wished to gather eggs.
He’s so excited, look at that!

Into the basket it goes!
He gathered enough to get the golden egg thingy thing.

Daryl got facepaint.
Yes Daryl, you’re a rainbow…

Daryl: Bow?

Before heading home, Cole tests the local food.
Cole: What like do you mean, you don’t have baked potatoes?

Back home, Dalyra enjoys a homemade hotdog.
Duncan: Couldn’t just have one at the festival, could you?

Apparently neither could Dante.
Dante: Everything is better homecooked.

I’m pretty sure those at the festival were grilled THE SAME WAY!

It’s not Spooky Day in game, but we get a trick or treater anyway. Fitting considering it’s Halloween in real life…
Our confused trick-or-treater is none other than Christy Nike, Samali’s daughter.

Daenerys: What are you dressed up as anyway?
Christy: Daenerys. I’m a big fan.

Daenerys: Ew, creepy! You have the hair all wrong!

So we fixed her hair up into something more fitting!
She’s quite pretty I think.

Christy: I love you Daenerys.

On this note, Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it! Next time, it’s the quad’s birthday so there’s a poll coming up. One day.

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