4.1- Lure That Fish In

Welcome back readers!
Last time, Dalyra was revealed as the torch-holder, tried to flirt with the few unrelated men in town and got so fed up she couldn’t stay a second longer.

This time, she explores the depths of Shang Simla, China.
Or parts of it because you never get long enough.

First things first, Dalyra needs to brush her teeth. Three times…
Dalyra: Perfection takes practice.

She then wanted to meet a local so I sent her to one of the nearest houses.
Dalyra: Answer you dimwits, I saw you through the window!

This guy immediately thinks they should hang out sometime.

What the heck EA? These two are wearing the same thing.
And guess what? They’re brothers.

Before she could really introduce herself, Jinjing wanted to take a picture.
Jinjing: Never seen someone that looks so weird. Lol.

Dalyra decided she’d be friends with his brother, Gan.
Dalyra: Does your brother think I’m some kind of creature to put on show or something?

Whoa whoa whoa, settle down girl!

First she needs to vent some air and yell at him for no reason.
Dalyra: Your stupid saucer hat makes me want to kiss you!

Gan was quite surprised at the comment and couldn’t decide if it felt nice or not.
Gan: Uh…Should I remove my hat?

Dalyra has a wish to work for so she better start sweetening up a bit.
Dalyra: No keep it. That way I can break vases on your head without killing you.

Gan: Kinky.

Dalyra decided to just give him flowers and forget the vase, which Gan secretly appreciated.
Jinjing came spying on his brother.

Jinjing: I’m telling Mom!

He stormed off cackling like a pregnant rhino before Dalyra could stop him.
Dalyra: Oh no, I’m in trouble now.

Gan reassured her with a hug.
Gan: No you’re not. My brother’s just goofing around, he’s a harmless scrub. Besides, my mom wouldn’t care.

Those sweet words gave confidence enough to Dalyra that it was the moment to kiss the guy.
Dalyra: Ow, your hat is in my head!

Dalyra then wanted to serenade him and express her feelings towards Gan.
Dalyra: It’s a good thing you wear a hat, because you’re a scrawny little rat!

Gan: That’s…great actually.

Satisfied with her audience, Dalyra set het guitar down, where she was then unable to pick up…
Dalyra: Gan, I trust you enough to keep my guitar.

Of course she would disregard the fact that this was supposed to be her mother’s guitar.
Time was running late so she kissed him goodnight to return to the base camp.

Dalyra then went for a swim in the nearby river.
There she met some local fish.

She took that as a sign and jumped on the opportunity.
She fished all night, enduring the cold breeze.

She caught many kois, which brought her immense joy.
Those fish are HUGE!

When morning came, she headed back home for some rest.
Well-deserved too because her night was productive.

Her rest mainly consisted of breakfast.
Dalyra met her sister Daisha who is apparently visiting China too, as an explorer.

Also the game is stupid.
Daisha doesn’t have freckles. But every female sim that comes from Sunset Valley gets that when I see them on vacation. Weird.

As soon as she was done eating, Dalyra got a phone call.
She was about to head out for more fishing but SOMEONE LIKES YOU DALYRA!

So she met him at his place immediately.
So formal you two! You kissed less than twelve hours ago.

Once inside, the two of them surprisingly automatically started flirting back and forth.
Gan: I might have a weird hat but you have weird hair. We belong together.

Well leaving Dalyra on autonomous will only get so far before she feels the urge to insult somebody…
Dalyra: What the heck is wrong with my hair? It really doesn’t compare to your retarded hat!

Person-person plus… Apparently Gan is also Mean Spirited and they were happy about this shared trait…
Dalyra: We’re both rude a-holes, we should TOTALLY hook up.

Gan, oddly enough, couldn’t agree more and they both gleefully requisitionned the nearest bed.
Gan: Nothing beats defiling my mother’s bed.

Defiled they did.
Hard to say if they love one another or if they just want to be mean to people…together.

Either way Dalyra is sure having fun with this specimen.
Dalyra: Screw your hat since I just screwed the rest, so how about you be my boyfriend?

He said yes and as soon as they had clothes back on, he proceeded to continue with his autonomous romancing.
Gan: Here, let me massage yout scrawny back while you like at the wonderful scenery.

Gan’s mother Ru found her desecrated bed and came to express her mind on the issue.
Ru: Can’t believe a girl is blind enough to be with this twat. About time!

She also ordered Dalyra to get her some relic as a form of making up for her actions.
She immediately put herself on the task.

Which involved stepping on stuff.
Dalyra: I guess if I want to see Gan more often, I should work on my visa anyway.

As well as some mining.
Dalyra: Plus I did woohoo with her son in her bed.

Some creepy crawlies in holes.
Dalyra: I even did so before he was officially my boyfriend.

She eventually found the relic and brought it back.
Dalyra: So can I come longer yet?

Ru: No. Maybe if you bring me the Venus statue.

Dalyra might be mean but she’s not a thief. No Museum raiding for her.
So instead she resorted to poaching the fish of the land for the few remaining hours of her trip.

Next time, Dalyra comes back home. She experiences stuff, I suppose. Is Gan good enough for her? Or in her case, is he bad enough? We’ll see.


One thought on “4.1- Lure That Fish In

  1. somebodysangel13

    Fishing Adventures taken to a whole new level, well done Dalyra! I quite like Gan, we don’t see enough foreign spouses in legacies any more. That pic of their profiles shows some very different faces, so it will be interesting to see what their children look like (assuming Dalyra chooses him).

    Liked by 2 people


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