4.2- Little Fish

Previously, Dalyra escaped to China and met a peculiar guy, Gan, who seemed to like insults as much as she does. She also fished and fished.

This time, she is just back from her trip, back to the house of constant cake.

Cole: Oh, hey honey. Where have you been? Last I heard you went to see that Jerald guy and then I didn’t see you for the next three days.

Dalyra told him she went to China for a sense of adventure.

Cole: I bet it didn’t beat the adventure I had playing video games.

Dalyra: I made myself a boyfriend.

Her father was very glad but made her promise to have her wedding in Sunset Valley.

Dalyra: We’re not even engaged, but I guess leaving my guitar there is pretty much the same.

Cole: You left the liking guitar over there? Tell him I’ll freeze his face if something happens to your mom’s guitar.

Though Dalyra worded it even worse in her letter, she would still abide by her father’s wish, if it meant his benediction.

Dalyra: Dear Gan. You suck so much I’ll come see you again soon. P.S. If you use the guitar to beat Jinjing down, I might have to make you eat your hat.

However, her trip would have to wait for her stomach to stop reacting so much to chinese food.

Dalyra: I don’t understand. How exotic can mac and cheese be to my stomach?

As an overly premature wedding gift, Cole offered Dalyra a guitar of her own.

Sadly, Bobbi will never get hers back because glitches.

Also, since the game is stupid and considers that Dalyra is “cheating on Gan” because she interacted with a guy before she even knew he existed, she has things to do.

Dalyra: I have a boyfriend now, so you can screw yourself and stop insisting to get in my pants.

She then called him a doughhead and he was not amused.

Jerald: What the heck even? You’re the one who chased me down from my home to my job like a total creep.

And then she rolls this…

Fixing a relationship after calling someone a doughhead might be hard.

Dalyra: You’re still a somewhat special kind of dough? From the moon?

After her epic failure at friendship with Jerald, Dalyra went to the park.

Only to realize she was pregnant had too much chinese food.

She then went fishing in hopes of perfect fish.

Dalyra: This one isn’t perfect but a lean diet might help my weight gain.

She did however manage to catch a perfect goldfish. Goldylocks.

This will be her “Private Museum”.

Before heading home, Dalyra stopped by the graveyard to grab the urns of Bellatrix’s siblings who FINALLY DIED (I believe Bruce is still going, he still has a fire burning inside of him…)

Dalyra: Go eat your dead socks, ghost, I’m trying to tell my beloved brother what a tit he is.

As promised some era ago, here is Bobbi after her elder makeover.

Bobbi: I am glorious.

She is quite chic, even if she developped an obsession for tube-shaped food.

Bobbi: Hot-dogs and egg rolls are life.

If these things are life, others must come to pass.

Calypso: I’m older than those cut-out walls at the back.

That she was, since she was adopted when Cole was still a child and before the house was remodeled. That’s one OLD cat.

The family was mainly sad, except for Dalyra who felt the urge to greet her dad instead.

Grimmy stole the last kitty, but hey, better him and than the Animal Services Lady.

Grimmy: There, there, Barbossa is waiting.

It wasn’t long until life went back to normal…

Jinjing, wtf are you doing here? (Not the real Jinjing, that guy is called Jinjing Kent – not Ming)

Yes, other than odd duplicate apparitions, life went back to normal.

Chef: And this is how meatballs were discovered! Next week, find out how the fall of the Mayan Empire gave us pop corn!

A trip in town and a dying cat is tiring and Dalyra needs some rest.

Dalyra: Why don’t I have an adult bedroom yet?

After a good night in he childhood bed, she had spaghetti for breakfast.

Dalyra: That hurts! I guess there’s a reason we eat it for lunch or dinner.

Some spark of genius echoed in her brain and she realized she was pregnant.

Dalyra: I don’t understand. I used a plastic bag like mom said with Jerald and Gan’s hat with him…

Well Dalyra should have guessed her mother never figured out contraception.

Dalyra: Ahahaha, I don’t know who your dad is, kid.

Either way, this is Ethan. May his future genetics reveal his father.

He is Insane and Genius. He likes the color Lime (as usual), Cookies and some music.

Like any good mother, Dalyra spends her first moments after giving birth…

Reading about fish.

She also prioritized feeding her fish over her kid, when she got a phonecall from Gan.

Dalyra: Yeah I’ll come soon and I’ll show you around the town you live in…

As for the elders, they’re not seen often because they kead an exciting life.

Cole: I know you wanted to party under disco balls all your life, but at least you get to watch TV, right?

Luckily for Cole, the Couch Potato is stronger in Bobbi than the Diva.

Bobbi: I’m quite happy I married you. Eating chips is the best distraction from my star life.

This is about as exciting as their life can get. Cole can hardly handle it.

Cole: Whoa whoa whoa Bobbi, did you see what she put in there? Cinnamon.

While the old croutons bond over their happy life, Dalyra mourns in the bathroom.

Dalyra: Oh, Calypso, this was your favorite toilet.

The loss is too much for her to bear so she went to China again. Leaving her newborn behind.

Since she wants to come visit Gan for longer, Dalyra decides to start working on her visa some more.

She was thus sent to fetch a bunch of gems all over the outskirts of town.

Dalyra: I don’t know why those dimwits cant do it themselves.

She still brought it back and got her reward.

Dalyra: Look you just gave me stuff but I have to say it. You’re pretty stupid.

In the corner of the room sat a dark figure. Hiding under a hat, mysterious.

Reading a book about little bunnies.

Dalyra saw him and immediately went over to him.

The reunion was passionnate.

Then Dalyra couldn’t keep it in any longer.

Dalyra: Gan our cat is dead and I miss her so much even though I only interacted with her once and she tried to bite my crotch.

Though Gan didn’t seem to graps the concept because there are no cats in Shang Simla (but only about 10 gazillion horses), the two went on a date.

They went skipping in the hills on their way to a better world.

The two didn’t find much so stopped for a break and to fullfill Dalyra’s constant wishes for Gan.

So far, none have been about insulting him or smacking him behind the head.

Taking it as a sign that he is the one, Dalyra proposed to him.

Gan: Look at that gem, it has spikes!

He said yes. Good for him because maybe Dalyra would have had to teach him a lesson otherwise.

Gan: I can totally see myself hit someone in the face with that ring on.

Dalyra was still full of love for her new fiancé and couldn’t help but speak lovely words.

Dalyra: I like the way you think, scrubbybum.

Suddenly their spot became the hotspot to hang around in town.

Dalyra: How about we beat them up with a rose?

Gan then felt the need to maintain the mystery about him and started walking away without a word.

Dalyra: Gan? Where are you going? We just got engaged! Come back here! Gaaan?

His smile reveals he likes to have girls run after him (unlike Jerald) or mayhaps that he enjoys the pain inflicted by leaving without explanations. Probably both.

Dalyra: Gan! Gan look, my farts are making music! GAN! You’re a terrible human being!

We’ll end it here. With how Gan is acting, he’s either perfect for Dalyra, or has reached levels of mean that she won’t be able to handle.

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