4.3- Failure to Bait

Hello again! Before I forget, I’ll say I updated the Family page so you can indulge yourself and download any new addition on there (Which are the D kids. Daryl will come shortly because I forgot about him like a dumbass).

Last time. Dalyra gave birth to Ethan and got engaged to Gan, but he was a total @sshole and ran away.

To wind down from this abandonment, Dalyra fished her night out.

Dalyra: Who just goes home without a word anyway? I told my parents when I left for China!

Next morning, she directly headed to his place to set her foot down.

Gan was all too happy to open the door for her and seemed to have forgotten his behaviour the night before.

He may or may not have forgotten that they also just got engaged.

Dalyra: So before you come back on the plane with me, let’s make something clear…

Gan: Uhhh…I have to go to work.

So he stormed off immediately, avoiding once again serious discussions.

This was starting to stress Dalyra out so she at least made sure Gan’s sink was properly off and would not leap at anyone in anger.

Since it was raining, Dalyra had to soothe her annoyance by reading about fish.

Dalyra: Can’t really blame him for his job, but he better come around soon.

He did come around, about 15 seconds later, only to piss Dalyra off even more.

Dalyra: So THAT’s your job? Being my paparazzi? And you had to leave home WHY?

Frustrated beyond mesures, she called him all the names in the world.

Dalyra: I think I covered all insults from all around the globe now, so you better come live with me soon.

The legacy torch-holder was invited to a party by Jinjing’s fiancé, so Dalyra accepted.

Dalyra: The boys aren’t here?

Cui: Those dumbasses? Nope.

The two girls developped a friendship overnight, though its hard to call a party whatever they’re having.

Dalyra: I’m not saying you’re a stupid cow but…Why do you want to be my friend anyway?

Cui: All in good time.

Since there was nothing to do at her place but there were only a few hours left to her trip, Dalyra created her own party by rocking her guitar.

She also managed to not set it on the ground and trapping it in China forever.

Back home, Dalyra dumped the few perfect fish she caught in her Private Aquarium.

Also, a ghost decided it was a good spot to haunt.

Upon returning, Dalyra headed to her son, see if he had survived in her absence.

Bobbi: Oh, Great Goddess, I present to you the sausage sacrifice for your return.

Dalyra: Mom, wtf?

After the ritual was done, she requisitionned the sausage and fed it, as it was a hungry sausage.

Dalyra: There you go little boy.

She was interrupted by some trick-or-treater, even though it’s the summer festival (I think).

Dalyra: I’m sure you’re uglier without that mask on.

Bernard (kid in the cowplant costume who is also a distant cousin): Yikes, it’s the lady that always rolls wishes to insult me, I’d better leave.

Since Bernard did vanish and Dalyra could not achieve her one true meaning in life, she went back to Ethan for his birthday.

After switching to her sleepwear of course, because there’s nothing like going to your son’s birthday in your underwear.

Only Aurora cared to show up.

Aurora: Can I take him?

Dalyra: No, bitch.

As punishment, Aurora sucked all the sparkling pictures out of this world.

Here is Ethan, after his makeover. He’s pretty cute…and defenitely looks like a Moonwisp.

Dalyra: Omg Ethan I hate you. WHO is your father? They both have black hair and yours is brown. NOT HELPING!

Therefore he was immediately rejected to the walker, where he expressed his disagreement.

Ethan: Pffglfff.

Dalyra had it with Ethan and resorted to drinking her life away.

Dalyra: This is stupid, how am I supposed to know if I should tell Gan?

Speaking of Gan, Dalyra is actually hosting her bachelorette party at the beach.

It is slightly less pitiful than on the quadruplets’ birthday, but still not much.

Samali and Jenn kindly showed, up, as well as Dalyra’s sisters.

Samali always loses her hair for whatever reason. Fuuuuu.

Daenerys took it upon herself to give a speech about her older sister.

Daenerys: This traitorous sister got engaged and I learned just now. I wish her well but I’ll still steal the throne from her somehow.

She then immediately attempted to drown her sister with champagne.

Dalyra merely laughed at her pitiful attempt to her life.

Meanwhile, the guest were all busy not caring. Daisha danced herself to stink.

Daisha: That perfume will get the boys on the floor.

Well, the only boy around is Christopher Steel and the only way it would bring boys to the floor is by fainting at the stench.

Dalyra: Are you supposed to be the hot dancer? What a disappointment.

There were no hot dancers, so Dalyra put her moves on with Samali.

Samali: I bet Jerald is the father. (Based on her comment on the previous chapter)

Dalyra: Wtf do you know? I didn’t say anything!

My simself finally showed her face just as Jenn proved she was a trustworthy sim by not dropping Dalyra flat on her face.

Simselves are such party animals yet in reality the simmers I know are all loners…

Hunger brought the party to a slower pace. Dalyra settled for hot dogs.

Daisha: Why is Samali’s daughter alone at the bar with Christopher?

Dalyra: Don’t know, don’t care. A bachelorette’s party is the place to shove hotdogs in my mouth.

When my simself starts drinking, this is how you know the party is over.

Salomé: But it’s just juice, right?

Meanwhile, Ethan was taken care of by…ghosts. They have a weird fascination with him.

Aurora: Aw sad, she’s on her way home, we’ll have to put him back.

However, Ethan was highly frustrated at how abandonned he felt by his mother.

Dalyra: Gee, don’t blame me little devil, I don’t know where you came from.

She still managed to put him to bed even if he refused to use the potty.

Dalyra: Fine, you just shit yourself gleefully. I got better things to do.

Things which involved booking a plane ticket.

Aurora: Cool beans, Ethan is mine in the meantime!

We’ll end it here for now. Next time, Dalyra goes to China yet again, wonders some more about Ethan’s father, and other stuff.


One thought on “4.3- Failure to Bait

  1. somebodysangel13

    Aw, Ethan is so adorable! Though Dalyra is right, he looks way too much like her and is not helping at all in figuring out who his father is.
    I’m still hoping for Jared, and then when Gan moves in, he’ll have to pay for messing Dalyra around by raising another man’s baby.

    Liked by 1 person


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