4.5- Any Bites?

Hey there! Last time, Dalyra tried to relax in China but all people wanted was their underwear and pets hated on her hard, so she went back home.

Home, where ghosts act very much alive and stay there during the day as well.

Aurora: “My my, Stephanie, those are big balls you have there! Won’t it overpower the spaghetti?”

While Aurora plays with balls, Dalyra come sback to her son.

Dalyra: I’m right here, stop yelling. Little brat.

She wouldn’t feed him because of it, but luckily Grandpa Cole will.

Cole: Now now, little stinky clone, Mommy loves you, she just needed to go puke her insides.

Yes she did. She loves her kid, she wouldn’t mistreat Ethan like that.

Dalyra: What is WRONG with chinese food?

Once done, she wanted to earn Ethan’s forgiveness by teaching him how to talk.

Dalyra: So if you want to get the girls, pump up your little arms, okay?

Ethan’s little confused face says how much he’d rather use his smarts.

And how he’s too young for that kind of thing.

When Ethan was all tired out and tucked in, Dalyra tucked herself in as well.

She dreamt of a world where she could shoot people in her tank but without actually killing them because that’s just plain evil.

Her sweet dreams were interrupted by a sudden and instant baby bump.

Dalyra: Guess it wasn’t stupid chinese food. It was a stupid chinese guy. This time I’m sure.

To celebrate, she allowed herself to go fishing.

Using her father’s million potatoes as bait.

It landed her a fair amount of blowfish, their population might near extinction.

However they are not worth much money.

Luckily, she also caught a perfect Fairy fish (or whatever they’re called).

Bringing her closer to completing her Lifetime Wish.

Meanwhile, Cole decided to take it on his shoulders to find who fathered Ethan. This picture also illustrate how much Ethan looks like his grandfather.

Cole: Yes, I’d like to know where to send DNA samples to compare them to everyone in Sunset Valley please.
Receptionist: Well, sir, I can tell you right now everyone is related to the Moonwisp bloodline.

Later that night, Dalyra moved her fishing adventures to the graveyard.

Dalyra: Yo lady, can you go be dead elsewhere? I’m trying to fish in peace here.

Drake was also at the graveyard, apparently to burry some radioactive materials.

Drake: And then, the dead will walk the earth and kill everyone.

He walked out unconspicuously just as Dalyra caught her first deathfish.

Drake: Hey sis. Don’t drink the water or lick the ground. It might kill you.

Dalyra: Okay, but I thought you wanted to kill everyone.

Back home, Bobbi’s increasing addiction to long-shaped foods continues.

Bobbi: Must…Cook…Eggrolls.
There’s already plenty behind you!

As soon as Dalyra came back home, she brought Ethan with her in the catacombs.

Dalyra: Son, I love you very much, but my brother has some sort of evil plan so it’s best if you’re hidden underground.

Past the urns, she prepared a space for Ethan…and dumped him there.

Dalyra: Besides, I don’t know who your dad is and I can’t let Gan see you until I know.

This woman, a rising rockstar…is going senile. Ever since she learnt the recipe from watching TV.

Bobbi: Eggrolls. Like a boss. 🙂

So during her night out fishing, Dalyra did not catch a perfect Deathfish, but she did catch a perfect Vampire fish.

Putting her last catches into the aquariums and…her Lifetime Wish is now complete.

However, Dalyra will still attempt to make it to the highest of the Angler’s career, for which she will need various baits. Some of Cole’s potato plants had to be sold.

Dalyra: Sorry Dad, but Blowfish won’t exactly bring a fortune.

Ethan might be down in the catacombs, but Dalyra makes sure she still goes to see him regularly.

But today, her premium mother and son time was interrupted by Spawn #2.

Dalyra gives birth to her second son in the mausoleum, where he will witness the existance of Ethan.

Elrath is a Grumpy Virtuoso who likes Country music, Dim Sum and Spice brown – just like his mother and great-grandmother.

While Dalyra was carrying Elrath to the actual nursery, Ethan kept playing with his Imaginary Friend, Lucky.

At least he doesn’t mind the basement.

He also has everything he needs there, plenty of toys and Lucky’s company.

He also has his incredibly cute clone face. (I think, I’m not that good at noticing and I still didn’t figure out how to have MC tell me the values of the sliders – and when I think I do, it says 0 no matter where the slider is…)

This is the moment Athena the turtle chose to die. May she rest in peace.

Dalyra: Really Bellatrix? You’re dead yourself, so stop pretending and go away. Better just leave for China, I’m sick of this.

However, before her 100th trip to China, a cousin!

Yay, congrats Dante, probably somewhat in-bred but at this point, I don’t care.

Also, the reason for this trip is because Gan is a bugged retard. No matter what, he wouldn’t come visit Sunset Valley, and once travelling to China, his relationship with Dalyra, which was previously maxed, had dropped back down to half, and he also could not be interacted with…

So he was unceremoniously “Add sim to active family”ed and will be coming back to Sunset Valley with Dalyra at the end of this trip. Suck it, Gan.

Since it’s winter in China as well, Dalyra can’t fish whenever she wants, so she gets to run errands for random people.

Lady: I’d like a blade of grass from the top of the tallest hill so I can infuse some tea.

Dalyra is off on this epic quest, cursing under her breath about the amount of exercise included.

Dalyra: This is ridiculous. Why am I not grabbing just any blade of grass? Like she’ll know.

On return, the lady told her to hand in the specialty crafted tea pouch to no other than Jinjing.

Dalyra: So…Some weird lady wanted you to have this, not too sure why.

Cui was also there, keeping a close eye on her husband.

Jinjing: It must be our wedding gift, ahahaha.

Cui: Shut up Jin, I did not allow you to talk.

Dalyra left them to bicker and went fishing.

Well, sort of went fishing…

That’s better!

China has so many nice fishing spots.

Happily, in the morning, ponds unfroze and Dalyra could explore more fishing spots.

Like the Dragon Springs.

Only spot where one can catch a Dragonfish. And it’s perfect too!

Dalyra might not need perfect fish anymore, but she will keep it for her collection none-the-less.

As for Gan, he was mostly hanging out at the base camp, half naked.

Also trying to befriend Samali’s daughter while Daenerys judged him and watched over her number one fan. (Dante is also in the background hiding his face because he doesn’t want any imvolvement in this madness).

But being a goof and occasionnally randomly insulting people can only last so long before one stinks.

Gan sings a local song while taking a bath, and it’s so AWESOME. (Dalyra also does it while cooking usually)

Before taking Gan away from China FOREVER, Dalyra and Gan went to pay his family one last visit.

However, it appears his mother passed away at some point, and he somehow has a sister now (though how that happened is unknown). This is Ping.

Since Ping did not care for her older brother (must run in the family), and no-one else was home, Dalyra gave Gan a lesson on window linings.

Dalyra: The lower side is the ideal one because it’s the easiest to break off in case you need to beat someone with it.

At last, Jinjing and Cui made it home, to start flirting immediately.

Cui: Why don’t you go wash your butt and I’ll see if that’s enough to stop spanking you.

While Jinjing hurried off to the shower, Dalyra stroke a conversation with her good friend before it was time to leave for home.

Dalyra: I’m taking Gan away but if you need help bagging Jinjing, just give me a call.

It appears there is a pattern behind who Dalyra can get along with.

The secret to true friendship is to find people just as horrible as you are.

Naturally, this made Dalyra feel free to backstab anyone in town.

Dalyra: Have you heard? Jinjing Ming has been flirting with Daiyu Yan!

Of all the people to bitch about…

She might just lose her friend right there.

Or not… She seems overjoyed.

Cui: Oh if he thinks the spanking will stop anytime soon, he’s dead wrong.

The two friends hugged over this revelation.

Dalyra and Gan had to head back to base camp because it was late in the night.

However Dalyra stopped to fish for the last few hours of the trip.

Dalyra: Hey, wanna-be Jesus, move out of the way!

So they were back home, and Gan was docile for once and followed.

Gan: Uh, where are you going?

Dalyra: Honoring my ancestors in the catacombs, you can’t come.

Makeovered Gan, who is not pleased.

Gan: Why can’t I go in the catacombs? So I’m not allowed to know the past of this famous dynasty?

Gan quickly mingled. Also, he is Handy, Loves the Outdoors, Lucky, Mean Spirited and Savvy Sculptor. He has something for Spooky musci, Tri-tip Tofu Steak and the colour Lilac.

Gan: Is this how people here say hello? *sob*

Since helloes were starting to take an awefully long time, Gan took it in his own hands to end the ceremonies.

Gan: Sacrificing a turtle just to greet someone, bunch of savages, all of you! Lay the poor thing to rest.

After which Gan headed out, while Dalyra fed her beloved fish.

The Dragonfish was added to the collection, last fish from China she still needed (for her own convenience, not for her LTW).

Gan going out is costing him his Young Adult action, to get a job as a Fortune-Teller.

Reason for this is both because he needs a job and because his Lifetime Wish is Master of Mysticism, which requires him to reach the level 10 of that career. Good luck Gan.

Upon his mighty return, he went to meet his first er… second … son Elrath. His son Elrath. Good enough.

Gan: Wow, I hope he’s a better big brother than Jinjing, born two minutes before me.

With the arrival of Gan, he and Dalyra finally get a bedroom to their tastes.

Spice brown and Lilac go nicely together, and there is a corner for Dalyra’s relic collection.

The next morning started with Bobbi doing her usual routine…

Bobbi: Well, TV is broken, gotta put what I saw in practice.

Gan spent his morning with Elrath, and the very coveted chair.

Gan: I will not yield!

He did eventually when Dalyra required the baby to actually take care of it.

Gan: Here, great master of the baby-care.

Dalyra: Something’s wrong with you.

The care in particular involved getting Elrath to age up and show us his genes.

Dalyra: Ok Elrath, remember what you saw at birht? You didn’t see it. Clear?

Clear or not, there is no stopping a birthday.

Birhtday sparkle derp!

After makeover, he’s a lot cuter.

Elrath has a fair share of Gan in him, his eye color comes from Gan’s mother Ru, and the hair is from Dalyra obviously.

As soon as the birthday was over, Dalyra had a sudden wish to woohoo. It was granted.

There needs to be more kids in this generation.

Two isn’t enough, especially considering one of them is hidden in a dark place.

Dalyra: I’m right here, sweet little dummy.

Once all the care necessary was given, Ethan was left to play with Lucky.

Aurora: It’s chill, I’ll take care of him.

Good thing too, because Dalyra needs to sleep once in a while.

She also needs some cuddles so the two of them can remember they love eachother despite always calling name to eachother.

However it was only for a short time, as Dalyra woke up in the middle of the night.

Dalyra: My goddamn leg is stuck in the bedside table.

Apparently that made her want to puke.

Dalyra: Oh hell, and I’m pregnant on top of losing my leg? Great.

Yes Dalyra, it IS great. This is why we’ll end the chapter here.  Next, she’ll probably give birth to Spawn #3 and I don’t know what else because I have no clue.

2 thoughts on “4.5- Any Bites?

  1. somebodysangel13

    LOL, putting the nursery in the crypt, such a Dalyra thing to do! Ethan is so adorable, even if he is a clone! Regarding the sliders, they have different 0 positions, so maybe it is showing you? To turn it on, it should just be a true/false listing in the CAS settings, accessed through City Hall or a computer.

    Gan’s makeover is cute – you’re right about those colours going together nicely. Can’t wait for the wedding! Knowing Dalyra, it’s going to be a huge event.

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