4.8- Something Smells Fishy

Welcome back to you readers! Last time, Dalyra went to China with Ethan, Elrath aged to childhood, Edward was born and Gan brought an alien into the world.

As soon as he was home from school, Elrath set out to do his homework.

He was still at it well into the night.

Gan, as for him, rummaged through the trash to find a new work outfit.

Gan: Tell me you still love me even if I pushed a baby out of my uterus?
Dalyra: You’re kind of dirty and you don’t have a uterus but I love you, sure, nuthead.

Reassured – but still dirty – Gan cared for Eve.

That is one weird work uniform if you need to put dust on your face.

There, better! Gan can’t become a mystic if he looks like he lives on the streets.

Also, Eve is very similar to Ethan in a way.

They both have an unknown parent.

However Ethan might be hidden for no reason.

In the meantime he leads a lonely life in the catacombs. Or not so lonely.

Ethan: Why do you always walk like such a goof?

Perhaps not lonely at all, since he gets regular visits from ghosts.

Ethan: Hey there Great-Great-Grand-Father Dean. Can I just call you G2GF for short?

While Ethan read a book, Lucky mopped the floor and Dean kept mixing potions.

Dean: Sure but I’ll just keep calling you Ethan if you don’t mind.

When Ethan had to put himself to bed, Dean left him for the rest of the night.

Dean: I love this kid, it’s been ages since I had a nickname.

While ghosts and imaginary friends are perfectly fine for Ethan most of the time, he still enjoys some time with Elrath.

Elrath: So now there’s this alien baby too. I can’t see why you can’t come in since Dalyra is obviously not the mom.

It’s because Dalyra is a chicken and fears to lose the only man she’s ever truly loved if Gan ever finds out the existance of THIS MAN!

You missed your chance Jerald, go away.

He was very insistant however and reminded Dalyra of their time in the shower.

Dalyra: Ew, Jerald. I don’t want to think of your naked body anymore. I’m married, you dense fruitcake.

Luckily for Dalyra, Gan did not overhear the conversation because Bobbi was busy distracting him with her tunes.

Gan: Was that Dalyra yelling on the phone? Stupid survey-guys.

A bit later that day, after Gan left for work, Dalyra attempted to repair the teleporter.

It broke even further!


Bellatrix: Oh hey, what’s up with this thing? Whatever it’s doing, I don’t like it.

While Dalyra ran for her life, Bellatrix took over the job of being scared.

Bellatrix: What if we all die?

Who knows about ghosts dying a second time, but Dalyra avoided dying a first time.

Lucky for the bathroom being so close.

She took the time to redo her hair and put her clothes on before running back to the disaster.

Dalyra: Quick look in the mirror. Yep, looking good.

She arrived on the scene same time as the fireman and a lot of action.

Bobbi: Hey there, sexy.
Fireman: I like older women.
Everyone else: AHHHH’ FIRE!

The fire was finally put out and people calmed down.

Fireman: So…how about a date?
Bobbi: I don’t like that thing.

Everything back to normal, so Dalyra took care of a baby that was not her own.

Dalyra: Oh, the irony. I should have known he’d pull that one on me.

When Gan made it back home, he found his son looking at a pile of ash.

Gan: Sooooo, what did I miss?
Elrath: Fire. Aren’t you a mystic? Can’t you predict that crap?
Gan: I’m only reading horoscopes.

Feels like there isn’t much of Elika, but she’s still around.

Just not up to much, other than being taken care of by her mother.

Or thrown in the air and feeling a tad insecure about it.

Elika: Don’t drop me, Mama.

Poor Dalyra has to run from kid to kid to care for them all, meanwhile Gan just takes a bath with the rubber duck.

She has it harder than Cole and the quadruplets + Daryl. At least Cole had more help from his wife and parents.

Luckily Elika is fully trained and mostly occupies herself on her own.

Pretending to be a city monster, devouring people and killing them all.

Good thing she’s all taken care of for the moment, because there is 3 birthdays on the menu.

Dalyra: Come on Gan, we both grabbed the wrong baby.
Gan: Why do you have to roll your eyes everytime you hold Eve? It’s not like I cheated on you.

The two of them exchanged babies and a bunch of insults, under Bobbi’s careful eye.

Or rather while she thought about how pretty she thinks she is.

The trade was sucessful, the celebrations may begin.

Dalyra: Come on little turd, blow that candle.

Gan is celebrating Eve’s birthday separately in the kitchen.

Gan: I’m not alone who comes from a foreign land now, wee!

Edward went first so he derps around first as well.

This hair color is really a strong gene!

Edward is a decent mix between his parents. He also has mutant yellow eyes, unless Gan’s father had those eyes.

He’s quite cute so let’s hope he grows into a fine young man.

Time for Eve’s aging up.

Prayers go out to the gene lords so she doesn’t turn out to be nightmarish.

Ok so the skintone for alien (apparently) toddlers is still bugged, but she’s still not horrific.

On the opposite, she is blessed with Gan’s traits, saving her from the harsh angles aliens suffer from. Or at least that Barbara suffered from.

Dalyra immediatelt put her to potty training, showing her “how humans do it”.

Dalyra: Come on already, I don’t have all day. There’s somewhere I got to be.

Somewhere of course meant the catacombs to be with her eldest son.

Ethan: Let me guess. Here because it’s my birthday?

That’s right, the third birthday is Ethan.

Ethan: Well, I suppose it’s about time since most things down here are broken and dirty.

So while Dalyra maintained most of the plumbery in the place, Ethan made a wish.

Of course always in the company of ghosts.

He rolls Lucky as his fourth trait, to join Genius, Insane and Supernatural Fan.

Also, he may not be a clone. It’s so very hard to say.

He definitely has a strong Moonwisp vibe to himself though, that’s for sure.

Ethan: How am I lucky though?

Well, apart from the infinite cake, he gets the biggest space dedicated to himself only. (And ghosts)

Given how he reads all the time, his kid’s toys are replaced by a reading corner.

As Dalyra’s promise goes, she spends the whole day with her son for his birthday.

Most of which was spent teaching him how to drive.

This also meant the toddlers were mostly left to the care of Bobbi and Gan.

Bobbi: How do I even do this?

Old woman struggled at keeping the babies out of complete despair.

Edward thought she did terrible.

However, Elika was quite okay with her.

Of course she would be, she’s the one Bobbi managed to somewhat keep alive.

Luckily, Ethan is a genius and learned how to drive fast enough for Dalyra to be back home in time and prevent the apocalypse.

She was even able to fit some time to educate Eve about bodybuilding.

Edward was also happy enough to be tucked into the walker.

He mashed and squeezed the buttons, composing a song about how Bobbi is useless.

Eve later accompanied him on the xylophone.

She even threw in some back vocals about lifting weights and protein shakes.

Back in the basement, Ethan blew himself up.

Ethan: Again, how am I lucky?

His imaginary friend quickly came to comfort him.

Lucky: I’m Lucky, not you. There’s been a confusion somewhere.

Wether this is luck or not, Gan was called again for his night job.

Gan: Hey guys, I have baby pictures of Eve!

While Gan was at his night job and Dalyra was sleeping for a few hours, it left, again, Bobbi to tend to the kids on her own.

Bobbi: Why won’t she stop crying? I can’t take it anymore.

She apparently spent the whole night there, failing terribly, until Dalyra woke up and came to the rescue.

Dalyra: Have you tried feeding them?

Dalyra has the right idea, which resulted in utter happiness for Edward.

Dalyra: How did you have seven kids and not pick up any skills at all?

Because like most idiots, she was busy being useless somewhere.

But at least she wasn’t bringing non-legacy relevant babies into the world!!!

Upon hearing the news about Gan’s pegnancy, Dalyra left using the newly repaired teleporter.

She’s just tired of caring for toddlers, and yet Gan keeps bringing some new ones in.

Instead of fleeing to China, this time she simply chose the shore line.

Dalyra: It’s as far as I could get before feeling a tinge of guilt for abandonning my kids behind.

She still tested the edge of her guilt by leaving the shore.

Dalyra: Well, I’m too old to run from my responsabilities now. But I can at least pretend to for a couple of hours.

She cast her line and enjoyed the quiet night and the sea salted air.

Dalyra: This is the life. Why the heck did I have so many kids?

She caught a shark!

Dalyra: Awesome. I’ll throw it at Gan for having another alien baby.

Speaking of the alien carrier, he’s been standing in the same spot all night.

Eve: Daddyyyyy!

Somehow, the alien distress call awakened him from his pointless staring.

Bobbi: Just as I was coming to shut her up too.

Bobbi needed the silence for her own racket.

Her only audience was a stinky Elrath.

Cute little Elika, who has been a toddler for forever it seems, found the block table.

She started planning to take over the world with the color blue.

Her domination schemes were of short duration since Gan interrupted her to put her in the playpen.

Dalyra: She’s not an animal, Gan. Take her out.

Gan completely ignored her in favor of standing there, but Dalyra took the teaching of her kids in her own hands anyway.

Since everyone keeps removing learning toddlers from their learning devices,that includes teaching how to walk.

Teaching complete!

Dalyra: Good boy! Now I only have to worry about kids that aren’t mine!

Ethan is also afflicted with the standing disease, but Lucky is the main cause of that, requiring all of his attention until he’s about to pass out, piss himself or starve.

Maybe ghosts would have been good enough company.

While watching TV, Gan suddenly felt repulsed by the new egg roll recipe that was presented.

Gan: Oh my. My pregnant self can’t bear that imagined fishy smell.

Gan pushed yet another alien out of who knows where. This time, a boy.

This is Elvis. He’s Eccentric and Loves the Outdoors. He also likes Spooky Music, Aloo Masala Curry and Green.

After putting Elvis in a crib, Gan felt like he needed to spook Bobbi out of her living days.

Gan: She’s been alive for far too long.

He was however stopped in his action when he realized the old lady was using the bathroom.

Gan: Oh. Well, you can’t walk in on someone using the bathroom. That’s just impolite.

Now that we all know Gan is not willing to go beyond certain boundaries, it’s a good point to end it. Next time, there will be about a million birthdays. Sorry for the major spoiler.


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