4.12- Fish Story

Okay, this post, then about two more updates, and the poll is up! I have all the pictures, I just need to string them together. This means about one birthday per chapter. However, this is the time my sims finally decided to stop standing around aimlessly (most of the time), so other things also happen.

To start off, Dalyra was invited to a costume party by one of her siblings and decided to go with her kids and husband. Ethan stayed home like a sad panda.

Damien: Boo! Costume parties suck. My nephew sucks too.

Here is a glimpse at most costumes people picked.

Left to right, Eve is a bunny, Gan a rockstar, Elvis a thief, Dalyra a princess, Damien a firefighter, Elika a diver, random dude no-one knows, Edward as an ugly clown, Elrath as a thief too, and finally in the back, Drake as a bulter.

Dalyra headed inside and beelined for the drinks prepared by Daenerys.

Drake: You sure you want to drink that crap?
Dalyra: Yup.

She did and it immediatly spawned ideas of dancing like a goof all night. Daenerys the maid joined in.

Daenerys: That juice really pops your brain out, doesn’t it?

Soon enough, Edward joined in, unded Eve and Mr. Hotdog’s watchful eye (I don’t remember who the hot dog is…).

Daisha the diver with the wrong haircut prepares some waffles for the group in the background.

The party is going strong inside, but Elvis prefers to play with his Imaginary Friend outside.

Elvis: There could be alien pieces in those waffles.

The dance was interrupted when Daenerys badly required Dalyra’s autograph…

Dalyra: “To Daenerys, whom I love like a sister, because she IS my sister. Dumbass.”

Elika also preferred to stay away from the action to watch and old horror movie.

Why she chose the neckpain-inducing chair over the perfectly placed couch is a mystery.

Elrath joined Elika into her solitude to play some guitar.

Elika: Shut up man, I’m trying to watch this movie…

Daisha’s waffles turned out burnt, or maybe she did it on purpose since she likes gross food anyway.

Drake: I won’t let her have all the food. I’ll pretend I love them.

He sat down next to her while she gulped the food down and started talking to create a diversion as to why he isn’t doing the same.

Drake: Those waffles are grandma’s recipe, isn’t it? I could never resist them.

Since the party started to die down because there is nothing else to do than dance, Dalyra went for another drink.

Eve: Aren’t you afraid of doing something embarassing?

Dalyra is past being afraid of anything, and Gan is taking the bait.

Damien: Whoa there, you two. I think it’s time you bring her back home, Ganny-boy.

He brought everyone back home, except for Elika. She got abducted right as they were all leaving.

Elika: Wait for me! Don’t just go, you idiots!

This caused her to be “out after curfew” even though she’s only one block from home.

Police Officer: Aha, young criminal in the making I see. Not on MY watch.
Elika: We’ll see about that, welp.

Dalyra waited for her on the doorstep to scold her on her behavior.

Dalyra: How dare you come home so late?
Elika: But Mom, we were at a party, I got abducted, and you’re drunk.
Dalyra: No, you’re drunk!

Still hungover the next morning, Dalyra attended Ethan’s graduation anyway.

That somewhat stylish lady is Lucia Alto, Blake’s daughter. YOU SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW!

Ethan didn’t get any special title but he got his diploma on basement dwelling.

Dalyra: Ty Wan is crying. And he has ugly hair.(Evelynn Wan -Pauline’s daughter-, really named her son Ty…)

Fast foward a little, the teens went to prom. Nothing interesting happened except this.


While the teens were partying for a second night in a row, Dalyra fixed the teleporter under Elvis’s not so attentive supervision.

Elvis: Soon, Buddy, you and I will go back home.

Elrath got abducted right back from prom.

Elrath: Some old pervy alien did things to my perfect star body.

All this time, Ethan is just minding his own business, while ghosts follow him about.

Clyde: Hey son, what’s up?
Bellatrix: He’s not your son, honey, he’s zzZzzz…

Dalyra put herself to work, hoping to find a cure for Daenerys’s drugs still having increasing effects on her.

Dalyra: Let’sh shee here. Three shpoonfuls of shugar. Sheems shushpichioush.

What’s suspicious is Edward hurting Elvis even though he claims to be his friend.

Elvis: Owie, Ed. That was in my soccer balls.
Edward: Have to toughen you up somehow.

Elrath FINALLY found the drum set that has been hidden in his bedroom for so long.

Elrath: I heard girls always prefer the drummer over the other band members.

Jenn coming in holding food? Must be a party.

Jenn: Not making the same mistake twice. Never bringing the cake again. Suck it.

It’s Dalyra’s birthday! First time the torch-holder is an elder while still controlable. This is what happens when the eldest gets elected heir.

Everyone is cheering, except for Daenerys, because Dalyra is no longer drugged. It also appears my simself is pregnant.

A wild Ethan appeared at Dalyra’s birthday, grinning like an idiot at being allowed inside the house.

All due to Gan being at work during the party and he could easily pretend to be a guest otherwise.

Dalyra aged up into a grouchy old lady, and her buns dropped a little.

Dante: Omg, how gross. Such a saggy butt.
Dalyra: Gee, need I remind you that you’re next in three days?

While Daryl prayed to get a picture of oh so famous Dalyra, Samali exchanged tips about cooking with her.

All while holding an invisible plate.

Dalyra gave in to Daryl’s pressing demands.

Samali: Why are you famous anyway?
Dalyra: Being the Grand Chess Master’s Holy potato relic daughter, apparently. *poses*

They then goofed off together because Dalyra is no snob about her fame.

Dalyra: And my biggest fans are my siblings…who are also his kids but I’m just more awesome.

Meanwhile, Ethan enjoyed a normal human being’s life. Elrath seems mildly frustrated.

Elrath: I’m the eldest inside, wtf?

The real eldest then expressed his gratitute to the real lord of this legacy for letting him inside.

Ethan: This is awesome, though I do miss the mold of the crypt. So many more mushrooms to study.

Uh oh, guests are all gone and Gan made it home. Ethan is still in there.

Gan: Who the heck is this, Elrath? Your pervy stalker?
Elrath: He may or may not be your son.

Gan was a first confused by the truth.

Gan: How is it possible? I’ve only ever inserted my wee wee in your mother. She especially likes it when I-
Elrath: Wow, I do not want those details. Gross.
Gan: Aliens must have stolen my seed and planted it in another woman then.

Gan is now convinced he has an illegitimate son, so Dalyra’s secret is still safe.

Gan: I love my long-lost son. So sad he’s trying to kill himself right now.

He thought screaming his love was the best idea, especially if it involved making his other kids hate him more.

Gan: You suck compared to him, you’re a failure!
Ethan: Should I even say anything?

Probably not. Everybody should think about themselves first…Just like this.

Elika: I wish I had been the one locked up in the catacombs all my life.

Elrath, while he likes Ethan, can’t stand Gan a second and would do anything to make him suffer.

Elrath: Are you seriously that dense? He’s Mom’s son, we don’t know who the father is!

Gan did get mad, but he wouldn’t believe his son’s words.

Gan: That makes no sense. Where would he have been if not with his unknown mother? He is my son, wether you like it or not.
Elrath: You’re impossible. What do you think Private Carrots was guarding, huh?

He started to see the logic behind it, but he’d never admit to believing Elrath.

Gan: That doesn’t mean he’s not my son.
Elrath: He’s either yours or another scrub’s. Have fun munching on that thought.

With all the yelling going on, Elika retreated to her bedroom for some peace and quiet.

She’s truly hiding to pretend she’s tough when all that drama would get to her overemotional soul.

While everyone left for bed or other activities, Gan tried to calm down playing videogames.

Gan: What if Dalyra cheated on me? That’s the only reason she’d hide him, right?

He somehow managed to stay calm and positive.

Gan: I’ll just patiently wait for her to wake up. She’s got to have a good explanation. She loves me.

His patience lasted about five seconds.

Gan: Who sleeps for more than three minutes anyway? She must be doing it on purpose.

When she did get up, they immediately got into eachother’s face.

Gan: Who did you cheat on my with?
Dalyra: What? I never cheated on you, dimwit.
Gan: Then where the heck does Ethan come from?

Taking pity on her clueless husband, Dalyra took the time to explain to him how babies are made and how childbirth happens.

Dalyra: But I never cheated. I just polished a guy’s wand in his shower before I met you and then polished yours. But I raised Ethan as fatherless, I promise.

Gan thankfully believed the truth and their undying love was back to normal.

Gan: I like the idea of wand polishing in the shower.

So she decided to show him how it happened.

Dalyra: And then you have to jam your skull into mine. Yep, perfect.

Gan was so delighted by that discovery that he started to sing in the shower even after the water stopped running and Dalyra was gone.

Gan: MY WEE WEE IS SHINYYYYY! (I am pretty sure this is not how “Ping and his Checkers” go)

Dalyra came to tell him to settle down and force him to put some clothes back on.

Edward: I’m sorry, can I shower now? You guys are in the way.
Dalyra: I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.

Unaware of the spark he created between his mother and maybe father, Ethan happily made a salad in a proper and fully equipped kitchen.

All while wearing his protective mask as to avoid dropping face cells into the meal.

He sat down to eat and had his first conversation ever with Gan.

Gan: I have an idea. Why don’t we do a DNA fatherhood test?

Soon enough, Elrath joined them, with a sour look on his face just from realizing Gan still exists.

Gan: Oh, what a wonderful idea. Then, I can officially adopt you and we can go on hiking trips together.

Such cheeziness made Elrath piss himself.

Dalyra: Come on son, I can’t be cleaning 24/7 around here…

Elika is overly delighted at Elrath’s unpleasant dirtyness.

Elika: You can’t be a successful star if you smell like urine. His dreams are crushed. CRUSHED! HA!

After cleaning up his mess, Dalyra headed to the book store.

Dalyra: Where’s the section about reasons why my kids all suck?

Before the end, a few news from around town.

Samali now has a grandchild.

My simself gave birth.

What a wonderful and utterly beautiful name. It is…perfect. As I go and die of laughter in a corner, I promise you I’ll come back to life and update this legacy somewhat soonish.

Next time, the last two kids of this generation age up to young adult, but many other weird odd events will occur.

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  1. somebodysangel13

    LMAO, Sha Sha. Nice one, Salome-self. And sim-child, Laron is also a terrible name!

    But anyway, yay for costume parties! And Dany being her nutso crazy self. Drugging your TH sister? Who is also nuts? So not a good idea.

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