5.2- Jason is In the Place

Hello readers! This is update #3 for the SimNaNoWriMo on Boolprop. It’s a challenge pushing me to churn out more updates, in case you were wondering. I’m sure you wonder more about what’s going to happen to Ethan! Well, last time, he finished his first semester in University, and signed up for his last one immediately after, which is where we’re picking him up. He also made Eve his girlfriend.

Ethan arrived back at the University dormitories in the middle of winter, wearing his one-piece pyjamas.
Lizzie: His balls will freeze off soon enough.

Lucky that he is, it didn’t happen, despite refusing to put warmer clothes on to go on an outside date with Eve.
He left Eve to follow from a distance, with his so very devious smile on his face.

He reached the park before her and started skating on the frozen lake.
Ethan: I remember doing this when I was in China.

Eventually, Eve joined him but she was much less at ease.
Eve: How do I even move around? How do you do it?

Ethan was not insensitive to her pleas and took it upon himself to teach her.
Ethan: Just take my hands, I’ll take you for a spin.

He did not realize taking a beginner for a spin was a terrible idea until it was too late.
Eve: Goodbye, cruel life!

It did not kill them as Eve thought it would, but she did land on her butt and Ethan flat on his stomach.
Ethan: It’s okay, I’m used to cold and hard surfaces.

Avoiding more pain still seemed like a better option and they went on to the student’s greeting event.
Ethan: Sucks to be a senior student. Now I’m the one handing out freebies and I get nothing. Lame.

Eve went upstairs and found the easel.
Too bad she’ll never finish it.

Ethan and Eve took romantic pictures in the photo booth.
Ethan pretends to look at them but he truly is fixated on Eve’s butt like an old perv.

The torch-holder spotted a specimen that made him flop around like a fish, overwhelmed with joy.
A vampire. A vampire making a speech to nobody!

This of course means it’s not really rude to interrupt to get to know him better, right?
Ethan: May I avidly caress your teeth and gum and take a sample of your saliva please?

When he refused, Ethan threw a rubber ducky at him. His quick supernatural senses allowed him to catch it easily.
Ethan: Fooled you! Now I got your DNA on that duck.

Nevertheless, they became friends and Ethan could sleep soundly.
Surely dreaming of taking baths with vampires.

Next morning after class, he sat down for a game of chess with himself.
BlondGuy: Oh wow, Jason is here. Better take a picture to prove he exists.

Eventually back home, he showered fully clothed.
That’s one way of getting laundry done faster.

It was then time for supper, where Ethan’s excitement rose through the roof again.
Ethan: Holy fungus! I’ve been blessed with the presence of a werewolf at my very own table.

Afraid Eve would be jealous of his awe for other creatures, he made sure to reassure her.
A creature from outer space will always be more special than something from your own planet.

While everyone in the dorm slept, Ethan ventured outside onto the campus and found this science machine.
OtherStudent: Is it wise of me to operate this thing with Jason?

As the other person fled, Ethan activated the device.
Ethan: Why is everyone calling me Jason anyway?

While Jason Ethan will never know, he entered more coding into this mysterious machine.
He was secretly hoping it would reveal to him the ultimate recipe for perfect mushroom brew.

He pulled down the lever of doom intently.
While the device sizzled furiously and produced all kinds of lights, Ethan did not grow a better understanding of fungus.

He however lost all notion of decency and showed his butt to anyone who would watch.
Girl: I’ll watch for sure, huehuehue.

Oddly enough, he ended up putting some clothes back on but kept running around stupidly.
Ethan: Bumcrack, everyone! BUMCRACK, hahahaha!

He flailed his arms around as more people arrived to comment on his behaviour.
Justly enough, they mainly thought he was a lunatic.

When his boldness died down, he went back home for a studying session.
Final exams are just around the corner, after all.

He passed all his exams with flying colors.

So did Eve.
It seemed to affect her a lot more, and she was glad to finally be done with it.

Ethan celebrated his completion of this semester by working out.
This is the workout where he maxed the athletic skill.

Meanwhile, Eve celebrated by rummaging through the dumpster…
It seems the semester was too much for her.

Others try to sleep the stress off, but SOME would rather play the guitar in the same bedroom.
Jeffery: If I pass my Fine arts Degreeeee, will you please date meeeeee?

Once she cleaned herself off, Eve used her time on more sophisticated activities.
Even Anoki is anxious about receiving his grades.

There they are, out of thin air!
Both Eve and Ethan completed their studies.

Tomorrow is the ceremony, but the rest of tonight goes to resting.
A well-earned nap on the entryway couch.

The next morning came quickly, and the ceremony was soon over and done with.
Ethan’s extra trait from University is Nurturing. He was uploaded to the Family page after being done with University, so he might have the trait.

Eve was overjoyed at being done and kissed her diploma.
She got Ambitious for an extra trait. She was also packaged with it.

Ethan congratulated Eve on her graduation, and she on his.
So formal.

He took her out for a date to the bowling alley before going back home.
Ethan: I’m a certified scientist now, I understand all the laws this ball is subject to. I will win.

Despite his genuine concentration effort and his supposed luck, he tripped as he threw the ball.
Ethan: I meant to do that!

He caught his balance last second, avoiding to fall flat on his face.
It knocked a few down, reinforcing his “how am I lucky” feeling.

Then it was time for them to head home.
Ethan: That limo driver is rude. He wouldn’t even wait for us to finish our match.

While Dalyra still cried her heart out about Edward, Ethan applied for a job.
He is now a L4 scientist, thanks to his degree. Eve did the same with business, which covers her young adult free action.

Finally home and suffering from weird colour filter issues, Ethan showed how far his love for Eve went.
Ethan: Careful, the ceiling is lower here. Let me make sure you go through safely.

In the most awkward corner of the entire house (for picture-taking purposes), he dropped on one knee.
Eve: You’re right, it is pretty low, don’t hit your head when you stand back up.
Ethan: Wait up.

Ethan’s life will ALWAYS be tied to ghosts.
Ethan: Eve, will you —

Needless to say, she said yes and didn’t seem to mind Bellatrix’s interruption.
They hugged under the stairs, with the last potato plant as witness.

Since Ethan is a scientist, he is going to need some handiness skill.
Lucky for him, the house has tons of new things to tinker on.

The spares are still not gone, and Elika found her bedroom.
Elika: Wow, it looks exactly the same as before.

Elvis is still a teen and struggling to understand human things.
Elvis: Who cares about human digestion? They eat, they poo, end of story!

Ethan, always doing things backwards, decided he had to ask Gan for his daughter’s hand.
Gan: I lost one of my sons, and I’m not your father! My life is miserable!

Again, Ethan explained that death wasn’t really a big deal because ghost always come back.
Ethan: They even come in the way of things that are super important.

Gan was immediately in a better mood.
Gan: I can’t wait to be dead and traumatize everyone!

Now that the mood lightened, Ethan deemed it the right moment to ask.
Ethan: As for not being your son, I can always be the second closest thing… Your son in law?

Gan was first confused as to why Ethan would want to marry an alien teenager, until her remembered Eve also existed.
Gan: You fill my heart with joy! With Eve around forever, I’ll be able to scare her out of her wits everyday.

They shared their love for one another over the karaoke.

Once the song was over, Gan couldn’t hold in his sadness any longer.
Gan: I know you said they come back, but I can’t wait to tell him how much of a failure he is.

Leaving his father-in-law to dwell on Edward’s death, Ethan made a few phone calls to plan the wedding.
Elrath: Is that what awaits me if I die before father? Ew.

The wedding will take place on a venue (built by me), so Ethan went there before it started to get some food ready for the after-party.
Ethan: Sushi, sushi, and cookies. Can’t imagine people would want anything else.

Then the guests started arriving, so Ethan positioned himself at the wedding arch.
Well, Jason is at the wedding arch right now…

After a few tries to change into his suit, Ethan finally had proper clothing.
Ethan: *creepy smile* Hehe.

The guests include family and simselves.
However, none of them is smart enough to sit down.

Instead, they ALL insist on standing on the platform (I removed it for future weddings…)
Dalyra: I don’t even get first row seat for my son’s wedding? This show sucks.

While everyone route-failed into one another, Ethan kissed the bride.
At least one thing went how it should.

Since no photograph was there to immortalize the moment, Ethan did it on his own.
Also because the photo booth pictures from Uni were lost…

Ethan moved to the reception room and ordered some drinks to get the party started.
Ethan: Is it time for a toast?

No toast is going to happen because GUESTS ARE STUPID.
They kept wanting each other’s autographs and pictures and all ended up leaving afterwards.

True to his nature, Ethan partied on his own.
Ethan: No party? Be the party!

Back home, Elvis abused the fact that no living adult could prevent him from juicing himself up.
Bellatrix: I’m telling your mom. Oh wait…

The whole household eventually found their way back home, where Ethan mind melded with his wife.
Dalyra: I don’t know if that’s how aliens do it, but get a room, you two.

Instead, they got an invitation from Samali for a party.
Since the wedding after-party failed, this would be the party.

At the entrance, Gan started glowing green in all his alien carrier glory.
Samali: You can’t just let one rip out like that…

This is my simself’s third kid, Sha Sha.
Sims 3 genetics do not like my simself a whole lot.

Elrath and Eve took over the bar in the backyard.
Elrath: I’m getting smashed.

Being drunk and going in the pool is supposed to be very dangerous, but whatever, right?
Right as they were all in, they were told it was late and time to go…

On the home porch, Ethan finally said goodbye to his favorite half-sibling.
It’s time for them to go.

Elrath found themselves a new place (where all Moonwisps end up).
Elrath: What the heck? Where’s my phone? What’s going on?

With a lot less action in the house, Ethan decided to try the science machine that’s been waiting for him in the garage.
He would spend lots of time in there in the future, cracking unknown secrets about mushroom and dead people’s ashes.

This is it for now. I have loooots of screenshots to organize and caption. You will most likely see the next one in a millennia or two regardless. Happy Simming!


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  1. somebodysangel13

    OMG, Simself, you threw a party? Talk about ignoring your Loner, Bookworm self.

    Aw, Eve and Ethan are so cute together. Can’t wait to see how their genes blend together…I’m betting alien skintone/occult with Ethan’s face will be adorable.

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