5.5- Nail Fungus

Hello readers and welcome back to the Moonwisp ISBI Alphbetcy Legacy Challenge. I’m so not sorry I abandoned you all for so long. Instead of always repeating the same excuse and pretend I have a life outside sims, I’ll just hide under the carpet and let you read. Last time, Ethan and Eve had quadruplets ; Finnick, Fenris, Fiora and Flemeth, affectionately nicknamed the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Honestly I don’t remember what else happened.

Dalyra is helping with the toddlers, or at least pretending to.
Dalyra: I swear if Gan has any more illegitimate children, I’ll pull his old man diaper down.

Fenris is playing in the pen, perceptively observing the nursery.
There are all sorts of shenanigans going on, of course.

Such as his grandmother putting on a show.
Gan: There are babies trying to sleep, you know.

Fiora accompanies her on the walker.

Since this amazing duo woke up everyone, Ethan had to come in and take care of everyone’s needs.
Ethan: Don’t worry, my little icicle, one day it’ll be calmer.

His own calm is training with Cosmos.
Most of it is done at odd hours.

Nevertheless, Ethan’s greatest fan still shows up.
Elizabeth: Hey pal! If you freeze up, I’m right here, no worries.

Luckily, Elizabeth isn’t needed since Ethan learned of his mistake and goes outside in warmer clothes more often now.
His usual tasks include toddler care, horse care, garden care, and starting all over.

Eve’s usual task include finding all kinds of ways not to hear the toddlers’ crying.
Way to run away from responsibilities.

Except it’s all calm in the nursery right now.
Everyone is just having a good time.

Elliot thought this place needed more action, so he lit it up with his birthday.
Soon, he will move out with Elvis. (But will still be on the Downloads page once he is a young adult).

With no-one to cheer for his birthday, he rolls Vehicle Enthusiast.
Elliot: One day, I’ll build a spaceship.

Dalyra truly is a grumpy old woman.
Dalyra: Now my plate is empty and it won’t walk itself to the dishwasher. It sucks.

Perhaps it’s time for her to start her afterlife?
Ghosts always seem to have fun.

Now that Elvis is a Friendly young adult, he gets along with people better, including Gan.
Elvis: Stop trying to fool me Dad, I know that’s not how humans greet one another.

When Ethan is in between caring duties, he spends time with whoever is not too busy.
It often ends up being Flemeth, who is completely skilled up and ends up finding toys.

Fenris is almost done learning everything he needs to know.
Ethan: The correct tune to summon the Dark Lord of the Dark is Purple-Blue-Blue-Yellow-Red.

While Flemeth practices the ritual, Ethan has to go back to his duties.
A dirty horse won’t do. Strays won’t be tempted to move in if animals aren’t taken good care of.

Which leads back to the garden, for some quality produce to feed Cosmos as a treat.
Gnome: Need some help?
Ethan: Piss off.

While Ethan drives himself to his grave tending to everything, these two enjoy some more father and son time.
Elvis: I’m so glad you finally acknowledge my existence, maybe I won’t destroy the planet now.

Cosmos found the cake on the patio table.
Cosmos: What’s that? Is it for me?
It is not for her, but for her master. She at least gets to assist to his birthday.
Cosmos: Behold, FIRE!

The rest of the able family showed up, though less impressed by the candles.
Eve: Yay.

Ethan has barely accomplished anything, other than a Science Degree, one horse and four kids.
So of course he gets a Midlife Crisis.

He is also in terrible need of facial surgery and fake eyebrows.
Ethan: Maybe I should not have a head.

Glued-on eyebrows and play-dough on the face works wonders! (Luckily it was an easy glitch to fix. Ethan is the most glitched-filled sim I’ve seen in my game, it’s a miracle I can still play him)
Ethan: Nobody can know.

Lucky for him, his kids are all too young to know and rub it in his face (pun intended) when they’re older.
For the moment, they mainly bask in the happy place that the toy chest is.

Elizabeth managed to show up for Ethan’s birthday, though a tad late.
Gan: You may have some cake, I’m so sick of eating it.
Elvis: Then don’t eat it. We have a fully equipped kitchen.

Gan went to explore this mythical place called kitchen, while Eve and Elvis happily had cake.
Elvis: Red is kind of a mainstream color, but I have to admit you do great paintings.

In the time it took him to express his admiration, she had gulped her entire cake down while his remained intact.
Elvis: It makes me wonder if that’s what humans call emotions.
Eve: We’re not robots, you know? We have emotions too.

Because he’s so close to being done, Fenris finishes his training with Daddy.
Ethan: Just one more and I can stop stinking!

That would be true if Elvis didn’t choose this exact moment to graduate.
Elvis: Alright folks, let’s go get that piece of paper so I can be a free man!

Ethan quickly grabbed the bathroom trash to take it out as they left.
Ethan: Too bad it wont cover MY smell.

Everybody grabbed a toddler and left. Except poor Flemeth.
Eve: Honey, maybe you should stay behind and care for Flemeth?

Ethan didn’t object, and after giving her a bottle, took a quick bath.
Ethan: Wow, I didn’t realize I had nail fungus. I wonder if…

Fungus testing would be for another time.
While everybody was gone, Flemeth, the first toddler in forever, got to be told a story.

On the other end of the spectrum, Finnick got to be left alone in front of City Hall.
Dude: How could someone abandon such a cute baby?

The family was soon back home, and all toddlers except Flemeth required care.
Ethan: Great, now Fenris hates life and…where’s Finnick? Did you guys forget Finnick?

Ethan rushed to City Hall to find his passed out child.
Ethan: Even I wasn’t neglected that much.

The unceasingly growing crowd calmed down when Ethan picked him up.
Ethan: There there buddy, this creepy lady won’t take you home with her, don’t worry.

He still had to endure the judgemental looks of bystanders.
Dude: They don’t look anything alike, he’s probably not even his real Dad.

With all his needs in the red, Finnick gets to stop suffering from hunger first.
Ethan: Never trusting people with my kids again.

Finnick couldn’t be happier about his father’s decision.
True to his word, Ethan didn’t let him out of his sight for the rest of the day and repaired the teleporter while his son ate.

Before concluding this chapter, here is other interesting things that happened.
Silly Suede Suggestions for a trashy novel sounds really…trashy.


Next time, the kids will age up into children and Ethan will slowly start working on his Lifetime Wish some more, enjoying a little bit more freedom! He and Eve will also finally stop being on parenthood leave + honeymoon days off and go back to work!

1 thought on “5.5- Nail Fungus

  1. somebodysangel13

    Wow, that does sound like a *really* trash novel. And I usually pride myself on such great names… simself, you disappoint, once again.

    At least the kiddies don’t disappoint! They are all so adorbs, can’t wait to see them as kids.

    Liked by 1 person


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