5.6- Dusty Granola

Sul sul readers! I really suck at naming my chapters! I usually just pick words that loosely fit the generation and what’s happening in the update. This time is no different. Something else I really suck at is intros so I’ll just recap just as poorly right away! Last time, the Moonwisps were Moonwisps. Ethan was stuck in a loop of caring for everything and everyone, and Finnick lived a very traumatic experience.

The family has been receiving many calls about the incident, as well as comments on the kids being half-aliens.
Dalyra: I could care less about what YOU think, Jerald, seriously!

The adults responsible of that cruel act all felt terribly guilty and line up for his forgiveness.
Elvis: Why am I still here? I thought I was supposed to move out today?

It’s the kids birthday, so it was deemed he could stay for the event.
Finnick couldn’t be happier to move on to days where he doesn’t depend on others as much.

It would go a lot faster if others would bring toddlers to the cakes, but nooooo, only Ethan gets to do it.
Because of this, it will be much later into the day by the time it’s over.

Another sparkly shot.
There is never enough sparkly shots.

Nor cake shots!
At least this time each kid gets a different looking cake.

Flemeth got a snowflake one because she loves the cold, and that’s about as far as the thinking went.
Hopefully growing up next to the bar wont make her develop nasty habits. She already has a nasty smelling father.

Enough with sparkly and cake shots even though there is never enough, let’s take a look at the kids!
Finnick rolled Eccentric. Being abandoned in front of City Hall tends to do that…

Flemeth rolled Sailor.
A grumpy winter sailor with massive eyelashes.

Fenris rolled Heavy Sleeper.
Fiora went to sleep in the treehouse before a picture was taken, but she rolled Genius as her third trait.

Flemeth has a chat with her Grandpa, but he’s into his habit of dissing people.
Gan: You’re the oaf of your generation, you have a different Ooh-Ha!

Their conversation was cut short by aliens requisitioning Gan for his harmful words.
How could he dare insult someone of their lineage?

Flemeth went to her sister for advice. (Here is Fiora, by the way)
Flemeth: What’s a Ooh-Ha anyway?
Fiora: No clue but apparently your eyes are yellow behind all that black.

Meanwhile, Fenris is spinning a horror story.
Both Eve and Dalyra are there to enjoy it.

His very keen ears having caught Gan’s words in the bathroom below, his stories were very inspired.
Fenris: He turned around and looked at her… She had no Ooh-Ha!

Later that night, Dalyra woke from her slumber.
Dalyra: Damn this kid and his stories. An old lady can’t get some sleep anymore?

As she is about to realize, she will rather get lots of sleep.
Dalyra: Aw crap, who’ll keep Gan from crossing the line now?

Fenris, who was being naughty and not sleeping, came running in shortly after.
Fenris: I’m sorry Grandma, I didn’t mean to kill you!

Finnick soon arrived, closely followed by Grimmy.
Grimmy: Hey there little gummy bears!

Ethan, who has been holed up in all kinds of corners, resurfaced for this moment.
Dalyra: Why in the world are YOU crying? Dumbnut.

Oddly enough, she still begged for more.
Dalyra: You don’t understand, Gan will put his hat up people’s butt!
Grimmy: Oh Lord…

Nothing swayed Grimmy, as usual, and into the urn Dalyra went.
She lived a full life, had 4 kids from two different men, caught many fish and insulted just as many people.

Life goes on, and Fiora paints what seems to be a tomato or a strawberry.
Her inspiration comes in the dark, or perhaps she never learnt how to turn on the lights.

Since she dwells in the dark, having a good picture is close to impossible.
Either way, here she is in a closer angle.

Elvis should have been gone a long time ago, but he stayed longer, wishing to atone for being part of the “Lost Finnick Incident”.
Now is his time, say goodbye to Elvis and Elliot.

The various corners Ethan has been lurking in include the kitchen.
He is NOT cooking up lovely meals for his wife and children, but preparing premium horse granola for Cosmos…

During the night, he chases down the unicorn that started running in these lands.
First he could only watch it from afar.

But soon, he was close to him (I think it’s a him), whispering sweet things to his ear.
Ethan: I’m working on the perfect granola recipe.

Apparently, the unicorn was impressed.
He blessed Ethan with all the powers bestowed upon him.

And then Ethan rolls this…
Of all the creatures he has ever met, he only ever wishes to become the ones he CAN’T POSSIBLY BE!

Such as an imaginary friend…
Lifeless for a long time, Lucky might have found a new friend…

When morning came, the unicorn had to go to mysterious places, so Ethan took Cosmos out for a ride.
On their way, they saw this horse who previously disappeared as Ethan tried to befriend it.

Ethan and Cosmos however continued to the Equestrian Center.
They entered a racing competition.

They won first place easily.
Elizabeth: Hey BFF, long way from being frozen on the ground!

While Cosmos headed back home for a well-deserved rest, Ethan stayed behind.
There is a wild horse to befriend.

However she decided to go for a run.
Poor Ethan had to follow at his pathetic human running speed.

The horse ended up to a far away fishing location, to judge a flirting couple severely.
Horse: Ew, you picked THAT guy?

Back home, Eve added another kind of horse to the household.
She almost always paints doll-like characters.

Horse hunting is pretty tiring and Ethan has to take a break of some sorts.
He rides on Horse riding, since he is too exhausted and sore to ride a horse.

Flemeth was on hoping to sneak into bed without being seen by her parents, but that failed.
Ethan: Why aren’t you sleeping already?
Flemeth: I’m looking for Grandpa. I haven’t seen him since he was abducted.

As soon as he was awake after a short night of sleep, Ethan hurried to his garden.
Always mostly naked, as per his habit.

After school, Finnick was invited to a friend’s house.
Friend in question is Frank Rourke’s offspring. He does not take after his father.

With his trust issues, Finnick however leaves him to do his homework on the porch.
Finnick: Sweet, I’m going for the slide!

He spent the whole evening on the family playground.
Finnick: Wee!

In the meantime, Ethan took to the kitchen again.
Flemeth: I’m not eating Horse granola, so I’ll just go…

Satisfied with the improvements he made to his recipe, Ethan went to bed at the same time as his wife, for the first time in forever.
How cute, wearing his suit for the occasion.

Next morning, the whole family is headed for the Fall Festival. Gan left his mourning on the rocking chair to fall into his old habits.

Fiora went straight for the ice cone machine.
Rainbow flavour is what she chose, who knows what that tastes like. Except Skittles.

Ethan challenged Finnick to a pie eating contest.
Finnick is extremely thrilled about eating from his face.

Fenris joins them, making it a true father and sons moment.
And it’s Go time!

All three splat their face in the pie, instantly looking like a terrible murderer.
Finnick: Mine tastes like burnt.

Ethan and his bigger adult stomach are the winners!
Ethan: What can I say? No-one ever taught me manners. I do this all the time.

Damien arrived at the park with his cat, Dawn. Ethan decided he needed to befriend her.
Damien: She’s no stray, let’s make it clear.

Beside the restroom, a tragedy took place. Bryan was savagely attacked by cuteness overload and died.
Except it isn’t so tragic because Bryan has been around forever (he is Bane’s son).

Grimmy was quick to arrive, and nobody else but the animals cared.
Bryan: Please, my life was so short…
Grimmy: Don’t you even try…

Since Dawn was now sad from witnessing something utterly overdue, Ethan played with her to cheer her up.
The toddler can just be abandoned, nobody cares.

As night fell, he gave her a nice brush up.
The reason to befriend her is because Ethan needs to have many animal friends so he can adopt the unicorn.

They had fun all night, until dawn came. Not the cat…
Ethan: You must be a pro at catching scarabs!
Dawn: Not a recommended activity for a pregnant lady like me.

Since Damien left long ago and Ethan wouldn’t let his new friend starve and die, he gave her a ride back home.
Dawn: Thank you kind sir, I’ll tell the unicorn you’re a good lad.

The gnomes are having a reunion in the front yard. Beware!
Gnome: Alright, make a line, trip anyone who goes through!

Next time, the kids will grow into teens (yes, already), Ethan will keep working on befriending strays/wild horses to adopt, and other stuff!


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