5.8- Men and Beasts

Hello! No, I did not lose my saves again. I played up until poll time though. I’ve got catching up to do. I also realized that I need to pick up the pace if I ever want to be done. So less pictures are taken. Don’t worry, still plenty of Nova to go around!

There is however way too much of that scumbag.

Eclipse: All right girls, who wants to have some tea tonight?

Back home, Ethan is on the phone, organizing a party for the next day.

Ethan: Should I sent my resume by mail or come in person?

Eve is communing with the mothership.

Telling them all about how much salt to put in that marinade.

Flemeth is doing her homework.

Outside the school. On the sidewalk.

Fiora stopped at the church to have a nap.

Paparazzi takes note of it all.

Fenris is also doing his homework.

He stopped at the local dog park to do so. No dogs around at the moment though.

Queen Nova is sniffing her favorite servant’s hand.

Nova: Yes, I can tell you have treats for me. Good.

Eclipse has got his groove on with the ladies.

Eclipse: I put my  best suit on for you.

There was a chime.

Comet: That was as fast as a racing horse!

He immediately chains to the next.

Asteroid is just as easy to con into the stall.

Fiora has still not made it home, stuck watching Elrath being an attention whore.

All her needs are in the red…

Gan always makes sure to remind Eve how much he cares about her.

Gan: Your mother is a llama!
Eve: Well you would know, I haven’t met her.

Though not all of it was captured, all the lady horse have had their turn with Eclipse.

Nebula: You’re the only one who got to do it before he was a ghost.

Fenris has just made it home from the dog park.

There is a boatload of toys and stuff to do at home, but staring blankly into space is always more interesting.

While the Science skill isn’t needed to progress in the Science career, Ethan keeps rolling wishes for it so there he goes.

He is never quite successful at discovering anything meaningful.

Flemeth is out late at night.

She is hoping to excavate some riches.

Done with his testing, Ethan pulls Eve out of her couch merging.

The two of them still love each other very much, despite rarely interacting together.

Not that they don’t roll wishes for one another, but Ethan has lots to take care of around the house.

Eve: Oh my, who is this handsome man?

She quickly remembered.

This animation is the cutest.

Well, Nova is cuter.

She has taken to learning how to hunt.

A unicorn has appeared in the back yard.

Funny how now that Ethan chased one all across the world, one just pops right there.

It even insists a lot on how it would like to join. Are all of them jerks?

MagicJerk: Mashing the buttons won’t make you jump higher…

Says he to a raging Gan.

Gan: Oh my god you dumb haymuncher, don’t you start with the backseat driving!

The family paparazzi thinks he can just invade and enjoy the pool.

All on him if he drowns.

Next morning it is Leisure Day. Day of the pool party.

Gan: I’ll just have mac and cheese since you always fail all food you make for humans.

The first guests have arrived.

Ethan: I mean you’re over 2 hours early but sure, hi Jenn.
Jenn: Never too early when there’s food.

Elrath showed up slightly afterwards.

Elrath: Ew, even my invisible food will be better than anything Ethan makes.

Poor guy literally fed himself since childhood and nobody trusts his cooking.

He successfully cooked the hotdogs.

He then mixed a few simple drinks.

He also changed in between. Insane sims…

The paparazzi is out of the pool and unto the island.

Very burned.

Jenn and him heartfart over one another.

Jenn: Aren’t you a hot one?
Jalapeno: Day 76. Who knew I would meet the love of my life while stranded on this island.

Samali also gets all over Gan. As usual.

Gan: I am single now…

Following the trend, Fenris chooses other foods over his dad’s cooking.

Fenris: That is way too many dirty dishes. (He’s a slob, why does he care?)

Ethan wished to have Elvis do an ink blot test.

Elvis: I see the side view of a human’s brain after you’ve probed it.

Changing his clothes once again, Ethan goes in the pool first.

Chlorine is bad for clothes, but whatever.

Fiora joins her father.

The jalapeno’s time in seclusion is over and he got a revelation about being the next prophet.

Fiora and Ethan have a breath holding contest.

It doesn’t seem fair.

Indeed not. Ethan won.

Jalapeno: It was foretold in the rings.

Then my simself broke into labor.

You wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for Sam and Jenn’s behaviour.

She left for the hospital.

Apparently she thinks her child is a prophet too.

The party continued as the sun lowered.

Flemeth: Mom, why is Dad so weird?
Eve: I heard it had to do with crypt fungus.

No matter the amount of fungus, she will always love his weirdness.

They ended the party with a kiss.

Next morning, Ethan tried his hand at pancakes for the family breakfast.

And he failed.

The horses still exist.

They spend their entire time taking care of their needs. It is a painful loop.

Cosmos walked all the way to the backyard.

Cosmos: I have an announcement to make.

She gave birth to this wonderful little unicorn foal.

His name is Torment.

Meanwhile Nova is drinking from the pond.

She’s so cute.

Then stalks her favourite human.

Nova: Actually, you’re in the way.

In the way of her magnificence sitting on her throne.

Nova: This kingdom needs its Queen.

Until Ethan comes and tries to pick up the clothes on the ground.

Ethan: That’s inconvenient.

She is ready to fight him to the death for it.

Nova: Don’t you dare touch these!

Ethan gave up and went to talk to Fenris instead.

Fenris: Given that cooking is science and you’re a scientist, shouldn’t you be a bit better?

It’s Nebula’s turn to trek all the way home.

In the middle of the night.

She gave birth to a ghost baby boy.

This is what he looks like without the ghost shader.

His name is Conquest.

Comet followed shortly behind.

This little boy is Despair.

And last but not least, Asteroid’s boy.

Ruin. A ghost too but his shader will be removed to differentiate him from Conquest.

Though Nova often autonomously goes to Gan for affection and social, there comes times where the old grumpy gnome is not available.

In those times, Ethan has to play with her.

Once she was all satisfied, Ethan analyzed a nearby gem.

He then picked it up of course.

In the morning, he bottle-fed Torment since Cosmos was busy sleeping.

Torment: When will I stop being shiny?
Ethan: When you grow up.

Gan went and disturbed Eve mid-painting.

Gan: If you had a brain, you’d dress better than that.
Eve: You’re one to talk…

Only reason she was painting is because she broke the television.

Maybe Ethan shouldn’t be fixing it so she stays productive…

Too late now, plus today is her birthday so she gets to do what she wants.

Not like it changes anything in an ISBI…

She looks the same and does not have a Midlife Crisis.

Fenris is more excited than the adults.

Look at this sass for a minute.


Fenris decided he wanted to brush Torment.

He is the only foal to have had human/alien interaction so far.

Eclipse was getting lonely on the horse lot all by himself so he teleported over. He’s also wishing to interact with his foals.

Eclipse: Alright, where are all those sons of bitches… Not that my harem are bitches though.

Fiora was reading a book in the garage and Nova kept her company.

Fiora: And then the ladybug flew over the rainbow and into the sunset. Wow, that ending is crap.

Even though Nova wasn’t listening anymore, Fiora put it upon herself to rewrite the ending.

Fiora: And then, as the ladybug was flying over the rainbow, the earth cracked and shadowy tendrils emerged from the abyss. The beast was not dead.

The beasts outside are alive…ish.

Comet is the lucky lady Eclipse has as designated mate, so he always goes to her for snuggles.

Just as Finnick was grabbing cake from the fridge, some more appeared on the counters.

Flemeth: You should just have fresh cake instead. With all those puddles around, who knows what’s been in it.

Yes, that means more birthdays.

Fiora: Yoohoo yay!
Fenris: Why don’t you just go blow your own candles?

Fenris aged up first and ran outside.

He rolled Flirty.

Then Finnick.

He got Vegetarian.

Flemeth is now a Hopeless Romantic.

Ethan: Hur hur.

And finally Fiora.

She rolled Nurturing.

Birthday is a good point to end it. Especially since the next update probably makes it until the next one. Which will mean a heir poll! Almost one year later than it was supposed to be! Yay! So. Much. Yays. But until then, happy simming!

Actually I also have a question for you. Since most people read these on mobile phones and I don’t have one, I have no idea how it looks or if it’s painful to read. So, is my picture format making it a major pain to just read my updates? Should they be bigger, smaller, as is?

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