1.0- Welcome to Sunset Valley

Here is, bluntly put, Aurora Moonwisp. She will be our founder.

Aurora is a randomized face and traits Sim to who I’ve arranged the features once I had some interesting genetics. She is not perfect-faced and you will find out she is not well-caught on camera.

She is a Great-Kisser, Bookworm, Eco-Friendly, Childish and Ambitious Sim who likes Epic music, Autumn Salad and Green. Her Lifetime Wish is Professional Author, which means she needs to earn 4000$ a week from written books. And despite her name, Aurora, she is not blonde.All my past games always ended up invaded by blondes so I want to have a head-start and counter it right from the start.

We start this ISBI-Alphabetcy (Yes, Alphabetcy and not Alphabetacy because Zale) in Sunset Valley because I am an old-school player and never quite got to enjoy the other cities as much. -It is an edited version which has all the necessary lots from all the expansions-

Let’s go for it!!!

With little money, Aurora gets what she can get for a house.

Tiny, but who ever said it wasn’t worth making pretty? (Ponds are free, and so is Create-a-Style, which I am addicted to.)

With the bare necessities, bed, mini-fridge and toilet. Oh and a plant. That’s necessary, yes.

Wallpapers and floor cost me 0$ and this non-complete wall is actually a fence (cheaper than a wall+window).

So here I rummage through Aurora’s inventory and find two things. Diploma, which we hang on the wall and…

A camera worth 850$. We sell it and immediatly get Aurora a shower. Yay!

We send Aurora to the library to start her career as a writer, and find this old old looking computer. I name her first book “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. It’s a fiction, and I’ve been playing Pokemon games (durr).

I was hoping for townies, but new games means everyone is hiding someplace and I never saw anyone.

I do send her to the park on the way back and find some seeds.

She looks thrilled 😐 It’s only lettuce, but isn’t it darn exciting?

By the time Aurora reaches home, it’s evening (because Sims are slow) and I have her play in the sprinklers for some childish fun. The sprinkler is the only source of fun, so there, you have it.

Aurora? That is not your swimwear… I had to redo her outfits, not sure where they went.

The next day starts at the park, where we hope to meet townies, especially males. It is 6 days until fall, and I need money to complete the walls, otherwise poor Aurora will freeze to death. And the legacy would end. At the founder 😐

But no stress, you just have an ice cone. Try not to choke on it.

Since no-one ever showed up at the park, I head to the club, because that’s where you meet people right?


The only soul around is the proprietor, Dean Anderson. Not a terrible face, but as skinny as a teenager.

Dean: Bed!

And though they barely know eachother, I have Aurora slow dance with him.
And while it’s sweet and all…

Dean isn’t really that good at dancing.
This kept happening the whole time they were dancing, every two seconds or so.

Maybe he’s better at singing?
They were both horrible. Dean has a sweet face however…

Which means the very next morning -at 7:00 AM because the poor thing works from 10 AM to 3 AM-, Aurora invites him over, in the hopes of caging him into forever being an idiot.
That is a silly outfit for him.

But Aurora is still in her sleepwear…
And kisses him.

She’s very foward.
Makes him her boyfriend.

And pops the question.
“Will you please bring money to wall my tiny miserable house?”
Note the blue highlights in her hair, and her slightly pointy ears. Oh, he said yes. Can they even say no if the relationship is high enough to ask?

So why not already make him her husband before fall comes?
Little private wedding behind the house -in her revealing sleepwear-.

And my, it’s already time to shower?
You all know what that little floating heart means. At least I hope you do.

That’s all for now my dearest (if any) readers. Next, you’ll get to see the new house with COMPLETE WALLS WOOOH! And Dean’s makeover. And perhaps B generation is already on the way, or was that fun in the shower for the uh…honeymoon?


I’m quite new using WordPress so if something looks weird and makes your eyes bleed, please tell me how to fix it. Thank you all for coming. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “1.0- Welcome to Sunset Valley

  1. Heather

    What a cute start! Aurora is adorable, in her own slightly imperfect way. Dean and her are both super skinny, but Dean’s face is absolutely adorable, and I look forward to his makeover. The little hovel you built for Aurora is pretty adorable – and the pond was a great idea, since it’s free! I’m excited to see what comes next!


  2. ivanasims

    The small house you built for Aurora is so nice! With the pond and flowers! And I like Aurora. She looks unusual for a sim face and I like unusual looking sims very much, especially if they are pretty as well! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jenn

    Found this on Sombodysangel’s Animal award when she nominated you. Great start and her house is adorable. Now I just hope to catch up sometime this decade. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DarkwingLady

    Forgot where I found this, but looks interesting….

    That’s a nice way to save money, fence walls! Well done :3

    Aaand Dean is nice-looking. Curious…not much to say now, so let’s see how the story comes out πŸ˜€



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