The Chapters

Ah, so you found yourself on the chapter page. So… I assume that it means you’re actually interested in maybe trying to read that… thing ?

I’d ask if you’re insane or just really really bored, but I’ll just give you quick access to the chapters instead.

Generation 1 – A new Dawn Aurora

1.0- Welcome to Sunset Valley
1.1- Cabin Fever
1.2- Way too much happening for so few Screenshots
1.3- Dean has seen so Much More
1.4- Hot Birthdays
1.5- Lost Kids
1.6- Stubborn Children
1.7- A Bit of Progress
1.8- Disastrous!
1.9- Get Out!!!
1.10- Falling Flies of Innocence
1.11- Nothing is Going Right
1.12- It was Bound to Happen
1.13- BEWARE!
1.14- By the End of the Day

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Interlude – The Barbie and Me

Generation 2 – Bringing Sexy Back
2.0- Merry Christmas!
2.1- And a Happy New Year?
2.2- Finally her own Life
2.3- Firefly
2.4- Typical Legacy Style
2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?
2.6- A Love Day Feast
2.7- Safe and Sound

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Generation 3 – A Cold Chip
3.0- Of Cats and Potatoes
3.1- Old Shwarts and Younger Ones
3.2- Popping Out Potatoes
3.3- D is Number Four
3.4- Potato Invasion
3.5- Pot A Toe
3.6- Potato Expert
3.7- School Potatoes
3.8- The Perfect Potato Day
3.9- A Sad Potato
3.10- Another Grown Potato
3.11- A Spooky Spring Potato
3.12- Mostly Sparkling Potatoes
3.13- *Special* The Ultimate Long-Lost Holy Potato Relic Mega Tournament!

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Generation 4 – Fishy Waters
4.0- Plenty of Fish in the Sea
4.1- Lure That Fish In
4.2- Little Fish
4.3- Failure to Bait
4.4- That Slippery Fish
4.5- Any Bites?
4.6- Fishing Contract
4.7- Like Fish in a Barrel
4.8- Something Smells Fishy
4.9- Birthday Fish
4.10- Living in a Fishbowl
4.11- Like Fish in Water
4.12- Fish Story
4.13- Flopping Like a Fish

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Generation 5 – The Crypt Fungus
5.0- New Quarters
5.1- Parties Above Ground
5.2- Jason is In the Place
5.3- Glowy Fungus
5.4- Horsemen of the Apocalypse
5.5- Nail Fungus
5.6- Dusty Granola
5.7- Glitch in the Matrix
5.8- Men and Beasts
5.9- Machinations

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