1.7- A Bit of Progress

Hello again! Welcome back to the Moonwisp Chronicles, an ISBI Sims 3 Alphabetcy! Last time, Bane discovered the secrets of invisibility, and Bellatrix had a try at immortality. She was denied and still became a teenager. Bruce strolled around in his weird swimsuit, Aurora was bored and Dean was boring.

Speaking of Bruce’s fashion choices, here’s what he’s up to in his swimsuit.
There’s a treehouse, a toy box, a TV and a chess table, but Noooooo, SPRINKLER!

As the evening approaches, Bellatrix reveals her “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” and leaves the chess table to workout.
Usually, TVs and ISBIs means Sims watching it forever. Not with Bellatrix around.

Oh, Blake?
Just doing things. Like telling scary stories to no-one behind the house.

“Be very afraid…”
Weirdo. The scariest thing is how little space there is between your upper lip and your nose.

Our founder, still under God-like intelligence, still manages to pull off her own weird stuff.
Like those clothes. Probably work clothes from being self-employed. “I’m an author, therefore I must dress horribly.”

Stinky Bellatrix -yes that is her nickname- is up to cooking some mac and cheese.
She looks extremely worried, but who wouldn’t be at the sight of food when all you’re used to seeing is cake?

6 Sims + 1 bathroom = many conflicts + broken appliance.
“No toilet 😦 “ Bruce: “I’m so tired of this-“ YOUNG MAN, watch your language.

Given the small house and gigantic yard, the pond moved from the front to the back, enlarged and got some vegetals.
Very peaceful and perhaps Bruce will accomplish his wish to go fishing.

Who’s this? … I don’t know. I have no idea.
But Bellatrix has to keep her options open, in case she becomes the heir. Not terrible genetics after all.

While everyone was hungry, tired and overall dying and unhappy, the twins decided to be a pain and have a scout ceremony.
Blame them if there ever is a fail later on.

At least there is the uniform.
Bane’s cute in his badged suit.

Next comes Bruce, the ultimate boyscout, the sprinkler player.
He should have had twice the badges he has. Your brother might be adventurous enough to explode and become invisible, but you play with a sprinkler. Day and night. Rain no rain. Hail no hail…

Great joy! Dean has earned his third promotion (I think) after many many raises. It’s not too bad for an idiot -who keeps getting calls from his co-workers to go on dates-
He finally passed the point of being a substitue teacher. 😀

Aurora has indeed spent a lot of time in that little corner, writing books after books.
She just completed her lifetime wish, with her Best Seller “Dodging the Balls”

Here’s the proof that she really did it. She is now earning over 4,000$ a week in royalties.
For those interested (none I’m sure), here’s the books that are part of this wonderful achievement:
Gotta Catch ‘Em All
The Toilet Saucer
Balls to the Face
Balloons to the Chest
Babies on the Field
I Know Nothing of Sports
Kicking Balls
Dodging the Balls
and her book she just started, Ball Players. Aurora has a fascination for balls.

Bellatrix has taken the habit of stealing Blake’s bed, leaving him to sit on the floor, pondering about life.
Actually he simply just finished his homework like the good kid he is -which he preferred to do on the floor rather than on his perfectly able desk-.

Now that Aurora has accomplished her Lifetime Wish, she is allowed some time with her family, especially when it involves boosting Dean’s logic for his job.
Bane: What about ME? I need a bedtime story!

Sadly, Blake arrived too late. Still, points for effort.
Cooking, reading stories, taking care of his younger siblings. He sure would be a good torch holder. But then, doing his homework on the floor, telling himself scary stories hiding behind the house….

The number two contender for the torch, meanwhile, stuffs her face with the classic legacy meal.
Funny how skinny her arms are, it makes her face look so chubby. That may be accentuated by her teenage-hood.

Let’s keep it short this time, as I have little screenshots left, and I’m keeping the next ones for next chapter! The excitement would have been too much fun. Next time, to counter-act the accomplishements, many fails and disasters, I’m sure!


3 thoughts on “1.7- A Bit of Progress

  1. Heather

    I’ve never seen the scout thing, I mean, I know it’s a thing, but even if I enroll them in scouts, I never go to the award thingie… I should. It’s adorable! I love Bruce’s sprinkler obsession.

    I *LOVE* Aurora’s book list… spectacular!

    I was thinking Bellatrix looked awfully scrawny. I’m interested to see her in YA-hood.



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