1.8- Disastrous!

Welcome back to this ISBI Alphabetcy. I am so far behind in updates, so here we go, no-one cares about introductions anyway. We start this post with a legacy classic…Birthday!

It’s the twin’s! Time for a quadruple set of teenagers being moody and messy.
No more bed-time stories.

What’s wrong Blake? I just said no more bed-time stories.
Blake: But…I liked to read them cooking books…

Dean cares a little bit too much, while Aurora turns her back on the truth that her youngest are becoming older.
Dean: I just want caaaake! 😀

Little sprinkler-lover goes.
Bruce: I wish I’ll find my flame.

Wait…be careful.

Synchronized birthdays for twins.
Bane: I wish…uh…yeah.

Wish granted Bruce. 😐
Those boys are cursed, it’s their second birthday with a fire.

Bane: I’m out of here.

Blake: *toot* Yaaay.

Woot, fire birthday. Don’t burn please. o.o
Cake is ruined. Bruce is beyond happy. *cheers*

While daredevil Dean tries to contain the situation, Bruce ages to a wonderful scene.
A wonderful scene of panicking people, burnt cake and smoke.

Look at him devillishly delighted at the sight. *shudders*
Despite his evil expression, Bruce locks in Virtuoso, making him a Heavy Sleeper, Athletic, outdoors lover weirdo.

Bruce: Fire is my music.

But there is something that still needs doing. Like faking excitment over a second try at aging up.
Get your hand out of your mom’s crotch, Blake.

“Omg, it’s actually happening”

Have you ever heard of instant combustion?

Bane locks in Clumsy to go with Good, Genius and Adventurous. Why such a bland personnality with the only blue-eyed kid? 😦

Blake: No, seriously…That’s my shirt. *sigh*

Here’s innocent-looking Bruce after his make-over.
Keep in mind he is secretly a pyromaniac. And a sprinkler-lover.

Bane’s make-over. That’s his sleepwear.
He is almost exactly like Bellatrix as a male, which is how we know Bellatrix’s little rebellion about becoming a teen made her keep her family’s genetics.

Speaking of the only girl besides our founder.
Yes, she just did that. In her parent’s bedroom.

Not you too?

…Yes, him too.
And since when does dropping a plate immediatly change it into garbage?

All this pissing around had me forced to design a second bathroom.
Since the rest of the house mainly has green accents, the color theme here is made to match a mix of pink, purple and spice brown to represent the non green-addicts of the house. I like how it turned out. ^^

Stinky Bellatrix immediately jumps into the bath.
Best decision of my entire life!

She seems to think the same as she gets high with her own disappearing stink vapors.
“I’m too gorgeous to constantly stink” Damn right.

Blake likes the new bathroom too but confuses it for an office to do his homework.
Or maybe he’s just being a creep, following his sister around.

So how come no fires are being started?
Well because Bruce is sleeping. “The sound of fire is like music to me.”

Bane is being boring as usual.
He just finished playing video games and insists on being a nerd. Not very adventurous…

Now that Aurora is done with her lifetime wish, most of her time is spent forcing Dean to sit down and boost his logics for his job.
Hey Blake, what’cha doing? Watching TV?

Blake: Yup.

…Are you sure?
…These kids.

“Are you judging me?”
“Don’t you dare judge me!”

Meanwhile, Dean feels extremely forced to boost his logics as he continues well into the night while everyone is sleeping.
Dean: I’m tired! D;

I never said you had to stay, numbskull.

Aww, Bellatrix is making mac and cheese again. However, her favorite is grilled cheese.
At least she got the cheese part right.

Blake, how do plate?
Bellatrix: *cracks knuckles* And that’s how you make mac and cheese.

Or not…

Dean dares the devil by stealing his son’s cake, who put it on the floor because SIMS.
“My life is miserable.”

Look at him, LOOK at HIM. Enjoying other’s misfortune.
Dean: What do you mean? I am merely enjoying some fine cake.

Riiiight. We can all see that evil smile.
Laughing on the inside.

Making mac and cheese is apparently very tiresome.
Bellatrix has a very capable bed. She never uses it. She either passes out or naps on the couch.

Bruce does use his bed. But he’s always HUNGREEEH!
That face though. Almost an elderly woman, keep trying Bruce.

After a quick meal, he tries to make amends for wishing for fire, by reminding us of his prime nature.
❤ Bruce+ Sprinkler ❤

This is it, dear readers. I can’t wait for them to age up some more because they don’t do much, but I promise more stuff happens in the future. Heir poll is slowly coming, and a poll doesn’t work too well without a decent amount of readers, so if you wish to share my legacy, I would be most grateful. ^^ Until then, happy Simming.


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