1.9- Get Out!!!

Hello again! Who am I even saying that to? In this chapter, the Moonwisp are going to get out of their tiny house. That’s right, there’s a world out there.

First let’s see where Bruce intends to start his secret plan of world domination.

Bruce: Like this?

Bellatrix: No, like this!

Bane has to be the most secretive of them all, never up to anything.
“I’m contemplating murdering my twin brother before he sets me on fire on our next birthday.” But…you’re Good!

Bruce: So…like this?

Bellatrix: Noooo.

Look who’s here!
The first legacy gnome. Not sure how it got there as there never was any pool parties…

Bane pulled Bellatrix out of training to try to make her a nerd like him.
Bellatrix: Video games? You mean like…arcade?

Bane: No, computer games!

Bellatrix: Games have made it to computers? Oh my god!

Back to the title! These retards are supposed to go out! Across the street, specifically.
Aurora has some fun violent time with her boys.

Yes, Bruce too.
He was just cut from the previous screenshot to try to contain the possible fire hazard.

The other boy, Dean, is spending all of the family’s savings to stuff his face.
Dean: Yes I’d like five potatoes please.

Cashier: …We don’t serve this foreign meal.

Bellatrix found the sno-cone machine.
She would be hot too, after so much work-out.

She chose rainbow flavor. 😀
Bellatrix: They didn’t have spice brown…

Chubby Cashier: Sno-cone spotted. Drooling operation started.

Dean settled for some weird flat piece of food. (Seriously, what is it?)
Closest thing to a potato, I assume.

Bellatrix ruined the family picture by peeing herself, it cancelled the action for everyone.
Bellatrix: It’s…It’s sweat!

We got zombies at the park!
Overly-happy-zombie: This festival is nice.

Knowing how much Christopher Steel is a favorite, I had to show you all ladies this.
Married to an old crumbling womb, his genetics will be lost forever and ever. 😦

I don’t mean to intrude, but that is a LOT of action under the covers.
Maybe they’re building a fort or something. Sure looks like it.

Either they’ve discovered the secret of invisibility…
…or ghosts.

Speaking of people who hold the secret to invisibility, a glimpse at his everyday activities.
Bane: So if I place a bucket there and pull the rope over the window, it should knock the chess table over and fall on my dad’s feet, causing a nuclear explosion, which, according to my calculations, should have a blast radius of 2.83½*7x-4q. That should suffice to eliminate Bruce and maybe Bellatrix, improving my chances to become heir…
Bane…You’re GOOD!

Bane: Yeah,I’m also a genius, so…

Yeah…so is your sister and you both have D’s while the non geniuses have Bs…

Bane: Shut up! Thinking hurts!

Bellatrix: See? Like this! Bend the knees. Beeeend them real good.

Bruce: Oh shush now, I’m trying to work here.

What mischief has Bellatrix been up to? 😮
None. Aurora has fallen off her rocker and has queued to scold all of her kids for no specific reason.

Aaaw, poor  little bobblehead.
Grounded and can’t even go to school… (Sims Logic)

When I was a kid and got told to stay in my room, I wouldn’t stand in a corner, I would do stuff.
Not Bellatrix. She stood pouting in that corner, until she got out of her room, just to pass out. You had a BED in there, young lady.

Lately Dean has remembered how to sink. But he forgot how to fridge.
Dean: *nom nom nom* Ice cream and door.

Comes a time in life where the teenagers got to prom and make themselves pretty.
Like that… Feels like The Sims 1.

Here’s the ambitious athletic brown-loving genius who’s going to tell them all how better she is.
Go get them Bellatrix! Your brothers are late as usual so you got a headstart.

That doesn’t look like the usual clothes teens would wear at a prom.
Nice to see so many choices for futures spouses though…

Here’s a summary of Bellatrix’s night.
According to the last screenshot, that is a lie!

105.2 105.3
She’s a natural fighter.

Bane eventually showed up in his everyday clothes.
Still managed to hook himself up with some girl.

Bruce also made it and proceeded with his machinations.
Should have known.

Quiet night back at home, finally some time alone to…
…play with a toy rabbit.

Let’s have a look-see at this Lynette Bane found.
She doesn’t look too bad, does she?

Oh, hey there Dean, what are you doing?
Dean: Got invited to a pool party…

Pool party. Sure. Without a pool. Without other guests. With the host in underwear more than swimming suit…
Got my eyes on you Dean. That’s your boss, I know, but there are limits!

Her name is Maggie Beatty and…
Damn. She has some crazy unique genes. Tell me you have kids!

You do.
Not what was expected. Her name is Mellissa Vaughan.

Maggie also has a son apparently.
Scott Vaughan. He looks better. *notes name down for future stalking*

Their father is Cornellius Vaughan, which you will see in the future. But what ELSE does the future hold? More fires? More rebellions from Bane trying so hard to not be good? Keep coming and you’ll find out!


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