1.10- Falling Flies of Innocence

Hello my beloved readers! Welcome back to this ISBI. In case you’re wondering What the hell is an ISBI and who does she think she is?, it stands by Is Surrounded By Idiots and means I get to only control one Sim per generation while the other flail around aimlessly making me cry bitter tears of regret at inflicting this upon myself. But you all know that and my introduction is pointless, so let’s get down to business!

Last time Bane was trying to be evil to compete with Bruce -even though Bane is Good and Bruce has nothing bad about himself- except maybe starting fires and now this…
Bruce: Sleep brother, sleeeep.

You are not Lucien from Fable 2, that’s not how it works.
Bruce: I will devour your soul while you slumber!

Okay, now it’s getting creepy.
Bane fell like a fly two seconds after Blake.

Bruce is responsible, it’s obvious.
Bruce: Sleep, gniark gniark. I shall be the only heir!

So much for brainpower.

Bruce: Shh, using my abilities is tiring.

Uh huh.

It was not long for the boys to wake and…kiss?
This here is proof they are twins, joined by feet under the table while they eat.

Lookie here at this cute teenager napping in the middle of the night. … -.-
Bane: I’m nothing like Bruce. I’m a male version of Bellatrix, and since everyone loves her, they should love me too.

Where are your so-called evil plans all of a sudden?

Unaware of the monster her kids are becoming, Aurora stays fresh and innocent.
“Why do you keep following me around?”

Because you’re still the torch-holder and I feel bad for showing off the kids a lot more to try to make them known for the poll. >.>

Apparently I don’t feel that bad because it’s back to Bellatrix.
“Cooking” a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

Aurora rolled a wish to socialize with her daughter and Bellatrix wanted to pillow fight, so we killed two birds with one stone.
Blake in the background: My life…so miserable…

Not for the girls, however.
This isn’t the duck-face kind of picture, Bellatrix dear.

Bellatrix: Lolz #Goodtimesmeansduckface

It’s genetic. *despair*
Blake: My life…


Dean has tired of me watching over him and took actions to stay faithful.
Dean: Boo Maggie, you suck! I’m skinnier than you, HA!

Bane practices his superhuman sight.
Bane: Resolution on this TV sucks. It’s less pixelated from afar.

Not my fault you’re poor.

There he is. Cornellius Vaughan, father of Maggie’s children and perhaps still her husband.
Majestic as a horse rearing up in the sunset light. Or you know, running into the Moonwisp’s backyard to gather a space rock that Aurora was ON HER WAY to. THIEF.

Instead I had her plant some lettuce.
“You are the seed of all life and I will you to achieve great thing.”

It’s just lettuce.

I’m a Venus…
You’re a wet Venus then. A stinky one too.

D’aaw and there he is trying to make us believe he isn’t some kind of evil creature.
Don’t be fooled. DO NOT be fooled.

Blake finally releases his sorrow into art to paint…this.
There is a wonderful pond outside, your life is supposedly terrible, and all you can paint is a pink blob with a heart disease?

Blake: My heart aches.

Oh come ON! I feel so sick about you I  have to end the chapter here! No ceremony, just ugh!


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