1.5- Lost Kids

Hello! So happy to see you. Even though, you know, I can’t actually see you. Anyway, welcome back to the Moonwisp Chronicles, which I remind you, is an Alphabetcy ISBI. Last time, Bane and Bruce became toddlers in the blaze of a fire, Blake showed us his talent, Bellatrix became a child and the parents were boring.

Let us start with….what?

There is really no reason why the aliens would have an interest in Dean.
Poor Dean, he really doesn’t want to go.
Blake *creeping out the window*: “Hey there, Dad.”

He came back 5 minutes later, just like last time.
Dean: “I don’t like Alien!”

Bellatrix’s first use of her bedroom.
Quick nap before school. I’d approve if it didn’t mean she was up all night…

The first non-lonely bus trip!
And the turning up of the game graphics!

Young man!
That is NOT going to your classes.

While Blake is feeling rebellious sitting on a bench in front of his school, here’s a rare shot at Bruce.
Just so you all remember he exists too.

At least Blake made it back home.
And his school performance didn’t drop from his frivolous actions. Sitting on an outdoors bench is good for grades. *Takes notes*

Oh, no, Aurora, I’m so sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Missing the founder’s birthday is a crime. But you’re creepy when you derp, so stop it.

Lets pretend Bruce behind cares.
Is that a smile? No, it’s not. Not even close.

Neither is this.
But sparkle twirl to compensate for the missed birthday.

Darling, you look so tired.
She didn’t change much except for her cheeks, As an adult, Aurora hasn’t reached her LTW yet.

She might not have gotten her own cake, but there’s about a lifetime of leftovers cakes.
Grab your share.

Homework at a desk.
Wrong desk though. Ligths on while your sister is sleeping…

First time this idiotic parent put the baby in the right crib. ๐Ÿ˜€
However, I’m pretty sure he was hungry, not tired…ARG!

Oh, sweet is the vengeance.
This is so perfect.

The Moonwisp, believe it or not, were running out of cake, so Aurora had to cook.
Well, someone’s birthday needs to come soon, because we’ll need more cake, it seems.

However cute Bane may be, he also has his creepy moments.
Like those where he doesn’t know where his mouth is.

Clicked on Bellatrix to see what she was up to.
Um…This is Vita Alto, she lives here with a couple, there is no kid in the house, so Bellatrix is just being a total creep.

And asked her for a bedtime story. o.O
It’s kind of sweet that Vita didn’t seem to mind, and it started some kind of fiction in my head. Vita has the same hair color as Bellatrix. So I will pretend very hard in my head, that Vita is Dean’s mother who gave him up for adoption, and is therefore Bellatrix’s secret grand-mother. And since she is a genius, the little girl found out. OR Bellatrix is crazy. She came back home after the story.

If it isn’t our favorite Dean-stalker!
Elderly stalker now, so maybe he’ll stop pestering my co-founder soon. ๐Ÿ˜

After what seems forever, Aurora has some time for he JOB!
Yes, she actually has one. She is now working on her 6th Sports book, “I know nothing of Sports”. She really doesn’t. Her husband reads sports books (and Woohoo in the Wastelands), her daughter is Athletic, but Aurora? Nah. The only sport she does is parenting.

Nice face, Blake. I thought you were supposed to be cute.
“Hungryyyyyyy!” Yes, ALL THE TIME!

Happily, Blake and everyone else will be able to stuff their faces with CAKE!
And lots of it!

It’s Dean’s, Blake’s and the twin’s birthdays.

I missed Dean’s sparkles trying to coordonate the whole thing, here he is as an adult.
He also started a mid-life crisis. And now he’s cheering for Blake.

Don’t worry, I didn’t miss him!
“I wish to stay as talented as I am in arts.” NOOOOOO.

Oops, I lied, I didn’t miss his sparkles shot. It was just happening at the same time as Blake.
He still looked the same and had a mid-life crisis though.

And Blake.
Bellatrix and Aurora’s arm cheer for him while Dean is busy escaping with cake.

Blake, now a teen, finally discovers he has hands. ABOUT TIME!
Had anyone ever realised how big his eyes are?

After a quick make-over.
Blake locked in Good Sense of Humor, to join Loner, Artistic and Unlucky. His shirt illustrates his sense of humor. Kind of. I like him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for the twins!
Bruce goes first, and no fire this time!

“I am the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen, aging into female hair.”

He is so extremely pale. But still cute. Even if forgotten.
He locked Loves the Outdoors, which I depicted in his clothes best I can, joining Heavy Sleeper and Athletic. So a boyscout that can sleep through every noise in the forest.

And finally, Bane, who doesn’t know what to do with his facial expression.
Mixed feelings, perhaps?

Shot where the toddler is as tall as a child but still cute like a toddler.
May you still be cute, please please please.

It’s not terrible. Can’t wait to see them all as teens. I hope the poll will have votes be interesting.
He locks in (because I never got to train Bruce and him completely ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) Adventurous, to join Good and Genius.

Here’s a side screenshot to show you his nose. It was all flat and large as a toddler, and now it’s long and skinny.
Hey, Boyscout, go fetch the mail! Hey, Bellatrix, the party’s over, calm down.

And here we are, at the point where this post joins my save game, which means I get to play some more!!! I am extremely happy with the kids I got, and the alien babies I DIDN’T get (who would not have been eligible for the poll since they wouldn’t be Aurora’s kid anyway). But what will happen next? Truly for once, I have no idea ๐Ÿ˜€


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