1.4- Hot Birthdays

Oh Hello! Come in, have a seat. I have for you today another decently long chapter of the Moonwisp Legacy. Last time, Aurora gave birth to twin boys, and Dean got a lifetime of trauma to deal with thanks to aliens.

This time, we start with the twin’s birthday into the toddler stage!
As well as some bad framing on my part. Enjoy. Savour.

ANYWAY! Bane goes first.
This is your last burrito close-up until next generation! Unless stuff happens.

Isn’t that a female hairstyle or do I not know my toddler stuff?

Bane — post makeover, he is ADORABLE!
Would you look at that!!! His daddy’s mouth and hair, mother’s eyes and a cuteness overload.

Now it’s Bruce’s turn.
But no-one really cares anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Poor Bruce.

WELL, that’s what happens when you ignore someone’s birthday!
Aurora: “I’ll just calmly walk away with the baby” For once, your lack of care for life is useful.

But hopefully Dean’s daredevilness won’t get him killed.
Dean: “I’m doing this for my son!” Aaaw.

Pretty sure the fire isn’t UP, but okay.
“The aliens…” Oh please, no.

He did it.
“Hungryyyy!” There’s a slice of cake just behind you, ‘hero’.

All this action made me notice…
Bane has a bald spot! Maybe the fire?

Take 2, Bruce blows out his candles and…
Isn’t that ALSO a female hairstyle??? Am I that confused?

Pretty sure he’s a boy though, so here’s Bruce.
Chubbier face than his twin, more crowy nose. His mother’s hair (can’t really tell he has the highlights, but he does) and his father’s eyes. They’re a nice similar-but-different set of twins. Three boys with dark hair and one girl with brown hair. Makes her kind of unique.

But like everyone… “HUNGREEEEH!”
As well as being in the wrong crib, but at some point, you can’t care anymore.

Need help, Bellatrix?
I’m pretty sure that’s not your mouth.

LOOK, readers!
Aurora is SMILING! She definitely has a favorite.

A quick check on the eldest child reveals that he dreams about fire.
Not sure where he got that idea. ๐Ÿ˜

Autonomous self-skilling.
Way to go, Bane.

Here is a nice family activity.
Which involves Aurora’s needs hardly being met at all times of day.

Husband of the year here…
Stinking and all.

Aurora had been stuck with the Stir Crazy moodlet for a complete day, so it was time she went out…
…to the park across the street.

At least she gets to stretch her legs.
She didn’t even fall. ๐Ÿ™‚ So proud.

Such a good kid, doing his homework.
At his desk, in his room.

Dean, that’s not where the stink comes from but points for effort.
No points for sinking though. Not ever. Ever.

Here is…uh… *pulls notes* Chana Coy! Our Paparazzi,
If it was time to look for a spouse, I might have chosen her, but sorry Chana, you’ll be too old by then.

People barely ever take showers in this legacy and yet it always breaks.
Which is probably why no-one takes a shower, since it’s always broken. ๐Ÿ˜

So I heard Blake was artistic…
… … He still has some work to do.

However, he’d rather slack off on the computer.
D’aaaw, still so cute though.

Aurora’s favorite is cute too.
Even if he has demon eyes.

What’s this?
A boring screenshot of a toddler doing nothing?

No, it’s a forgotten birthday! Or rather one where Aurora really needed her sleep.
Hovering sparkle shot!

Not…terrible… I guess.
I tend to not like Sims children, but I’ve never had them as idiots, so we shall see.

Post-makeover. I apologize for the hair texture, I had to lower my settings for a while, but I turn them back up in not too long, I promise.
Bellatrix had Mooched locked in, which makes her a Genius Athletic Mooch. Sounds like someone who’s using their brain to mooch people while staying healthy. You’re a sneaky one, Bellatrix. And you look like your older brother a lot.

Being a child means having a bedroom, with a radio so she can express her Athletic-ness a little.

Blake continues to impress us all (NOT) with his talents.
Can’t we get some decent decorations for our empty walls? D;

I leave you on this marvel of the world. Next, some exciting stuff, like birthdays and all kinds of traumas, as per usual with the Moonwisp! Leave a comment, tell me which child/toddler is your favorite, and if I should count the points!


5 thoughts on “1.4- Hot Birthdays

  1. Heather

    Aw, Bane is freakin’ ADORABLE. So cute. So so so cute. I also really like little Bellatrix. You made me laugh with the whole “cake is right behind you ‘hero'”. Ha!


  2. somebodysangel13

    TS4 is so annoying with the limited styling options – if it even had some sets that matched, that would work, but no, the woods are all different colours. Anyway, back to the Moonwisps.

    You’re right, Bella looks a whole lot like her brother, very different to most kids. But Bane is the most adorable toddler, hopefully he grows up cute, too.

    Liked by 1 person


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