1.3- Dean has seen so Much More

Hey! Welcome back to you, readers! Last time, nothing happened except toddlers becoming the cutest things ever. This time, stuff happens! So read on.

Here’s Aurora holding her baby girl Bellatrix.
Is that the wake of a smile, Aurora?

Maybe just contractions starting?
Bellatrix has an Imaginary Friend named Puzzle. Bellatrix doesn’t think much of him.

Aurora gives birth to a boy!
We name him Bane, because I love Batman. He has Good and Genius (like his sister) locked in, and he likes Country, French Toast and Irish Green. I have the three greens as favorite colors, so I guess the house will be keeping it’s wooden style longer as green fits it well.

We got twins!!!
Since we themed this birth with Batman, I have little choice but to go with Bruce. He is an Athletic Heavy Sleeper, however that works. He likes Soul, Grilled Cheese and Purple.

As per the adult’s wishes, I put up lights on the house.
Green to math our Founder’s favorite color, though Blake and Bane probably babble in glee at the choice of color.

Bellatrix, my only little girl.
So cute in her sleepwear.

Dean holding Bruce. He has seen something we simple mortals can’t.
Dean: “They’re coming…”

Aurora sleeps. And dreams of dragons.
I captured it because with four babies/toddlers, this is the last time she has a full night.

Dean is connected to another dimension once again while Aurora takes care of the kids.
Dean: “I can see them!”

Thankfully for Aurora’s sleep hours, it’s Blake’s birthday!
Little Dragon Warrior.

Sparkles Sparkles.
*Wave* See ya, toddlerhood.

EA…This suit I swear.
Definitely his mother’s lips. He might be a male face clone of her except for eye and hair color. We’ll see as a teenager one day.

Better, now we can recognize him. 🙂
Not too much pudding-faced, I believe. He rolled Unlucky to join Loner and Artistic.

Our little man gets his bedroom, lime-themed.
A desk for his homework, and an easel for his artistic trait. I love the frost in the windows.

He finds his bedroom quite quickly. Hope he likes it.
“Yay, crying baby!” That’s not very nice for your brother, Blake. 😐

But look! He found it!
I hope he makes nice pieces to hang around and decorate.

Maybe some other time. It was worth 2$ and I sold it. Whoever bought that is very weird.
“Painting such awesome stuff is tiring.” Right. >.>

What’s this?

Oh no!
Leave Dean alone! -This is the first time aliens invade my property without me doing any activities to trigger it-

No! You’ll make him wet himself!
“I TOLD YOU THEY WERE COMING!!!” Yes, you did. You did.

You impolite greenie! Adult-napping is not part of the deal!
What in the…?

What is that?
Well that is terribly cute and I never noticed before. 🙂

Don’t take Dean! D; Aurora needs a father for taking care of those babies.
He doesn’t look excited about a trip to outer-space.

Luckily he came back 5 seconds later.
And he has seen so much more.

He has felt so much more.
Background Onlooker: “Did this abducted guy just wet himself? …Yep, he did.”

O-Oh, what now? What will happen to the Moonwisp family next? Will Aurora collapse under the stress of toddler skilling? Will the kids be taken away? Will Dean survive the trauma? Will he be pregnant? I HOPE NOT, there is enough babies as of now.


8 thoughts on “1.3- Dean has seen so Much More

  1. Heather

    Ha! I laughed out loud when Dean was all “I told you they were coming!” I don’t know what it is about Dean, but I’m not overly keen on him, LOL. Aurora and the kids, I like. I think it’ll be interesting if he’s pregnant!


    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Funny you like Aurora even if she does nothing but take care of the kids and sleep (like any non-idiot would). Dean is just weird and useless, but he was the only decent choice of spouse. I didn’t want to pick a known townie so it pretty much HAD to be a randomly generated sim.
      I don’t want aliens just yet 😦 You didn’t either and Juniper was awesome, but shh.


    1. DarkwingLady

      Yeap, poor Daddy Dean…. Wonder if he got a Fortune-telling talent though – took one look at his baby’s face and saw aliens coming lol….

      Kiddos looking great ❤

      Me just hope that daddy doesn't get napped too often, and that he doesn't get preggers. I got nothing against aliens, but 4 KIDS ALREADY, how to care for and feed them…? xD

      Liked by 1 person


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