1.2- Way too much happening for so few screenshots

Welcome back for a long awaited -or not- chapter of the Moonwisp Chronicles. As the title says, this one is very fast paced because it appears nothing was happening in the game, so I compensated by making it longer so…stuff will happen, that should have happened in two or three chapters.

Last time, Dean showed us his skills as sinking, and Aurora, over-thrilled by life as always, started her labor.

Been in labor for a while there, Aurora. Sorry, dear.
I’d probably pull that face too if I had to hold in a baby for a few days.

Certainly not that one.
Aurora: I’m cool.

Dean isn’t so cool and strains all his facial muscles in reaction.
Those black gums though, can’t be good.

He’s hilarious and one of the main reasons I play the Sims. For the faces.
Since when is it the father that’s the center of attention during childbirth?

Let’s go back to the mother.
It’s a boy! And look at his cute wink! This is Blake Moonwisp, born on a full moon. He had Loner locked in and rolled Artistic. He likes Island Music, Cookies and the color Lime.

What’s this? Is Aurora stuck in pregnancy clothes?
No, she’s just pregnant again. Already.

You know how Dean likes to look like the worse goof around?
Here is his good side for once.

This is the first and only time Dean will interact with his son during burrito-hood.
Aurora, writing her fifth book, “Babies on the Field”, still a Sports book.

As per the title, the Moonwisp’s life is so boring that 3 days go with nothing happening and we find ourselves here.
To the first legacy birthday.

Blake’s birthday.
Finally out of the burrito stage, we’ll see if he shows promise or not.

Putting down a baby next to the recycling bin to pat your pregnant belly is better than the garbage, I guess.
Cheering Dean, creeping from the corner. “I care for you son!”

Toddlers are always so cute I can’t miss this honoring shot of them.

Here is Blake, post-makeover.
His daddy’s hair and eye color. I would go for Aurora’s lips, but it’s always so hard to say as toddlers. He’s one of the cutest toddlers I’ve had in my games. So I’m surprised. πŸ˜€

I arrange a quick nursery-bedroom for him, with a second crib for the upcoming baby, that I made pink because I’m hoping for a girl. Think my witch curse will work?
“Your room is so bright, how do you do it?” I just forgot to put a roof on… >.>

Daaaw, Dean remembered he had a son.
Maybe Blake has his mother’s dark hair but his dad’s highlights? Is that even possible?

I love his cute pyjamas πŸ™‚
He’s my Dragon Warrior. Even if he’s not disciplined.

You know what new baby means?
It means Mommy gets some Zzzs and Daddy reads “Woohoo in the Wastelands”. I swear, he only reads it when she sleeps. Perhaps he’s fantasizing about a non-vomit taste kiss.

I should warn you. As my number one cutest toddler ever, I might blight you with toddler spams.
In my defense, I’m not a baby-lover. I’m not the type to be all “So cuuuute” to your baby unless I really think so. However, in the Sims, I will also have the indecency to call them ugly if I wish to. πŸ˜€ No pity.

Here comes the next screaming machine! By the crib, how convenient.
Give me a girl!

Yay! -She looks terrified-
“Why is my mom so bored with life?” Everyone, meet the second B-generation baby, Bellatrix Moonwisp. She is an Athletic Genius who likes French music, Grilled Cheese and Spice Brown. I’m very happy I got a girl. πŸ˜€

Oh my God! Oh my God! Thank you Dean!!!
-He never helped again in toddler training- 😐

Here goes Blake, crying because he wants to play. There’s toys all around, you nuthead. ❀
He looks like a crow when he cries. So cute.

There, he found it. πŸ™‚ The table.
With little Bellatrix in her crib, partly recolored for he favorite color.

Hey look, Aurora is pregnant again!
“Great. Just great.” I know, I know, I’ll regret so many toddlers at the same time. But I want them all close for the heir poll and so Aurora can work -somewhat- uninterrupted on her books.

More birthdays!!! Bellatrix’s toddlerhood is coming.
Dean: “Birthdays are garbage” You’re just getting started, dear.

Floor sparkles!
Goodbye, little jelly bean.

And hello…graceful, genius-looking one…
Not sure if this is ginger or brown hair.

I thought ginger because that’s how Sims genetics work, but a trip in CAS showed it’s a light-reddish brown.
And wow. I love her little face, her mystery hair color. I am hoping to get some of Aurora’s eyes someday however. Can’t wait to see them older. So excited for the heir poll. *Getting ahead of herself*

NEXT! Aurora will pop once more, you will get toddler spammed because I love Blake and Bellatrix, and maybe stuff will happen!


7 thoughts on “1.2- Way too much happening for so few screenshots

  1. Heather

    Aw! Blake and Bellatrix are SO CUTE! Especially baby Blake! He’s one of the cutest toddlers I’ve seen in a while! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the next nooboo!


  2. DarkwingLady

    What is it about Aurora that she always gets cross-eyed whenever she gives birth lol….

    And this cross-eyed thing seems to be genetic, if you see that the babies gets cross-eyed when they become toddlers xD

    Cute babies – congrats on surviving until their toddlerhood~! x3

    Liked by 1 person


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