1.1- Cabin Fever

Hello hello, to whoever reads this! It means I love you very much and that this is the next update on the Moonwisp Legacy ISBI Alphabetcy! Last time we met Aurora, our founder, and had her force Dean’s hand into moving in with her, for better or worse.

Let’s start by showing you the upgraded cabin. Dean, upon moving, brought with him about 20 000$ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It’s the most I’ve ever seen.
But I decide to not spend too much for one day, this house shall be glorious. And maybe perhaps get different wallpaint.

I add an alchemist’s station at the back of the house, you’ll understand why in just a bit.
The current rain reminded me to roof the area.

And a bird’s view for those curious about the layout. I’m afraid of door issues.
The bottom squarish room is Aurora’s old cabin, with makeover’ed Dean standing there, pretending he’s on a date.

Last non-story spam…
Bathroom with the only sink in the house.

Bedroom. Changed the inner sheets of the bed to pinkish to fit Dean’s favorite color. A laptop to hopefully be mostly used by Aurora to complete her second book “The Toilet Saucer” (Science Fiction) and many others.
I also took the liberty of putting down a crib, since we all know it will come sooner or later. What else is a legacy for?

And lastly, the kitchen, with our most necessary Small Ivy.

I later replaced the pic-nic table because for some reason they wouldn’t sit down and eat. They’d just set the plate down and be “How do sit, Master?”

Oops, I lied, it wasn’t the last one. Here’s the entrance aka Aurora’s old cabin.
And Dean’s back. At this moment, my boyfriend passed by and said “A guy in skinny jeans!!” I just had to tell him. No darling. Those are not skinny jeans. Dean is just that skinny.

And you finally get to see his face. And his special looks.
However, let’s meet him properly, shall we? Dean Moonwisp, formerly Anderson, likes to flirt using music, dares the devil with his green thumb, but all in a friendly way. He likes Pop, Cobbler and Pink. His Lifetime Wish is Alchemy Artisan (reach lvl 10 in Alchemy skill and use 50 Elixirs). He’ll probably never get it done but I placed the alchemy station down to give him a chance. He rolled a wish to join the Education career, which I granted by using his Young Adult action. I thought it would fit him. He’s the teacher you’ve had that always had stories to tell because he’s a daredevil, grows all kinds of odd plants and is friendly to students. And he would be a music teacher, of course. That is a mix of all that which I tried to embrace in his looks.

He’s off to a good start around the house.
You know, washing whatever is left from his activites with Aurora in the shower.

Good boy, I wish you all the luck in the world for your dream. ๐Ÿ™‚

And Aurora? She’s just having fun.
Because soon she’ll have to became responsable.

Here you see Aurora punching holes in the ground planting the lettuce seeds.
“HAYA! IN THE GROUND YOU GO!” Looks violent much.

The next morning, our founder is woken up with classy nausea.
Is lettuce really that disgusting to her?

She did so for quite a while.
Am I sick in the head for taking two pictures of a Sim throwing up in the toilet?

No, no I’m not. Aurora is a lot worse.
I don’t care that this was autonomous and how cute it is, POOR DEAN! How does it TASTE?
Slight remainder of last night’s supper, and Aurora’s bile… โค Aurora โค ” o.O

Ah, my Green Thumb idiot is actually taking care of the garden like I hoped he would. ๐Ÿ™‚
What? Grey walls in the background? I’ve got weird tastes in architecture? No, it is actually to try to avoid Season’s bug where you can’t add stories to your house after fall has passed on a lot, otherwise your game crashes. Hopefully it will work. *crosses fingers*

*Sigh* Too good to be true, Dean just had to stop being the marvelous helpful idiot he is.
Yes, the shower is broken. You did it. Thanks.

Ah but now he tries to make it all okay and mop up the puddles?
Ihggnghhhhh-alright! You’re forgiven.

With many puddles -another kind- all over the lawn, Dean just had to choose the furthest from home.
The smallest too.

At least he’s having fun.

Back home, Aurora finally proves to us she is pregnant by switching to questionable fashion.
Dean! Be careful with that bowl! Cutting your pregnant wife’s arm IS daring the devil.

She looks thrilled. As with everything that happens in her life.
Perhaps it’s the bowl? Or just her weird shaped lips?

Oh don’t pull that face! (Even if it’s incredibly cute)
You can’t always be the center of attention.

So some Sims don’t know how to door. Dean is very good at it.
But he doesn’t know how to sink. I haven’t captured it everytime, but that’s how he uses a sink. Daredevils, I tell you.

Aurora’s job can still be worked on while pregnant, which is pretty neat.
Here she is, working on her third book “Balls to the Face” … …It’s a Sports book. >.> And ended up being a Best Seller.

So much use has broken the computer.
I use Aurora’s pregnant superpower (immune to death) to fix it without fear.

And immediatly get back to writing “Balloons to the Chest”, the next in her series. I choose Sports as a genre since it brings good money and Aurora’s LTW is based on how much the books give.
I have taken down the wall in this picture because the two of them were getting “person person +” through the wall. I’m not sure why. ??

Just as she finishes “Balloons to the Chest” and switched to play some games, Aurora is interupted by…
LABOR!!! B’s are coming.

And that’s it for this time! What next? The burrito of course! Will it be a boy and grant Dean’s wish for one? What will be Aurora’s next book? Find out next chapter, and thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “1.1- Cabin Fever

  1. Heather

    Their little life is really coming together! The cabin is super cute. Funny about your boyfriend’s comment on skinny Dean’s skinny jeans! I can’t wait to meet the Nooboo!


  2. ivanasims

    You have a talent with houses you know, it’s not just how you build them, they have a personality as well. Can’t wait to see more of your building ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love Dean’s mustache!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. somebodysangel13

    I’ve had that issue with the picnic table, so weird. Love the little house, ivana is right, it has such personality!

    Dean is very nice looking, great choice for the spouse. And with those two, you’re almost certain to have dark haired nooboos! Barring random grandparent genes, of course.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. somebodysangel13

        Yes, if there are no grandparents, sometimes the game will pull hair/eye colour from them anyway. Stupid coding initially, but fun in later generations when you get grandparent (and sometimes great-grandparent) genes coming through!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. DarkwingLady

    So Ole Dean turns out to be a classic mustachioed vintage gent, nice :3

    I love their weird faces. Lol, skinny jeans xD

    Congratulations on the nooboo~! Hope things go on up and up on this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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