1.13- BEWARE!

The alternate title would be “The Sprinkler Experiment” but that would be if I kept the end of this chapter for another one, which I didn’t, because I want to give you nightmares. And a good laugh, hopefully.

As your far superior brains have guessed, Dean is “pregnant”, Blake is not an adult and that’s about it really.

Thing is, Dean isn’t taking much care of his “pregnancy” and always has needs in the red.
Aurora tries to force him to bed by calling him for some uh…cuddles.

Her attempt was dramatically interrupted by Dean running outside to this.
LEAVE HIM ALONE! You already probed him inside out and probably know his organs on a first name basis!

What is even the purpose?
Alien Dude: Just checking on baby.

Dean: Baby? What baby? What’s with the non-space clothes and blonde hair?

Alien Dude: Clothes are Teqeq‘s gift.

So…Take two. This chubby piece of man needs his rest.
Aurora has an almost-reluctant face.

Didn’t work…
Aurora: That was like wishing for a unicorn.

What’s wrong sweety? Why the long face?
Bellatrix: We have to go to Blake’s graduation.

What’s wrong Aurora? Don’t like your flower-garbage bag dress that reflects your Eco-Friendly trait?
Aurora: Love the dress. Hate graduation.

Oh come on! It’s the first one you ever go to!

What’s wrong Dean? Giving birth?
Dean: Actually it’s to avoid going to graduation.

…Seriously, I’m starting to understand why Blake is always sad.

Anyway, Dean gave birth on his favorite spot of being abducted and dumped by aliens, just to make it go full circle or something poetic like that. I’m not poetic. Dean is.
Here is the future horror of your nightmares, Barbara Moonwisp. Barbara because Batgirl, yes. I’m so happy I had B names for this theme.

“Hey Blake isn’t a Batman name!” Tututut. There, I’m awesome, I know.

“What about Bellatrix?” Yeah fine, she was about Harry Potter, of course, but after quick research… Well HA! It might not be Batman, but it is DC.

Oh right, an unwanted alien baby was born. She is Easily Impressed and Athletic. Her favorites are Rap, Cheese Tofu Steak and Orange. ALSO, before everyone starts loving her because she’s an alien, she is not eligible for heirship, since she is not directly linked to Aurora.

Back to business! Bane’s ultimate cuteness by being happy about rain.
Bane: It just means we won’t go to the graduation.

Well, Dean and Barbara cancelled it for all of you anyway.

The little green bundle was unplanned for and there is no way I’m putting her in the ex-nursery.
She still gets her orange corner in the parents’ bedroom. Parent in that case.

The teens get another prom -lucky them-
Bruce: You stink, bro. Lynette won’t like it.

Bane: It’s AXE. I heard it makes the ladies squeal so much they pee themselves like excited dogs.

Bruce: And…That sounds nice to you why…?

I only kept the real highlights.
That is so mean! I’m guessing that means Bruce is either not straight or just being nice for a very shady reason.

Bellatrix, however…
Who’s this Clyde???? (I don’t know)

Back home, Blake is being useful and trying to show us he should be heir.
Blake: There, little veggie, all clean. Now I should investigate what’s so fun about that sprinkler Bruce keeps talking about.

He did and enjoyed it a lot it seems, while Aurora was getting her nice dress all wet.
Aurora: Not like it will ruin it, it’s made of garbage bags.

Blake: Wee, I get it now, this is FUN!

Aurora: Here, little veggie, drink your veggie milk.
That’s just creepy. Especially with Dean heading for food.

Back to Blake….whoooops.
Blake: That is not fun at ALL. I don’t understand what’s up with Bruce.

Naturally the only one with half a brain (mine) had to go and save him. Because Bruce knows what moderation means. But not Blake. Blake doesn’t know anything.
Blake: Are you my mom? Why is your hair different? WHO ARE YOU?

Dean? Are you kidding? Aurora was JUST done cleaning the whole place…
Dean: Giving birth puts pressure on the bladder.

Dean: Man those perfectly fine pancakes stink!
What is wrong with this family blaming the stink on everything and nothing?

A sleeping Popsicle!!! (Okay, that was bad…I’m sorry)

So…Hey Bellatrix, what are you doing? Homework in the snow?
Bellatrix: Yeah, only way I found not to go to Blake’s graduation.

…I can’t believe it!

On the other hand, I can believe that.
That is indeed very “bright”

These remind me why I love Dean even if he brought an alien in the family and filling a spot.
Because he didn’t put the snowman in a dumb place, you can all enjoy a nice frosty picture.

Who else wishes Bellatrix would just drop Barbara?
Just me? Oh, I see. I actually love Barbara. I think.

This is the time you’ve all been waiting for!
Bellatrix is going to become a gorgeous, wonderful, awesome adult.

She hopefully won’t have a cow face like her mother when cheering.
Aurora: GRASS!

Yet again, Bellatrix does her little trick and changes eye color in the process.
She reverted back to her original one, so I suppose that’s alright, but she is still a teen.

It is also Barbara’s birthday!
We’ll get to see those big black beady eyes!

After much cheating, Bellatrix finally agreed to age up, and here she is.
The hair just fit her so well, I had to keep it. She now Loves the Outdoors, just like Bruce. She ends up being a Genius, Athletic, Mooch, Ambitious and Loves the Outdoors person. Her lifetime wish is Master Acrobat.

Floor sparkles for Barbara!
Dean: I’m outta here, my job is done.


Seriously, her skintone???
Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37
I checked in CAS to make sure it wasn’t a bug. On the right, her actual skintone, at the darkest possible, on the right, same skintone but the palest possible. WHY is the body color so different from the head??? Why are her eyes yellow? Why does she have hair? Why does her face want to devour your soul?

She was super cute post-makeover in CAS, but it was lost in the wonders of CREEPIEST THING EVER! Are you ready?
Because this is how Barbara rolls. SWEET DREAMS!

-And I am seriously ending this chapter on that-


4 thoughts on “1.13- BEWARE!

  1. ivanasims

    Bellatrix grew up into such a pretty woman! She really is more beautiful than her mother. Poor Barbara, though. Her skin and eyes are really creepy. I’ve never seen a creepier sim than her! o_o


  2. somebodysangel13

    OMG, what on earth is wrong with the green skintone in your game? I have *never* seen that glitch before, and I’ve read a ton of blogs. Congrats. And congrats to EA, for creating a game with neverending different issues. Do you use a default replacement skintone? Maybe it doesn’t have a green version?

    And then she goes and points her eyes in two different directions. Damn, if that’s not the creepiest thing ever, thanks for the nightmare.

    At least Bella is gorgeous 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      It is the default alien skin 😛 Older, the glitch or whatever it is, fixes itself. As for the eyes…At first I thought it was a problem with my default replacement, but nope, for other aliens have their natural black eyes.


      1. Jenn

        For some reason taking a sim alien into CAS turns off their alien DNA. I have to use MasterController to give it back to them, which fixes the eye problem. Not sure about the skin issue though. That’s creepy.


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