1.14- By the End of the Day

By the End of the Day, they all lived together happily ever after, locking Barbara in a closet for safety. No, really, by the end of the day, there should be a poll, but maybe tomorrow as well because I’m that slow.

Loading the game, I notice this ( and forget that the twins are aged up on there, it happens in this chapter. It was taken at the end of this session but it would just look better here. SHHH)
They are purposely hiding Barbara behind…

And in case you forgot WHY…
Because this is the creepiest thing to ever walk the sim-world.

Bellatrix is really developping her brain, and this is the first time you see her post-makeover.
Such a frown for playing against yourself…

Still can’t get her to look cute. Blake is so sweet though.

Barbara: I will eat your soul!

Dean: She sure ate mine with her big puffy red lips.
She made you delusional. And she made you wet yourself again.

How about we try this cute thing again?
Nevermind… Just look at Bellatrix.

Aurora, the eternally sleepwear’ed writer, chilling with her butterfly BFF.
Currently writing “The Balls of Players” if I recall correctly. Something about balls though, as usual.

Since I promised a poll, that means the boys need to age up and make this post very short.
Bane, you go, handsome fellow!

As they get ready to blow out the candles, everyone evacuates as safety procedures they have trained for since toddlerhood.
Bane: No fires this time, kay?

Bruce: We’ll see about that…
Just roll Evil already. And wipe that evil smugde from your lips.

Nevermind safety procedures, This is an ISBI, and the only half-brain around impales herself in a door.
One potential threat extinguished.

Bruce ages up first with his classic female hairstyle and curse eyes.
He locks Neurotic. Not Evil but that would explain stuff I suppose. Bruce is a Heavy Sleeper, Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso and now Neurotic.

Bane’s turn.
Bane: Oh my god, sparkles tickling my back.

Bane locks Computer Whiz, to join Good, Genius, Adventurous and Clumsy.
His lifetime wish is Forensic Specialist – Dynamic DNA Profiler, so that speaks to me as the nerdy scientist that still likes a thrill so he would go in the police. But would always break all the evidence.

Bruce’s lifetime wish is One Sim Band.
I created a lazy but not slobby look that I think fits his whole personnality.

Now that they’re all adults, I have to stop playing and put the poll up, so it will end here. First I thought…sleeping toddlers are cute, right?
Barbara gets to be creepy 24/7 so she gets to end the chapter again.

Thank you for reading and sorry this post was so short, the poll should be up in about an hour. Please vote ^.^


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