3.3- D is Number Four

Hello, it’s been a while, I apologize. But this chapter was all about toddlers and since it’s pretty much the same thing, I wanted to have more to show instead of constant toddler spam. Even if it still is what it ends up to be, this is a dash through all toddlerhood. I would also like to announce that my Sims are up for adoption download on The Family Page. They are all young adults, so the current kids will be there when they hit that age.

To start in beauty, here is some toddler spam!
Dalyra, Dante and Daenerys, all sleeping peacefully. Ah, the quiet.

Of course it never lasts long…
Bobbi is enjoying parenthood and pregnancy. NOT!

At least there’s one who is one less bundle of constant need for socialization.
Calypso disapproves. The poor cats are getting less and less attention and its hard to fit them in.

Daenerys ages up to a toddler.
With a booger on her finger, and looks that scream Bobbi-Clone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

However, future sometimes holds surprises, I’m not giving up on you yet.

As little Daenerys is pushed into the process of learning, Grandma Bellatrix keeps a watchful eye on her.
Bellatrix: Come on you little scrub, I’m a relic and I have better balance!

Cole gets some time off of parenting duties to invest into his Lifetime Wish.
He also got a Chess Gazebo thingy.

His opponent is his uncle Bane.
Who should be an elder by now, but SP fails.

Uncle Bane lost.
Bane: Where’s the sign-up page for the Snowman club?

This guy is getting in other kinds of clubs.
Clyde. Flashing lights do not always mean bars and girls to score on…

Dalyra’s turn to shine some flashing lights.


Here she is! Dalyra rolled Angler to join Neurotic and Virtuoso.
She’s cute!

So is Daenerys, but it is impossible to capture. Instead she ends up looking like an ape.
Cole: Say like “Banaaaana!”

Moar cousins!

And moar pregnancies!
Told you sleeping around was bad.

Dalyra: Ew Grandpa, you stink!”
Don’t be mean, you stunk just a few days ago in your diapers.

Speaking of Grandpa, I have a promise to him to uphold.
He was able to complete his Lifetime Wish, therefore he derserves retirement, however stupid he might have been.

Baby time!
Cole: Hey honey, do you like, need help? No?

Dalyra panics while her father grabs the phone.
Cole: Hey Uncle Bane. Oh the sounds? Nothing, just like, my wife giving birth.

Bane: Shouldn’t you bring her to the hospital?
Cole: What if like, they give me a fish instead of my baby?

This little blue bundle is Damien. He is Artistic and Neurotic. He likes Violet, Country music and Veggie Burger.
Bobbi: Oh so now you’re going to sleep? Thanks for nothing…

She puts Damien in his crib and…
Oh crap!

Okay, this one is Drake. His favorites are Sea Foam, Firecracker Shrimp and DigiTunes. He is Disciplined and Grumpy.
Okay, twins.

You were really tired of being pregnant, were you Bobbi?

Little baby girl Daisha is a Brave Slob who likes Lime Green, Stir-Fry and Latin music.
You win Bobbi, you will not be pregnant again!

No more cribs, it was unplanned for.
Bah, the ground is good enough.

For the love of..!

Another boy!
Duncan Loves the Outdoors and is Athletic. He is into Turquoise, Hamburger and Chinese music. Infant-Toddler Hell has started.

Dalyra needs her bedtime story, but everyone is busy with the babies.
So yeah sure, Great-Grandma can spare some time out of her grave.

Oops, I forgot to give her a bed and bedroom.
Dante: This place is noisy, I’d rather be in Hell.

No trip to Hell for you.
You can just sleep on the floor, there aren’t enough cribs.

One of the cousins, forget which.
Trina (Had to check): So many weird sounds coming from in there.

Those sounds are the endless cries of babies and toddlers as Cole chains from one to another to keep them happy.
Cole: Just…one…like…more…

Thankfully, Bobbi helps a little.

Bobbi: There you go, Baby #39.
And by a little, I mean everyone in the house has not had a moment of rest.

Cassandra, wtf? How much of a bitch can you be to your bestfriend brother?
Besides, Bobbi is way too occupied.

Cole however has to deal with his sorrow by comforting his spawns.
Cole: Like…Can I sleep soon?

Dalyra: I wish.
Poor thing here has not had any shut-eye ever since she was a child, because no-one wants to read her a story, when they agree, they can’t make it because they pass out, need to pee or to it and it drops from the queue, or babies crying interupts them, or right as she falls asleep, more cries wake her up. *Sigh*

Those two are completely oblivious to their family’s doom.
Bellatrix: Lol, more grandkids would be great, right?

A very fat Clyde also thinks watching the stars under hail is a good idea.
Clyde: This be the alien base where me-sa was taken.

So much romantic made them boogie.
That’ll teach them not to be in the nursery.

Another one!
Geez Blake, calm your wrinkly balls!

Clyde has some serious bowel movements.
Bobbi: You’re not seriously bringing another “bundle of joy” into this equation?

Yes, yes he is.
This little greenling is Darielle. I had to think so hard for a name.

This is a very important picture.
Daenerys is potty trained, and that completes her toddler training. Only a million more to go.

While not specifically on the list of “how to raise your kids well”, having them sleep is a good way for them to succeed in school. I have Cole aim for them to have a least Bs.
Even if its in his bed and taking his spot.

Oh well, not like he ever has a moment to sleep anyway.
Cole: At least, the story did make her like, sleep.

Indeed it did.
She is so peacefully asleep. Will it last?

Daenerys: Dante, watchu doing?
Being peacefully alseep. Will it last?

Nope, nothing lasts.
Dalyra found her way to the bathroom, but couldn’t fall back asleep.

Bellatrix may not help much with the kids, but she keeps the fridge full, so at least Cole can grab a quick full meal before going back to his duties.
Bellatrix: Meh…

Hey, look at this, an infinity of cake to further full the fridge!
Many many cakes.

It’s the quadruplet’s birthday, as well as Dante’s (finally).
Bobbi: Here goes Baby #759.

You only have 7 kids.

Bobbi: Noted, thanks for the tip.

Cole brings Dante.
Dalyra: Someone to share my sleepless nights with?

You’ll see his makeover later. We got genes to meet.

First is Duncan.
Mother’s hair, father’s eyes, No idea about the face.

Bobbi: Now goes Baby #3
Number 3 would be Daenerys.

Bobbi: You expect me to remember their names?

It may not look like it, but she has Tonya’s eyes! Purple! You little cutie.

Bobbi: Bah, #7. Can’t be wrong, I know he’s at least one of the few lasts.
Fair enough.

I’ll just call him Damien, wether or not Bobbi likes it.
D is for Demon, there fore Damien crashed my game. Took me some time to realize it was the hairstyle I chose for him. I had to replay a couple of days.

Everything went the same except for this…
While Clyde still kept the baby.

This time around, it’s a he. AND I TRIED SO HARD TO FIND A NICE D FEMALE NAME! I liked Darielle ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Oh well, this time he is Daryl. He is Clumsy and Stupid (ouch) and like Lilac, Frog Legs and Epic music.

So since Damien was being a little bitch with his hair, I decided him and his brothers would all have the same hairstyle because three boys of three different hair colors. Spoiler? Oh well.
So there, Clyde’s hair (Or Dean’s?), Bobbi’s eyes, mixed face.

And finally, Drake.
Bobbi’s eyes, Tonya’s hair color. I know it is not Cole’s because of the roots.

Dante’s child makeover.
I’m happy with all the different genetics combinations, even if there aren’t many different unique looks.

Aaaaaand back to it.
Only one walker, otherwise too easy. We wouldn’t want to be easy on Cole, would we?

Drake experiences his inner drake instinct.
Drake: Grr.

While there are toddlers to be trained and be taken care of, what does Bobbi do?
Bobbi: Man, that chair looks comfy.

Dante: So, have you gotten to slumber?
Dalyra: Yeah, once.

Quite frankly, this toddler situation ruined those two’s childhood, making them completely uninteresting because all they did was try to get a bedtime story, never get one, try to sleep, be woken up, rinse, repeat. I got frustrated because how are they supposed to get a chance at heirship like that? So I got the “No Autonomous Ask for Bedtime Story” Mod after this chapter is over. Call me a cheater, I’m giving them a fairer chance.

This one though.
Joaquin. Barbara and Gobias’s son. What a wonderful mix.

Side view.
This is hilarious!

Oh yes!
Do have more!

Cole gets to relinquish his spot once more, even if the kids have their own bedrooms.
Bobbi: I can smell my death-obsessed son close.

At least you remember something about one of your kids.

Dean: Alien kid effect, am I right?
No, that’s the ghost effect.

Dean: Boat effect? Never knew Clyde had such bad seasickness.

Something else to get sick with! It’s Love Day!
Cole: Oh, I haven’t interacted with you for, like, a week!

So they did precisely what they did together a week ago.
Cole: We did, like, what spawned Duncan.

Bobbi: Yeah, that’s how- Who’s Duncan?

Gnome: They did it, I saw it!

Two of them spawned!
I never knew how to get those. Now that I do…they’re perverts.

Bellatrix really does NOT seem to enjoy grandkids.
Bellatrix: That’s not my idea of calm retirement.


We get a trick-or-treater. My simself’s daughter Kora.
Cole: Happy Love like Day!

It’s Daryl’s birthday!
Will he beat Barbara’s creepiness?

No, he will not.
While he has the skintone issue, the alien eyes helps him and he does not twist his head like he needs to be exorcised.

Cats. They still exist.
Barbossa: I’m stuck in the rug.

Oooh, sparkles!
Not so stuck now, are you?

Aaaw, little old kitty.
Barbossa: I’m stuck again.

See this?
This is a cute alien toddler.

And this, is a scary thing.
Cole: Hur hur, Duncan. Your training is done, like.

Here is Dalyra’s bedroom. With her soundly asleep.
Brown and Green to reflect her favorite color as well as Daisha, with whom she will share the room with in the future.

Dante is aslo asleep.
In his Hot Pink, Violet and Purple bedroom, that he will share with Daenerys and Damien.

But until then, the toddlers still share the nursery.
Drake: But this block is mine, I’m not sharing this block.

Toddler skilling goes up, while Cole’s needs go down.
Cole: Can’t you, like, age up already?

First day on the bus for Dante! Dalyra finally gets company.
Dante: Careful sister. This bus driver is a demon. Keep your arm straight and steady, and she will not see us.

Bellatrix is 90 days old, time to snap her things.

Bellatrix: Why, you invasive brat! Those are very private things, and you’re showing them to everyone?

Oh no! That’s why it said aging disabled!
Bellatrix: I will not take this. I’m leaving, pfft!

She is only too happy to go with Grimmy.
Bellatrix: Bah, take me away from those snotty kids and that like-child of mine, thank you kind sir!

Simultaneously, Bobbi’s father dies as well.
Making the Moonwisps rich.

That may be why she lost consciousness.
Drake: Ma?

This here, is a wonder of nature. This here, could have been the current torch-holder, had Bane won heirship. This is his eldest son Virgil, with who I will be leaving you with for tonight.
Virgil: What?

On a side note, just a reminder that The Family has some people up for download, if you would ever like one of the spare’s kids, you only need ask and I’ll fork them over.

Also, if anyone knows where Cassandra’s hair is from, I have lost the link and therefore she is the only one without it in the notes. Your help would be appreciated, as well as your thoughts on the kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Simming!


3 thoughts on “3.3- D is Number Four

  1. somebodysangel13

    OMG, the dreaded quad curse! That happened to me very recently, though my guys ended up with 9 kids child and under. And yes, it was an ISBI. Thank goodness for the moodlet manager (though I think it’s a bit cheaty, there was no other way to get all the toddlers trained up). Agree with you about ruining the older kids’ childhood, even though mine don’t always ask for stories (thank you, mods!), I wasn’t able to take pictures of them doing anything, since the camera always had to be on the toddlers.

    But hey, at least they’re cute, right? Good mix of genes we have going, and I love all the different hair colours. Really annoyed Daenerys is a clone, since I love the name so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      I thought the moodlet manager could only remove negative thing like the mourning moodlets and whatnot?
      I eventually got the mod for the stories, but its still a while, Dalyra won’t get any childhood. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Daenerys might not be a clone, she takes after her mom for sure, but we’ll see when she grows up. I thought Dalyra was a clone of Bellatrix but she’s not. ๐Ÿ˜›



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