3.2- Popping Out Potatoes

Hello again! I’ve been itching to write this chapter for so long, but life is hard when you play other games and you want to get ahead and you want everything to be perfect and have no-one fail anything. You know, everything not like playing the Sims.

Last time, Dalyra was born and aged into a toddler. This time, I don’t know, what would be the point of reading this if I told you right off the bat?

So unexpectedly, Cole teaches vital skills to Dalyra.
Too much cute in this interaction.

Being the only baby -not for long- Dalyra enjoys being the center of attention.
Living life like a Queen. Like a Toddler-Queen would, at least.

Clyde the family-oriented loves being a grandfather.
Clyde: That’s it, me-sa giving to you-sa title of most irresistibel. ❤

Probably the sweetest thing he has ever said to a woman.

On another hand, Barbara finally gives birth.
Can’t wait to see this hellish spawn.

This is errr… Trina… *checks notes that have no mention of her* Eeeerrr, yeah I think it’s Trina, Bruce’s daughter with Tori Kimura.
Got nothing on Regan, sorry.

That one is Kora, my simself’s daughter, who stopped going around in her alien form.
Might not look like it from this angle but she must have ran into a wall while young because her face is flat.

Enough with the spares and simselves, this is a legacy!
Bobbi: Can this please be the last one?

Cole has no idea how to go about this.
Cole: What if she like, explodes?

Geez Cole, way to comfort your wife in an important life event.
Bobbi however has so far not ever tried to wander off to hospital to give birth.

Bobbi: My diva body can’t be seen like this.
That and you’re a boss. The newest potato, who may or may not be the sacred potato relic, is Dante (and not Donte), a little Artistic boy who Loves the Heat, just to defy his father. His favourite color is Hot Pink and I don’t know the rest because my notebook page with the names is full and I was too lazy while playing to turn the page and note his existence down. >.>

You know, this is nice and all but spares could have been active at the same time as Bellatrix, would’ve been nice.
Meanwhile Cassandra is letting her eggs dry out, making it less possible for Clyde to see his wish of 10 grandchildren come true.

Clyde: Me-sa will die before that happens.
Are you sending me messages, Clyde? :/

What about you, Bellatrix? Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet?
Bellatrix: Nah, just lights in the sky. Need to get away from my stupid shit-talking son once in a while.

Bobbi is pregnant again and can’t contain her joy.
Bobbi: Aw man, how did that happen? All Cole and I did was *censored* and then *censored* and he even *censored* me a little. That’s not how babies happen. …Right?

I’m sure you’re right Bobbi, I’m sure you’re right.

Cole could care less about his wife’s pregnancy because he has a new opponent.
Miss McScrub: I heard the rodent is the jury. Your jury is sleeping, how does that count?

Zeus rigged the game again, most likely.
Cole: Don’t you underestimate Zeus’s ability to judge, like.

Forcely-Retired from the Chess Club, she goes out, in quest for a new skill to master.
McScrub: There’s snowman club now, right?

McScrub: Or I could be their maid? Learn how that vermine does it…
Not going to happen. They can’t afford a maid anyway, as fancy and big as the house might look.

Cole isn’t losing time and chains his matches, under Zeus’s watchful eye.
OldiePants: This piece of shit? Doesn’t impress me.

Cole lost.

Another one!
Meh, they’re uninteresting until they can move their spare ass to some family parties anyway.

It’s winter time in Sunset Valley!
Dean: That’s weird, I’m in my swimsuit and I can’t feel the cold.

That’s because you’re a ghost.

Dean: I am not a goat, what nonsense are you talking about?

Since our torchholder loves the cold, I simply cannot miss the Winter Festival.
He is the only one at ease with the idea, despite the lack of benches to sit on.

Bellatrix: You little shit, why were you born boring?

This, boring? Just look at him go!
Screenshot-170 Screenshot-171
He’s good at it too.

Pregnant Bobbi can’t do much at the festival, being encumbered and all.
Bobbi: Guess I better show off my snowman building skillset. There, one ball is enough.

Bellatrix, at ease as an acrobat, finds the skating ring to be less of her element.
Bellatrix: Juggling with knives and torches feels so much safer, can we go home?


Oh Zeus, you were Cole’s only hope.

Or was he?
Cole: You old piece of like-shit, this is what happens when you badmouth my womrat.

The old piece of like-shit is henceforth kicked from Chess club and must find a new aspiration.
Oldiepants: I heard there’s a snowman club. Where do I sign up?

Bellatrix: That’ll be 2$ for information.

Mooches. >.>

Now that Dalyra is fully trained, she  gets to have real quality time with her father.
“…and that is how Zeus the Womrat battled off hordes of scrawny wrinkled harpies.”

Where’s your “like”?

Cole: It’s like a STORY, okay? It’s some serious business!

You know what is serious business? Your ignored son’s birthday.
Bobbi: Hey, macarena!

Dante!!! He is a cutie and a decent mix. Bobbi’s ears and nose (I think), Cole’s hair, Clyde’s eyes.
Dante: What are you looking at? Get out of my face.

And his mother’s temper?

Bobbi: There can only be one Diva.
Are you ready for this song?

It goes like this;
“Uooohh, iiiaaah, hmmmm, gnnnn, ooff ooff”

There, again, without any hospital prompt, or any witness for that matter.
This pink potato is Daenerys. She is Easily Impressed and Perceptive. What an odd mix. Her favorite color is purple and I still haven’t turned the page so you don’t get anything more.

So many kids around, time to plop them in the walker and playpen for some contention learning.
Dante: What sorcery is this? I come to vanquish all evil and this? This trap will never stop me!

While Dante struggles for his life, Cole joins Dalyra who found the xylophone.
Dalyre: Why does he want me to hit that note? That would sound wrong.

Family is invited for some important bonding.
Bane: Don’t try to hide, twin brother, I see you in the distance!

Instead of hiding or setting things on fire, Bruce chooses to indulge his virtuoso side probably for the first time in his life.

It’s a gift-giving party, and the pile has never been so big with how large the family is getting. You may now view just how much that is on the extended family tree under The Family tab.
Though not everyone is invited or shows up, but we still get a party crasher, Roy something, possibly the last family to not have any ties to the Moonwisp’s.

Bobbi has a lukewarm reaction to her gift.
Bobbi: It’s a pregnancy test…

Highlight of the party was never meant to be the gifts.
Blake: Oh no, rodent I never knew, how we will miss you!

Easy to see who cares more about gifts than about poor unknown creatures.
Roy: Hey, there’s a baby crying.

Barbara: This party is awesome, there’s a baby crying.

Dante, on the other hand, finds the strenght to pull of a smile.
Dante: Yes, that is indeed a potion of strenght that will keep me from burning as I walk in the Heat of Hell.

He might not be officially your boyfriend, but he is officially your baby daddy.

Selling all the Christmas gifts (yes, horrible person I am), I find this in the family inventory.
Clyde is the only klepto in the family. Stealing from the thieves too. I’m…proud.

Cole has a lot less pride for his son.
Cole: Like, you’re dressed like a clown.

Dante: You’re a clown!

This is the part where I realize the house is too big and that it needs an expansion for a nursery. Makes no sense, I know, just less empty space in general, but still a new room.
The room that one can only enter but never leaves (especially not burritos and toddlers).

Dante: I am being possessed by a dollhouse, bring forth the holy bulldozer!

While the dollhouse demon still lives, Cole resumes teaching Dante about life. More or less…
Cole: Like, Death.

Dante: Yes, I like Death, Protector.

Bobbi has a favourite.
This was a cute enough burrito moment that it deserved to be documented, I swear.

Hmmm…So Duane is family, but not Family family, so it’s not incest, right?
Duane is Liza French’s half-brother, who herself is Bane’s girlfriend. So no actual blood-link. Sure it’s dating the sibling of your…aunt-in-law? but it is not incest. She’s fine, you go Regan!

Some oldie that was kicked from the Chess Club started an igloo in protest but never finished it.
Cole completes it with a smile on his cold outdoorsy face.

And it begins…
Bellatrix: What? I just worked out, I deserve a break to stare into oblivion.

Other reason to look into empty space: Being pregnant.
Bobbi: Getting tired of this.

Are you sure about this?

This is where it ends for now! What do you think? Should Bobbi stay pregnant until she expires or should she get a chance to ever get a day at work and help get some money into the legacy (cause kids will need bedrooms >.>)



2 thoughts on “3.2- Popping Out Potatoes

  1. somebodysangel13

    OMG, Dante (not, Donte, lmao, nice touch) is so adorable, love the pointy ears! But then we have Dany the Mother of Dragons…she may just be my fave already, purely due to the name 🙂

    Funny how all Cole’s chess opponents are oldies; maybe coz they’ve had longer to build their logic skill?


    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Usually after their game I get a popup saying that “Oldie X” has just learned the logic skill. >.>
      Also I did not pick Daenerys for that, I don’t watch GoT so I did not know XD



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