3.4- Potato Invasion

An update! Fancy!
Last time, Cole died under many toddlers. He didn’t actually die, but life was hard.

As I load my game to see how far he can survive, I notice this.
Duncan and Daenerys brain-eating gleefully.

In hopes of stopping such cannibalistic behaviour, Cole orders a birthday upon Daenerys.
Bobbi: If it isn’t my little uh….D-something…D’s birthday!

Daenerys is excited, and very impressed with herself.
Hopefully she grows cuter.

Daenerys rolls Excitable to join Easily Impressed and Perceptive.
Daenerys: Dinosaurs, they’re like dragons, and they’re exciting.

Probably, but there are still toddlers ruining everyone’s life.
Like Daisha, who is perplexed at the peg box.

And Damien, who very much likes his toy horse.
Damien: This is my demon horse.

Um, okay?

Clyde: Oh gawd, please make it stop.
Dante: I beg of you, Ancient, tell me of the story of the Styx.

Meanwhile Cole is in his usual corner, in front of the potty.
Staring blankly into his empty life.

And having his birthday, because there is no time to walk to a cake and blow candles when you have toddlers to take care of.
Woot, in a stinky puddle, all alone in the bathroom.

Daenerys found him and gave him company, along with Drake.
Oh no, we don’t have time for this!

Cole: What did you expect? I, like, can’t possibly feel accomplished when I’m near death everyday and not getting any closer to my REAL goal in life.
Daenerys: Toot! Hehe!

Calypso too is getting older.
Calypso: Oh, now you see me!

Aaw, she’s an adorable old kitty.
Calypso: Leave me, now. Others require your attention.

Such as Bobbi, who is growing older on the sidewalk as soon as she gets out of her job.
No fair! I had planned a cake but her work schedule sucks!

Bobbi: All those Ds made me fat. *Midlife Crisis*
Oh come on, you didn’t even change.

Daenerys is out of the crib but she keeps sticking her nose in the nursery. I bet she misses it.
Daenerys: I just hate my brother. He sucks.

Dalyra knows to stay out of this demonic place and enjoys time with the cats instead.
Except Calypso is only a tiny bit disturbing.

Calypso: Just making sure she’s not wearing diapers anymore.

Witness this.
All of them, soundly asleep.

Even Drake, whose turn it is to sleep on the ground.
Surrounded by puddles and dirty toilets.

This gives a special opportunity. Sleep-time for Cole!
Dante: I’m watching.

RING RING, it’s only an hour later!
It’s time for Duncan & Mr. Crocodile to enlighten your day!

It’s also a special day for Dalyra. It’s her birthday! Yes, pumping the birthdays, get used to it, there’s 8 kids arounds.
She was on her way to the cake, but decided to keep her distance, just in case.

She was a cutie, sadly under-shown due TO TODDLER-HELL!

She is now Neurotic, Virtuoso, Angler and Excitable.
Dalyra: Not bad, eh?

No, no bad at all, you metal-eyed bomb.
Not a clone, as far as I can tell, though comparison with Bellatrix is necessary.

Bellatrix, before her eyes changed from green to grey-ish;
They undeniably are similar, but the nose seems different to me.

As seen from Bellatrix’s nose from the front;
Gah, it’s still a stretch! Might be a clone 😦

But then she pulls faces like this.
Yes yes, we’ll keep you.

Her first action is slightly less adorable.
Dalyra: Gramps, you’re dumb!

Clyde: But, but, interconnected brains and stuff.

Cole is still dedicating his every living hour to his kids.
There’s always more to train, will he keep his promise to fully train all toddlers?

Or will he end up in the family mausoleum before his time?
Mausoleum that was never shown, so there it is, with Dean’s grave on the left.

The entrance.
With stairs spiraling down.

Into a dark crypt.

This place is reserved to the heir only, while spares and spouses will reside on the surface.
For now, only Aurora and Bellatrix rest here, in identical little cubicles.

Daryl is the last toddler in need of training in this place.
He might not be of Cole, but his imposed challenge is to train all toddlers in this house.

So being fully trained gives Cole  a bit of a break -at least from the kids- and they get to do whatever.
Damien, for instance, likes to think of himself as a scientist by pushing blocks around.

Pop-ups from the simselves house means easy zoom-in stalk peek.
This is my simselve’s daughter Kora, who sucks at trick-or-treating. She a’ight.

This is Christy. This is Samali’s daughter she had with Xander Clavell.
She is a cutie and hopefully she groes up more like her mother than her father.

Speaking of Samali…
You know, there are a ton of fine townies out there, Samali…

Bobbi: I got abducted.
Meh, who cares, you’re not  a man.

Cole can certainly not care because he’s busy on his challenge.
Teaching Dalyra how to drive sure is more relaxing than teaching toddlers anything.

Another some-degree cousin.
Literally putting the notes here so I know when to add them to the family tree. Blake’s pants are on fire, however.

Is Clyde being a useful grandfather taking care of the kids?
No, Clyde is being a useful scrub playing with the cats and keeping them from being taken.

There is more need for toddler-care There’s still Daryl since it’s the quadruplets birthday.
Drake goes first.

Stop laughing, you’re grumpy.
And disciplined, you’re supposed to sternly hate everyone.

Drake rolled Brave to join his holy combo.

Next up is Duncan.
You know how to me turquoise is a bluish green but the Sims game shows it as a greenish blue, has me confused on how to color Duncan’s clothes.

Duncan twirls and twirls his athletic self.
Until he sparkles.

And he rolls Eco-Friendly which joins Athletic and Loves the Outdoors.
Those are big ears, Environment activist.

Then goes Damien.
Cole: Like, why are all my kids hungry?

The family cares, but only so much as to stick themselves through a wall.
Poor Damien.

Candle blowing time!
Damien: You ass, why are you blowing for me?

Thankfully, despite Cole’s plans to try and age up on us and be done with this life as soon as possible, Damien is the one to end up derping.
Must be his neurotic side shining through.

Damien rolls Cat person to go with Artistic and Neurotic.
So what do you like about cats, Damien?

Damien: They have a link to Hell.

Um, okay.

And finally, Daisha.
Daisha: Ladies last, I see how it is!

She goes none-the-less.

She rolls Bookworm to go with Brave and Slob.
She looks a lot like child Bobbi, but kids all look the same anyway.

Damien: Give me back my freaking make-over!

That’s if for now, which one is your favorite kid so far?
Next up, Dante becomes a teen, Cole is fabulous, and a pool party!



2 thoughts on “3.4- Potato Invasion

  1. somebodysangel13

    Tough choice for my fave D at the moment. I do love Drake/Damien’s eyes, and Dalrya is gorgeous. Do you use MasterController? There are settings where you can set the sliders to numerical, so you can see who is a clone. Though maybe that’s just for the OCD among us, who want to know all the genetics. It is more fun just to watch the faces 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      I do have MC 😮 I never thought of looking at the numbers to make sure. I’ll have to do that. Because Dalyra is indeed gorgeous but so many people look like Bellatrix its hard to know.



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