3.5- Pot A Toe

Hello, another update! Almost caught up to my ingame events! This time, as promised, there will be stuff.

Such stuff includes Cole blabbering to his eldest daughter.
Cole: Like, say “pancake”, Paaaaaancaaaake.

Dalyra takes none of that treatment and retreats outside to do her homework.
Dalyra: Stupid nut got his brain cracked from so much toddler training….Uh…how do you spell pancake?

Dante decided he should ask Joaquin how to spell pancake.
Joaaaaaquin, the perfect embodiment of genetic engineering success.

Finally, Cole completes the toddler intensive training camp.
Cole: That’s right, like, hehe, how you say pancake, hehe.

Bellatrix shows up as is her custom every evening.
This nursery will soon officially become the ghost hangout area.

The catacombs get an update.
Aurora gets a bookcase and balls. Baaaaallls.

Bellatrix gets a tribute to her acrobat life.
Yes, I cheated to get the statue, and I wouldnt count points for it if I was.

Daenerys: I hereby declare that cheating on the account of ghosts is bad.
Barbossa: Yes, my Queen. As regent, I shall make sure this statement is applied thoroughly.

Nothing will ever be as thorough as the toddler’s tradition to birthday while starving.
Cole: I can, like, see the light!

Good job on surviving.
Cole: You better congratulate me, you monster.

Dante: Wee, smell my armpit!
Daryl looks exactly the same as a child and rolls Photographer’s eye to go along with Stupid and Clumsy. …

Why the clouds, Daryl?

Daryl: Uh? I come from sky!


Cole might be done with the human seeds nurturing, but he now has a garden to grow.
Cole: This is, like, my secret garden.

Time to try out the pool, in case it’s a fire hazard.
Cole: ?

And he goes.
Cole: Goodbye, cruel world. LIIIIIIKE!

Cole: Oh I’m like still here. Guess the pool is safe.
Yes it is, and no quitting yet, because you still have to teach all those scrubs to drive once they are of age.

This one is of age and came back home with Dalyra.
Jerald. The boy that looks like a vampire but that isn’t.

Along with him, an army also came back.
Daenerys: And I lead them all.

Speaking of leading, Cole now has time to try to become the very best.
No, he is not venturing into Sunset Valley to catch some Pokémon, he is only trying to get better at chess.

Woman-Whose-Name-I-Forgot: Your garbage stinks, take it out once in a while.

Cole took it personnal and made it his responsability to challenge her to a dual.
Cole: Like, my garbage IS out.

He won.
She does not enjoy him mocking her brain issues.

However Cole has a nightly routine to keep up.
Which includes collecting the gem that always falls down on the same spot on the lot.

The kids nightly routine is made of singing to imaginary friends.
Duncan: Lalalala. Environment, lalala!

I swear the quadruplets each have one. Can’t play with eachother, nope, gotta have an IF.
Daisha: Lalala, ketchup stain in an adventure book!

In the middle of the night, Cole wants a makeover.
Cole: What do you mean, the salon is closed? Pfft, I’ll, like, do it myself.

Here is a picture spam demonstrating how Cole does look good in every single hairstyle I can try to put on him to make him look odd.

Screenshot-383 Screenshot-384 Screenshot-385 Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387 Screenshot-388 Screenshot-389
He’s so fabulous. He did not change his hairstyle, after all it’s his couple hairstyle, he only changed his pyjamas.

Wait, is that incest?
Wait, let me recap. Mortimer’s mom, Cornelia, is Bobbi’s great-aunt. That makes her…Regan’s something-in-law. So no, she’s fine. Phew. It’s getting hard to know what is fine and what is not.

It simply means it will be hard for the heir and spares to find love without being incestuous.
That is what Dante is thinking right before blowing his candles.

He embarks on a new stage of life full of hopes though.
Dante: Of course, duh. I just need to rescue my love from Hell.

Right, well, Hellraider gets Savvy Sculptor to help him on his journey.
Dante: I will sculpt my ennemies lives off of their body.

Cole? I thought you didn’t change your hairstyle?
Cole: I didn’t. This is my bathtub haircut. I’m still fabulous, like.

Clyde still believes himself to be irresistible.
Clyde: Me-sa crotch glowing because me-sa eternally faithful to dead wife.

Daryl: Cake-time.

Clyde: Wait…
Daryl: Uh, cake?

The kids all arrive to cry their grandpa’s death.
Aurora: Aw man, making you faint won’t be as funny.

Daryl: Cake.

Clyde begs for his life.
Clyde: Me-sa grandkids need me!

Daryl: Found cake.

Despite this heartbreaking scene, Grimmy decided it was time for Clyde.
He joins Dean on the lawn of spouses and spares.

And Bellatrix appears.
Heartbroken by her husband’s death. Wtf Bellatrix?

To change her mind, Dalyra goes for a drive with Cole.
Deer: Jesus, learn how to drive!

That’s what she’s doing.

Cousin Joaquin is a teenager.
Words can’t describe.

Cole cures the teens out of mourning.
Dante: Teen? I was going for the costume chest, dang it.

Bellatrix is still the homecook.
Bobbi: Oh Clyde, this toy oven reminds me of you!

And this is Duncan. Duncan is watching over the wild from this chair.
This is Duncan’s idea of a pool party.

Duncan: Pools waste water!

Dante has a better idea of a pool party.
Day-dreaming on his floating mattress.

Dante: Better cool myself off before heading to Hell.

Of course the simselves are invited. Except Samali’s clothes and hair changed.
Samali: I will beat you with my umbrella!

See how you feel now? Much better.
Samali: I will still beat you with my umbrella.

This guy is a party crasher.
This guy is the Grim Reaper. This guy is glitched as hell.

Newest addition to the Simselves is Jenn. Jenn’s clothes were also messed up so I improvised.
Here she is, drinking to her immortality.

And then heartfarting on Ty.
Jenn: I’d tap that, oh yis.

I don’t care, just go make some babies.
Jenn: What?

That’s right. Simselves will not marry into the legacy, but their kids might. Running out of options here.
Samali: Don’t you dare touch my little Christy, or I’ll beat you with my umbrella.

Daenerys is the first to jump in.
She made it okay, except for her body distorting painfully.

Cole gets to know Samali while his own sister takes a picture of the famous chess-player.
Jerald was also invited.

Samali can’t resist asking for an autograph.
At least she’s not threatening to shove her umbrella up his butt.

Samali: That’s because we both like green.
Cole: Reassuring, like.

Dalyra found the burgers. Ain’t no good pool parties without burgers.

Dante found his best friend…
Dante: I’d really like some babies, you know what I mean?

Grimmy-the-Glitchy: No. Is that a drug?

On this happy note I leave you. Next time, prom, some chess nonsense, Cole remembers he has a wife, and many teen birthdays!
Until next time, happy simming!


4 thoughts on “3.5- Pot A Toe

  1. somebodysangel13

    Wow, you were not kidding about Cole looking good in all the hairstyles. I like that last one the best, the faux hawk.

    Aw, nice to see my simself again; I have to get better at inviting fewer people to parties, so we can actually focus on some of the guests. And lol at glichy grim! Is that CC hair with his robe?


  2. Jenn

    Oh wow. Sim!Me hardly ever gets use, so it was a very nice surprise to see her! Thanks 😀
    That Grim, lol! You might want to try and delete him so the game can give you a (hopefully) fixed version. I once had the glitch where he showed up in his university robe…talk about creepy.

    The kids are so great.

    Liked by 1 person


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