3.1- Old Shwarts and Younger Ones

Why hello young lady! Here, have some candies, red ones are the best hehehe.

Because lets face it, only someone high could enjoy a ride with the Moonwisp, especially since Cole is driving this train into a potato. Last time he got married to Bobbi, who is also on a quest for the lost potato artifact.

So far, the closest thing they have to a potato is this brownish spotted cat.
Calypso: Woe is me, I gotta pee!

Ever since the new save file, the spares have been conceiving at an alarming rate, giving tons of cousins to Cole, as well as tying about everyone to the family tree. I will post a link to that one those screenshots are caught up to my gameplay.

Bobbi will never accomplish her LTW but at least she touches the piano.
Which also means I immediately made her join the Music Career because why not. She’s a Diva.

Cole can work on his LTW and not have a job because I imposed a challenge for him: All of his kids must “Age well” at every generation.
Bellatrix: Pfft, why couldn’t I have this challenge? Two kids would have been easy.

Who settles for easy these days anyway?

Taking care of those pets isn’t easy either, unless you have Clyde.
Clyde: Oh, Zeus, you-sa the best!

On the other hand, Samali is getting closer to being the best…at Kama Simtra.
With who though? WHO?

However it’s not Samali but Cole who is responsible for that one’s pain.
Bobbi: But…my diva bod-blghrrghg.

Diva body is better than Coward mind.
Aurora: Can’t beat level 156 of Candy Crush, damn it!

Yet another cousin.

If a Diva is pregnant, at least she’s going to look good while she’s at it.
Bobbi: You call this looking good?

I could just put you in some skimpy mismatched underwear CC.

Bobbi: Nevermind… I look great.

Cole always thinks you look great and keeps rolling romantic stuff, so shush.
Cole: Aw yeah! Like, yeah, that HUG!

Your face says it all, don’t worry. >.>

This one just says CAKE!
Ah, Bellatrix, welcome to an age where the game thinks you’re older than all your siblings by a ton.

Bellatrix: Bah, being old isn’t so bad.
Skinny as ever.

Still reading the same old book.
Bellatrix: I failed somewhere in this guy’s education.

Bobbi, on the other hand, self-educates and now plays two instruments.
Bobbi: Got to get ahead in my job somehow.

Cole’s time to get ahead in his LTW is here and it’s against Ethan Bunch (who should have been removed because he’s actually Bobbi’s grand-uncle on her mother’s side)
Ethan: Don’t you pull the invisible trick on me!

If he would just look to the side a bit.
Cole: I can like, beat him from my bed while sleeping I’m sure.

Guitars. Always the same story.
Bellatrix: So…Should we go to bed anytime soon?

Clyde: Nah. Needs are for chumps-sa.

A bit later, Bobbi’s own needs are depleted.
Bobbi: I’m giving birth, you twit, and waiting for someone to care.

Sorry honey, Cole is busy having a real match with Ethan.
Ethan: I hear your wife giving birth, wanna quit?

Cole: No, like, she’ll be fine.

Indeed she will, she’s even having a blast.
Woot, giving birth, pleasure4lyfe.

Bobbi: Meh, like a boss.
Yes, yes. This is Dalyra Moonwisp. She rolled Neurotic and Virtuoso. I don’t remember her favorites except for her favorite color, Spice Brown like Bellatrix.

Awaited cousins, more or less.
Hehehe Barbara… Can’t wait to see this baby of the apocalypse.

Cole loves his Bobbi.
Bobbi doesn’t give a damn. Bobbi is a Diva. She’s just hoping for the lost potato.

Spooky day! It’s a feast party because Cole isn’t cool enough to want to throw a costume party.
Bruce: I threw a costume party bt I had to come here instead.

Your parties end up in flame.

My son is here.
Being a terrible gene blend and stuff.

Taking pictures of barely celebrities people.
Willie: Taking pictures of Cole before it’s cool, yo.

Samali is there too, wondering if she should even bother or just go back home and read a book as usual.
That’s also my simselve’s daughter. I was always told I was an alien, I guess it was true.

Ethan decided he might as well stay for all the free food.
Ethan: I got kicked from the Chess club, I should get into competitive eating I guess.

Tonight is also birthday night for Clyde.

Old fart.
Your smile is upside down.

Clyde: Me-sa not irresistibel. Ladies-sa won’t like me-sa anymore.

You’re married Clyde. Leave Bobbi and the others alone.
Clyde: Lolz, Me-sa’s got the charmz.

Cole loves his Bobbi still, even with a baggy belly and stretch marks everywhere.
Cole: As long as I can like, Woohoo, I don’t care.

Jeez, give the poor woman a break!
Cole: FINE, I’ll pick up some slimy bugs, like.

She’s still already having contractions without even being pregnant.
No, nevermind, it’s the chili.

Since Bobbi is off limits, Cole has to work on his chess rank against Victoria Andrews.
Zeus: That’s a win.

Victoria: We didn’t even start.

Zeus: Shut up, I’m the judge. It’s a win.

That gives time for Cole to move up some more.
Victoria: It’s rigged Sir, the guinea pig is the referee.

On another kind of ranked game, Samali got another RI.

Bobbi: I’m pregnant again, how did this happen?
Didn’t your parents teach you?

Bobbi: What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing anyway?
Didn’t your parents teach you?

Don’t mind Bobbi switching her clothes every pictures, she’s just throwing a fit over being pregnant again.
But hey, third picture ever of Dalyra and she’s already at her birthday. Not my fault, all female babies give me that crazy hair glitch where I can’t have my camera close to them…

Dalyra, post-makeover.
Daddy’s hair, Bellatrix’s eyes, can’t tell for the rest because I suck at this. XD More Cole than Bobbi for sure.

That’s it for now! Next, will Cole leave Bobbi’s womb alone? Will the next baby eat everyone alive? I don’t know, time will tell!


5 thoughts on “3.1- Old Shwarts and Younger Ones

  1. somebodysangel13

    LMAO, my simself is awesome in your game. Though Xander Clavell? You can do so much better, self!

    Dalrya is an awesome name, and she’s so adorable! Though it doesn’t look like much of Bobbi is in her, hopefully the next one has more. Would love for one of the kids to have those pretty green eyes!


    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      For a second I wondered if I mistyped Dalyra for the whole chapter of if you did and had me re-read all of it. XD
      Clavell has commitment issues, it shouldn’t last long 😛



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