3.0- Of Cats and Potatoes

This is it! The start of generation 3! First of all I would like to apologize for how long it has taken me, but University required my attention, but most importantly, I finally got a video card!! It took some time to make it work, but this legacy can finally get off integrated graphics and into the world of lag-free joy.


Before we start and reveal the new heir, here is some quite accurate way to describe this legacy it seems…

Last time, as soon as Cole aged to young adult, Clyde rolled this.
While Bellatrix’s favorite is Cassandra and wants to see her become a scientist.

However who cares about the parents’ favorites when you have readers and a poll?
Winner is Cole, he got 100% of the votes, you little twit, stop making faces.

Besides, you get the joys of tab cast skilling. It ain’t so bad after all.Screenshot-60
Cole: So Mom, what are you going to, like, do now?

Bellatrix: Just read this book about the improper use of the word “like”.

She also found the joy of forcing her husband into slavery working out.Screenshot-61
Poor sod can never escape.

New incoming cousin, though quite late!

Cassandra: Hey so when do I get to move out to get a chance at life?Screenshot-62 In a bit. There is stuff to do first.

Such as bringing Bobbi into the picture.Screenshot-63
Or at the back of the house in this case.

Cole: I like, like you.
Bellatrix: I HEARD THAT!!

It’s not safe anywhere Cole, might as well forget words.Screenshot-67
Cole: Copy that.

Bobbi: Who are you talking t-hmgphjghfacemunch.

While Cole prepares a meal for his date, Clyde decides to chat with Bobbi.Screenshot-68
Chatting obviously means getting his irresistible arsenal out.

You stupid rat! This is your son’s girlfriend, the future of this legacy!Screenshot-71
She’s not any better! You two are lucky you’re not celebrities or Bellatrix would hear of that. Does that ring any bell, Clyde?

Clyde: Still got it, aw yis.

It did not escalate further since Prince Charming had to wee and Bobbi needed to express herself.Screenshot-72
Bobbi: …and then he put the potato chip in his mouth and it was EATEN!

Meanwhile, her date cooks the meal of the century, mac and cheese.
Not sure it will win over Bobbi’s picky face but Cole can’t do better.

Important question.
Gorgeous is awesome.

Not the idea I had of a date night but okay.
Cole: It’s like, my first date, don’t be so judgemental!

With Dean gone, aliens find new people to have dates with.
Happily it did not interrupt anything important this time.

Samali got a job!
And her boss is Clyde. Since when is he so important?

Calypso: In the papers it says he’s only level 3 of his career, so hell if I know.
Thanks for the heads up.

Regan as a romantic interest, the one who would have been Cassandra’s.
Oh well.

Barbossa has got some moves.

Back from graduation, Cole invites his graduated girlfriend home to try to woo her some more.
She plays hard to get (actually her bar just goes up super slow) but she sucks at it.

Might as well immortalize their graduation day.
Maybe this legacy will start having souvenir and stuff.

Cassandra, on the other hand, spends her graduation day wondering about life.
Cassandra: Life is like a window. It’s uh…I didn’t come up with more yet.

Dean came out today, to have a drink in the hot tub.
He also remembered he has a foot, despite being a ghost.

In the same room we have Bellatrix’s bed.
However this is not Bellatrix and Clyde.

You go, Cole. Woohoo in your parents’ bed and THEN ask for her hand.
Cole: Will you float away on a giant potato chip with me?

Bobbi sees only the ring.
Bobbi: I gotta say, I do love potato chips. (That means she said yes)

Since Cole keeps rolling easy Bobbi wishes, here they are, right before their wedding.
Ah, wedding party, the ultimate test to see how the game runs.

But right before, it might be nice to inform your mom, you inconsiderate bag of…potatoes.
Cole: I’m getting married in about five seconds, hence the cake and my outfit, and I would, *cough*like*cough*, like you to be there.

Of course the whole extended family was invited, as well as the simselves.
A bunch of people who are apparently related also showed up (Like Zelda and Tori, who are BOTH Bruce’s romantic interests).

Cassandra prefers to keep to herself because cats are way more fun.
Yet it’s Cole who is the Loner.

The time has come!
No-one found seats but it’s okay, they’re all there!

Hur hur, Cole.
Bobbi has pointy ears, as you can see here.

Dean: Can’t believe I lived long enough to witness my grandson’s wedding. *sob*

Bruce…good Lord, why do you always have to be such a creep?
Planning Scott’s (Bobbi’s father) death, most likely.

Everyone else seems mildly excited about it.
Except for ready-to-pop Marianne (Blake’s new wife) who cries over a wedding of people she doesn’t know.

Nevermind, just mimicking her love. Cassandra is still longing for cats.
Wait a second… I SEE YOU SAMALI! That’s right, you in the corner grabbing a book, not giving a damn!

Aaaand there she goes.
Cole: I don’t have time for this, there’s a cake to cut.

Cole: Shall we proceed? This cake looks excellent!
Samali: But there’s someone GIVING BIRTH.

Oh, now you care.

Salomé: Yay, cake time (Yeah that would be me alright >.>)

So there’s the cousin.

That whole birth situation made a bunch of people leave, but there’s still enough to hit it off on the dance floor.
Or be disturbed by cats, if your name is Cassandra.

Wedding is over, time to say goodbye to the eccentric cat-lady.
Cole will miss his sister, but he only needs to look at his mother to see her sweet face…

Bobbi is enjoying her wedding night the usual way by wooh…what are you doing?
Bobbi: It’s Ancient Potato Chips History, can’t miss it. Besides, party is over.

In theory, party is not over because Celina (Bobbi’s sister) is still stuck there.
The family’s newest statue addition.

Amongst the cake and the vows and the babies popping around, the kittens aged up.
Polka is anow a disproportionate slim cat.

And Tango is a sleepy bulky one.
Turns out they are not pure black in the end. They moved out with Cassandra, but Barbossa and Calypso remain.

Okay, NOW party is over and it’s time for some conclusion to this wedding night.
Cole: That’s right, you know what’s coming.

How about you help you wife out of her dress first? I hear some of them are hard to undo.

Bobbi: So…I woke up in new clothes with a new haircut…WHICH IS MY HUSBAND’S!
Sorry honey, couldn’t resist (not on all outfits though). So, Bobbi Vaughan (now Moonwisp) apparently Can’t Stand Art, is Clumsy, a Couch Potato like her husband, though is a Diva at the same time and is Shy. Her favorites are French Music, Hamburger and Lime Green (This family and the green). Her Lifetime Wish is Blog Artist.

This is it! The Moonwisps are back. They will be idiots, they will fail hard, they will want your comments!


2 thoughts on “3.0- Of Cats and Potatoes

  1. somebodysangel13

    Lmao, love the search term. Man, WP comes up with some random stuff, doesn’t it?

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attraction rating other than 1 or 10 – what settings do you use to get that? Bobbi is really cute, I’d totally rate her 8/10! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the nooboos look like.

    Wow, my simself went into the Criminal track? I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her do that. Normally she does Science or Medicine. Your game is fun! But LMAO, getting a book at a party sounds about right 🙂


    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      It’s not Criminal, it’s Art Apraiser. 😛 Everyone in my game seems to want to take that job and have Clyde as boss. Either way, your simself is hilarious but so hard to befriend because she stucks her face in a book and leaves as soon as you pull her out of it.
      My settings are the default ones, so I’m not sure how it works either.

      Liked by 1 person


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