Choose your F

Here is the heir poll for the F kids, the horsemen of the apocalypse. They each have an assigned horse. Remember they all have the same LTW, which is The Jockey.

First is Flemeth, the White Rider.

Conquest is a ghost horse and is a close as we get to white.

Traits: Loves the Cold, Grumpy, Sailor, Hopeless Romantic, Cat Person.
Favorites: Chinese, Firecracker Tofu, Irish Green.

Then Fiora, the Red Rider.

This one was easy. Note that Ruin is also a ghost, just without the shader.

Traits: Artistic, Disciplined, Genius, Nurturing, Childish.
Favorites: Rap, Spaghetti, Red.

Fenris, the Black Rider.

Torment is a unicorn.

Traits: Perceptive, Slob, Heavy Sleeper, Flirty, Evil.
Favorites: Beach Party, Grilled Salmon, Spice Brown.

Lastly, Finnick the Pale Rider.

With Despair the unicorn.

Traits: Disciplined, Loner, Eccentric, Vegetarian, Computer Whiz.
Favorites: Egyptian, Egg Rolls, Spiceberry.

Here you go, take your pick. You’ll have at least until the end of this month to decide so we’ll start New Year with the F you chose. So until then, happy simming and happy holidays!

Choose your favorite here!

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