5.9- Machinations

Last time, the kids aged to teens, the horses got their foals and I don’t think much else happened.

Ethan immediately gets started on teaching the teens to drive.

He starts with Flemeth.

The horses are staying on the main lot for as long as the foals are young.

That way, people can bottle-feed them and help the mommies get a rest. (Horses are a major pain to take care of, always in a loop for their needs, barely any downtime until you get Lifetime Rewards that help…)

Finnick has taken up the Martial Arts skill but is interrupted by Eve.

Eve: You used to be in here. Right heeeeeere! *shrieks*

Fenris and Fiora fight over the bathroom.

Fenris: Wait, what’s wrong with Mom?
Fiora: She’s been freaking out over being the one to carry us and not Dad.

And Nova is being a cute kitty.

She’s practicing her hunting skill.

Flemeth is done learning how to drive.

So it’s Fenris’s turn.

Off they go, running into the fields, singing songs and such.

Ethan: Lalala, says I.
Fenris: What?

Nova is starting to realize her adopting family is a little bit crazy on the edges.

Nova: They’re almost all aliens. They better not probe me.

When everyone is at school and working, she goes outside.

She’s on the prowl for fish.



She won, obviously.

Nova: Why of course. I am the hunter, everything else is prey.

Finnick is being extra nostalgic over the toy oven –that he never used.

Conquest invades human space with his ghostliness.

But of course Eclipse takes the cake, as the king of douches he is.

Really not where he belongs.

Fiora and Fenris goof around outside.

Fenris: Ba harmy putar? Glarch!
Fiora: Hahaha, good one!

Fiora autonomously feeds Ruin.

This allows Asteroid to keep grooming Comet and fulfill a wish.

Oddly enough, it’s Despair’s birthday.

Despair: Why am I aging up first? I wasn’t born first. What does life even mean anymore?

So there, he’s all grown up now.

Despair: But I’m hungry.
Comet: Now you get to feed yourself.

Quality time between the torch-holder and his wife.

Eve: Ready to watch Breaking Good?
Ethan: Sure, let me just set this podcast to learn logic at the same time.

Fiora is lazily kicking the training dummy.

Reminder: Both her and Finnick have the Disciplined trait, which is why they’re autonomously picking up the skill.

It’s Ruin’s turn to age up!

Torment: I was born first, what the heck?

Conquest came right after.

Conquest: Have I conquered your heart?

And finally Torment.

Conquest: I still prefer myself.

Fiora went home with Elliot today.

Though nobody was actually home so she just did her homework outside.

She then had a nap.

Most houses in the world are from Pralinesim on TSR.

Eventually Elvis came home but he was not amused.

Elvis: Where the hell is that bratty alien?

Some other relevant people are up to things in town.

Damian Blue is a sim created by Ms Blue on TSR.

Jenn had her first kid.

Technically a Moonwisp cousin.

Elika snatched another Blue.

We’ll see if she produces real cousins.

With about a bazillion horses on the lot, more people are lured outside.

And yes, Gan still exists outside of the rocking chair sometimes.

Finnick chooses to restore his brain power rather than sleep.

He also chooses to do it on Flemeth’s bed rather than his own.

Luckily Flemeth is busy outside and won’t need her bed anytime soon.

Ethan has been asking the kids their gender preferences in a partner. They’re all straight.

Fenris the slob taking a bath.

Fenris: Gotta get clean before going out.

That is because Ethan took them to the Fall Festival – and then wandered around gathering collectables.

So much for getting clean. At least he won the pie eating contest.

All Fiora did was nap on a bench.

And they say Fenris is the Heavy Sleeper.

Finnick quickly came home and grilled some hot dogs.

Finnick: Seriously, why bother going out to have fun when we have everything here?

Ethan’s scavenging took him to the ranch, where the garden was all ripe for the picking.

Ethan: Don’t mind if I do.

Most of what he gathered, he planted for the home garden.

Ethan: More than just potatoes. Premium granola material right here.

Ruin is NOT happy with the non-premium food the humans get.

Ruin: How dare he feed us heaven but give burnt crumbs to his kids?

Flemeth and Fenris are having a secret meeting in the garage.

Flemeth: That’s the plan then?
Fenris: Yeah, just need to get the others on board too.

Fenris tried to convince Fiora of whatever their machinations are.

Fiora: Bad timing, I really just want to pee.

And Finnick is too busy breaking board to…get on board.

Finnick: Those foam boards don’t stand a chance. Not a chance!

He earned a new belt.

His dedication is admirable for an idiot.

Sims care so much more about horses than their own kids when left on autonomous actions.

Torment: I’m not exactly impressed by those brushing techniques, lady.

However there is one thing sim and horse have in common.

They don’t get along with Gan.

Only Nova can get along with him.

Nova: I am HUNGRY. WHERE is my servant?

Eve, as per her usual habit, broke something.

For once, it wasn’t the TV, but Ethan is still the one that has to fix it.

The kids went to prom. Here are the highlights:

  • Fenris had a great time and started having strong feelings for Mildred (Until now I thought that was usually a boy’s name).
  • Fenris asked the most popular guy out, who walked away laughing. Fenris is straight, and just found a girlfriend. Must be drunk.
  • Finnick saw someone else wearing the same tuxedo. Except he went in his outerwear
  • Finnick wanted to take out his aggression on a classmate but got his ass handed over to him. So much for all the martial arts training.
  • He was challenged to a dance battle and won. The loser tried to fight him but this time Finnick showed him who’s boss.
  • Fiora wanted to ask her crush out but her showed up with a date.
  • She charmed a buy called Austin.
  • Flemeth saw someone else wearing the same dress.
  • Someone stepped on her foot so she beat them up.
  • She was voted Prom Queen.

Also, Flemeth and Fenris made it to Honour Roll!

The two others have Bs.

Eve finished a painting and it was hung on the wall.

The hall is slowly becoming less boring.

Let it be known the reason she found the easel is because she broke the TV again.

At this point, Ethan has 8-9 points in handiness, if it isn’t maxed already.

After painting, Eve found the dart board.

Eve: This is as close as I get to probing.

Well she’s not very good at it.

Eve: That explains why Ethan probed my instead…

Gan literally waits for the kids to come home from school to pick at them.

Fiora: How about you fix your work outfit before you call me green?
Gan: …It’s no fun wearing my stupid hat ever since Dalyra passed…

Ethan and Eve have some fun in the shower.

Ethan: That’s not how it works, love.

Finnick is still persevering.

At this rate, he’ll be a black belt before he even becomes an adult.

Wild horses are wildly swarming the lot to come drink.

All the ponds must be frozen.

That morning, Gan woke up feeling glittery for the first time in his life.

Gan: Is that a spider on the ceiling?

Most of the family flocks to the scene.

Ethan: Why does nobody get that there’s nothing to be sad about?

As Ethan watched with exasperation at his kids, Gan shook hands with Grimmy.

Gan: Welp, time to be told that’s what I get for wearing a stupid hat. Finally.

Even when the deed was done, people kept crying over it.

Ethan: You guys are wimps, I’ll go read my book where it’s quiet.

Flemeth tried to make her father understand.

Flemeth: Just because you don’t think it’s sad doesn’t mean others can’t or shouldn’t.

Ignoring her complaints, he zapped everyone out of their mourning.

Constant crying is killer on ISBIs. It’s all they do.

Then he was back to work.

Upgrading most of the plumbing so that it self-cleans and saves him time in the future.

Woops, the clothes washer broke.

Just another thing to add to his to-do list.

Ethan fixes it in typical Moonwisp fashion.

Whatever works.

He then had a chat with Flemeth over breakfast.

Ethan: I thought about what you told me yesterday. It’s garbage.

After a satisfying day of doing nothing but things that needed to be done, he napped on his bed.

That’s the life.

Poor Nova had a mishap.

She must have been reacting to dirty plates for too long.

Fiora had another kind of mishap.

Crashed right out of school.

Eve, on the other hand, met major success.

There, good job Eve, you get to retire when you hit Elderhood.

As for Eclipse, he had his kind of success when it comes to being a total dumbass.

Eclipse: Somewhere over the rainbow. And stuff. Ladies love it.

Simselves invited Ethan to a party.

This is their house. Pretty with lights.

However, nobody was home but one of the kids and a dog…

Ethan justifyingly thinks it’s a boring party.

Eventually he was let in by Ty.

Ethan: So where’s the party at?
Ty: What party?

In a corner of the house stood Damian Blue.

Samali’s boyfriend.

He didn’t resemble the TSR version for whatever reason so he was fixed a little.

Imports anyway.

Since there was nothing else to see there, the Moonwisps headed back home.

Fiora did her homework in everybody’s favorite room. Flemeth’s bedroom.

So Flemeth herself just sat in the garden, annoyed.

Flemeth: How is one supposed to sleep?

Fenris is doing his science homework.

Fenris: Why do you need to eat? I don’t see a stomach in there…

And Finnick does what he always does.

He is a green belt now.

Also, Finnick, putting on glasses just to get a nerdy look doesn’t make you nerdy.

Finnick: Got me to break those boards though.

Having a nice cleansing bath after exercise always feels good.

Finnick: Life is so full of mysteries.

Well mysteries will have to solve themselves because Finnick and his siblings have a birthday party to attend to. Their own!

Finnick: Shouldn’t we wait for Fenris?
Fiora: Meh.

The girls go regardless of their brother being late.

Fiora makes a secret wish.

Flemeth sparkles.

Ethan: Wait, my kids are going to be grown-ups?

For a guy who disregards death as something major, he sure seems to mind aging.

Ethan: Omg I’m getting old. Hahaha yay birthday!

Fenris finally makes it.

Just as Flemeth finishes sparkling.

Finnick did blow his candles eventually.

Finnick: Fenris is there, it’s time.

Flemeth first. All F kids have the same LTW. The Jockey. Got to put those horses to use.

She rolled Cat Person, to go along with Loves the Cold, Grumpy, Sailor and Hopeless Romantic.

Fenris is next despite being late. Notice how Fiora is still a teen in the background…

He got Evil, to be added to Perceptive, Slob, Heavy Sleeper and Flirty.

Fiora stopped being stuck shortly after.

She is now Artistic, Disciplined, Genius, Nurturing and now Childish.

And finally Finnick. Newly Computer Whiz, added to his  Disciplined, Loner, Eccentric and Vegetarian self.

Finnick: The Apocalypse has begun.
Eve: Toot!

Which means Ethan’s time as heir is over.

Ethan: Now what?

Now? A last town update before the end.

Of course I’d match myself with an alien…

And now, NOW it’s the end. Of the WORLD. Or you know, of this generation. Which means that the heir poll should be there soon. Watch for it when it comes, and choose your Horseman.

4 thoughts on “5.9- Machinations

  1. somebodysangel13

    Yay, go Simself, getting married! Normally she pops out endless kids without marrying.

    The kids are very entertaining, always doing something different! I do enjoy watching other people play with pets, the horses shall be fun next generation.

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