2.7- Safe and Sound

Why Sound? What is the meaning of this treachery?

So the Moonwisps are back, and lets talk about what was lost.

We lost the prom pictures, the upcoming prom, the fish Poseidon. I have moved townies in this new Sunset Valley. For example, the Bachelor and Landgraab families were removed to be replaced by their adult offsprings. I kept all the townies who had not have a chance to procreate. The spares are safe, so are the simselves.

This is their rebuilt home. If you see similarities, it’s because the plan of the previous one was drawn.
Bigger therefore emptier, the Moonwisps are left with 2$ after filling the cat bowls.

Tried to make it look somewhat similar.
However the family gets a separate classy dining room.

First things, Bellatrix asks her kids important things.
Screenshot-5.2 Screenshot-5.3
Noted, won’t force anything on anyone 😀

Cole enters the new house and surprisingly plops his potato in front of the chess table in front of the TV.
Cole: Like, won’t white team move?

Bruce took no time to find new love.
Screenshot-7.1 Screenshot-7.2
Blake’s girlfriend made the trip and they celebrate by getting married.

At home, Bellatrix finally snuggles in her bed with Clyde, in a lag-free world.
In her brown and orange bedroom, which makes Clyde happy that his color is finally represented.

Cassandra gets her own bedroom.
Pure purple and free of her brother.

With a corner for one lucky cat.
Everyone slumbers.

Cole gets an Irish Green icy bedroom.
Looks fine. Note the return of the 0$ flooring…

Free of lag means Sims don’t just stand there for hours on end.
Clyde finally shows how “irresistibel” he is.

His face rather says he’s completely demented.
Hey at least Bellatrix seems to be excessively seduced by that.

Like, really excited.
She just lost the very little brain she had.

Barbossa: I am hungry, I cannot find my way in this house. Feed me.
Cat requiring attention while making the bed? Sounds about right.

Samali got a Romantic Interest!
Best choice in town. >.>

Now that Bellatrix completed her Lifetime Wish, she can do whatever she likes.
Such as skinny dipping in her bedroom hot tub while alone at home. Living wild, Bellatrix.

However, since Dean never quite used it, why now have Bellatrix pick up alchemy?
Probably won’t get far since there’s only a few days until her kids become young adults.

Speaking of which, Cole was invited to Bobbi’s house after school.
Is homework really the best way to woo her?

Cassandra: Totally would be for me!
Cassandra went to her cousin Regan’s after school for a homework session.

Bellatrix is up to mixing potions!
Go little genius!

So apparently homework really IS the way to go.
Bobbi: Ugh, art sucks!

Then he rolls this.
Homework night  is a date night.

Come on Cole, think of something to say, you nut-head!
Cole: Uh….Uuuuuhhhh, you’re art and you don’t suck ?!

Better than nothing I guess.

He had to hurry back home after homework…
Because it’s Cassandra’s birthday!

Simselves are invited!
What’s that face? You have chocolate gnomes, you should be happy!

Testing the game with as many people as were known, still no significant lag or issues, yay.
What is Regan laughing at?

And where is Mommy during this celebration?
Not the cause of baby, only the cause of alchemy. So she doesn’t like it. 😐

Samali brings food too. And Clyde just stares creepily.
But where’s Jared hm?

One of the cats: Hey, waffles!

Cassandra locked in Brooding, to complete her Eccentric, Friendly, Cat-Loving, Irresistible personnality.
She gets to keep similar everyday clothing because it’s still very fitting, but with a more…Brooding Eccentric hairstyle? o.O

All the cake is GONE!
This is a legacy first, no cake leftovers!

Simselves reading together.
What support, what friendship. Such a party!

Since Bobbi was also invited, Bellatrix convinces her son to talk to her (even if they’re already friends).
Cole: But Mom, I stink!

He’s right, an anyway she left before he got  a chance to do it.

Focus of the night…
When I moved the family in this save, I had to have Dean and Aurora alive and kill them again… Poor guys. Bellatrix cured them with the moodlet manager (Generosity of Clyde’s Lifetime Wish Happiness Points).

Party is over, food was unpopular.
Even Barbossa didn’t nibble.

Dean is haunting!
First time ghosts didn’t just read of play video games.

Here’s a look at Cassandra’s cute sleepwear.
Cassandra: Oh yes, CAT!

I see I see, tell me what I see.
I see a faceclone with a different skintone!

Apparently Bruce didn’t have enough with Zelda and needed another woman.
As long as he’s happy.

Tiny party with the family, Bane and Liza.
Why a party? Just had enough money for a stereo (tiny one on the floor behind Cassandra).

Cole is no party guy.
He prefers to remind himself of Bobbi by doing his homework.

Bruce is quite quick. Typical sims, meet>friend>girlfriend all in one night.
Screenshot-45.1 Screenshot-46.1
Barbara, hehehe, Gobias Koffi. I knew you’d end up with a peculiar one.

As usual, Cassandra gets smothered by cats.
So much cute though.

At night, when the living sleeps (or not), the dead rise.
Aurora: Hey, where are my Balls books?

Sorry, they didn’t make the trip 😦

When morning comes, the living awakens…
Only to be abused by their dead mother-in-law.

Aurora: Hehehe.
Whoe knew you were so sadistic? I SEE THAT SMILE!

Everytime Bellatrix visits the Simselves, she shows off her mooch trait. She got 11$, because that’s “a lot of Simoleons”.

Here is my simself’s second child, Kora.
Seems like the same gene combo as the first one.

Thanks for taking care of my demon child, Sam! No wonder you still haven’t had time for your own. >.>
Poor thing is ignored by her parents.

That’s right, another birthday.
Cole: “Before, crossing the street, always look left, then right, –”

“OMG, what’s happening?”
Bellatrix hates that she had to leave the Simselve’s house and their nice pool.

It’s the least she could do for her handsome son.
He likes his young adult self.

Clyde immediately rolls this.
How come Cassandra didn’t get none of this???

Cole rolled (because he had badass grades -though not honor roll badass-) Loner, to join Loves the Cold, Loves the Outdoors, Couch Potato and Flirty. Interesting combination.
Makes for an interesting look. Cole can rock any hairstyle and having dark circles under his eyes from too much TV doesn’t take anything away from him.

Here we go, we have our young adults, which means that the poll is coming very very soon (time for me to create the post)!

What do you think, yay or nay?


2 thoughts on “2.7- Safe and Sound

  1. somebodysangel13

    Lol, it’s always fun watching the simselves interact with active sims. I guess it makes sense for those of us who play to not be into partying? At least yours is reproducing, mine seems to be slow in that regard.

    Yay, new YAs! They’re both so pretty, going to be an interesting poll.

    Liked by 1 person


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