2.6- A Love Day Feast

Another Moonwisp update!

Last time, Clyde asked for a divorce because of Bellatrix’s flirt, so let’s pick up right there.

Smooth recovery fixes it pretty quick.
Bellatrix: Sorry I was practicing charisma while you were angry…

They then watch the stars together.
Bellatrix: I found one!

Clyde: Found a what?

Bellatrix: A star. Right there!

Clyde: Oh, you-sa! *face-munch*
And their relationship was back to normal.

Not so much for Bruce’s long-lasting marriage.
That’s sad, but at least Regan came out of it.

Acrobat time!
It gets creepy at times.

Always less creepy than that one as a toddler, however.

She’s quite the pretty alien.

Bane, what?
I thought you had a Mercedes?

Either way, Melodie looks alright.
Possibly push a baby out of her?

Back home, the Moonwisp family gets an upgraded TV to please Cole the Couch Potato.
Get him to learn how to cook while he’s at it.

Cassandra: Why watch TV when you have me?
That’s a good point.

*Gets ignored*
Cole: I’m da shit when it comes to video games, Pa. Like, I played once.

Count the cats! You might miss one (Answer: There’s two).
I chose to control the kitties since it gives me something to do while Bellatrix is busy and because it’s my legacy, so ha!

Barbossa: Damn you stink, girl!
Calypso: Is that really how you bond with others, you nuthead? Want a piece of me?

Cole likes to help around in the house.
Cole: Hey there ladies, any of you want a garbage bag?

Dean comes out to interact with his grandchildren.
Cassandra: Can I plant flowers on your tomb?

After Cole has a drink, Bellatrix teaches him how to drive.
Cole: But Mom, I wanna kiss a snowflake.

Barbossa, what have you done???
Don’t act so innocent, Calypso needs a rest!

And a therapy!
Calypso: I kid you not, it’s true.

Poseidon: He did what?

While het gets to boast about it.
Barbossa: And then I went *paw paw*

Soap bottle: *gasp*

Bane, calm down!
That’s his third romantic interest since Sandi French.

In the hopes of kicking some life into Cole, Bellatrix trains him ferociously.
Bellatrix: Wanna get the girls? Well girls won’t fall for your potato chips, no young man!

Bellatrix: Get them abs and stuff!
Cole’s only motivation other than weather and TV luckily has to do with legacy stuff. One training session gave him a whole three points! He also rolled the Master Acrobat LTW, but no.

Clyde: Me-sa never got potty-trained.
…This happened because of a game problemed explained at the end of the post.

Bellatrix is showing off her athletic body again.
This time no kids or anyone around for that matter, at least.

Celebrity is high, Bellatrix gets to ride in her own limo.
Considering they have the Motive Mobile, I hate the limo.

Cole brought a pal home. Julius Hood-Sekemoto.
He has interesting genes.

But then this happened… Bobbi is the Vaughan girl, obviously.
-_- Bellatrix made them just friends using the Social Networking skill. Not cheating, part of the game.

She also achieved this!
Getting closer!

Clyde still paints from time to time.
Always unworthy stuff of course.

There’s a prom night coming around so let’s check what the teens might end up declaring their love to.
This special-looking girl.

Bobbi Vaughan.
She’s reaally pretty.

This guy.
He’s alright. Then there’s Regan sucking everyone’s eyes off of him, so.

And well, not going to be at prom, but here’s Willie Voguish.
Willie: Why do my dumb parents send me to school on bike when I live so far?

Calypso: I’ve got kids too.
Yes you do, and sadly they both have their daddy’s coat.

Meet Tango (Male, Genius and Friendly) and Polka (Female, Friendly and Lazy).
Onwards they embark on a grand journey to conquer the world.

This world starting at conquering the heart of the local cat-lady.
Cassandra: Cats. Yay. Love ’em.

Yet again, Bellatrix goes on an amazing show with her new and unproper acrobat suit.
Sadly that show was branded poor quality because she only performed one action. (Explained problem at the end -_-)

Back home, the quickest way to ascend the acrobat ladder at this point is to master athletic.
And that big smile is a sign of success. Bellatrix has completed her Lifetime Wish to become a Master Acrobat!

Just in time for Love Day where she can take a break and celebrate with Clyde. This here is morning and not evening.
And that’s about all they did because of problem below -_-

Cole: Ooooo, it’s Love Daaaaay! It makes me want to roll in haaaaaay!
Cassandra: You don’t have a girlfriend. I wish something would happen to me for Love Day.

Wish granted.
She said yes of course! (But said prom never happened because, yeah you get it, something’s going to break.)

For Love Day, Bruce invites the whole family to a party.
Who throws parties for Valentine’s Day? Right, Bruce is single and lonely now.

He tries to invite Bellatrix inside.
Bruce: Sis’, you’re in the way for me to get to you.

Clyde however found the mechanical bull and is having a blast.
Holding with your hands would work best.

Told ya.
He was still overly happy with it.

Cassandra, on her hand, found the trampoline.

Blake found love on Love Day.
Not an oldie! Yay.

Speaking of Love Day matches, Bellatrix has one to make.
Hehehe. Bane is the cop, and that girl is Liza French. He can forget his other Romantic Interests and go foward with her, hopefully.

Cole is sad because nothing love related happened to him on this day, despite his wish to flirt.
Cole: Guess I’ll just do my homework instead of enjoying the party. *sigh*

Buying lifetime rewards for Clyde, he gets enough influence with all three social groups and fulfills his own Lifetime Wish!
Yay, congratulations on having a wish I could fulfill for you.

Celebrate a little?
Instead he decided to design some fashion.

On which we have no choice but to conclude this chapter. The game, at this point (actually since Clyde pee’d himself in the garden), is completely unplayable. It took Bellatrix 5 sim-hours to cook a meal and eat it. That made it two actions a day. Idiots would not do anything on their own when at home, until they pee’d themselves, passed out or really needed to eat. It was terrible to watch and play, I couldn’t fix it. Tried many things.

Don’t worry, the legacy is NOT over. Next chapter, they will be starting fresh in a new game, and I will tell you of the very little things we will have lost.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time! In a lag-free world where people do lots of stuff! 😀


2 thoughts on “2.6- A Love Day Feast

  1. somebodysangel13

    I don’t think Barbara is an alien; she doesn’t have the alien black eyes, just the eye shape. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have alien powers.

    Ugh, so annoying when the game gets all laggy on you – hope the new save works out! I’m trying to fix my BISBI at the moment, that save won’t load. The Rourkes are fine, just this one save that’s broken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Which is weird for Barbara considering she’s a first generation alien. I guess all that probing at poor Dean made him not so fertile when it comes to alien powers.
      So far my new save works alright, I get some slight choppiness which makes me panic at the thought of it getting bad again XD



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