2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?

Welcome back simmers! You know what? Let’s get to business.

Last time, Bellatrix aged into an adult and started a midlife crisis, made it to L7 of her Acrobat career. This time, stuff!

Like Bellatrix’s FIRST Midlife crisis wish, to flirt with that old guy.
Bellatrix has weird taste, but it’s just a flirt, right?

Back home, Barbara is in her formalwear for whatever reason.
At least we get to see it since she preferred going to prom in her alien suit.

Turns out this “little flirt” is not making Clyde quite happy. Forgot words get around quick when you’re a celebrity.
Betrayed moodlet makes it impossible to make it right, even when Bellatrix tries to apologize.

He’ll still dance with his wife though.
Aw Clyde, I feel so bad for you. But it was never going to get any further (remember who’s in control).

Maybe after the dance Bellatrix can fix things?

Clyde: Me-sa tired of you-sa sh*t !

Turned down violently, Bellatrix turns to unconditional love and bonds with the cat.
She grooms him before they set out on a date.

Date which takes place in the front yard.
They play around for hours.

Then Bellatrix makes a move.
Success! Bellatrix and Barbossa are now BFFs.

But Bellatrix requires some human interaction, so she’s off to Liza’s place.
In her work outfit that really doesn’t suit her.

There, all better!
Actually trying to make her a friend to introduce her to Bane. >.>

Pan to Barbara (and hungry Cole) who stayed in front of the school all night.
It’s her birthday!

She rolls Ambitious!
So lucky she grew into her looks.

Hum…Hello baby?
This is the family’s new paparazzi, now sure why it’s never the same. She’s gorgeous.

Teens have to cook, fridge ran out.
Mmmm, waffles.

Since Clyde is still acting sour, Bellatrix heads over to the Simselves’ house to befriend Samali.
She does not give many fucks and had to leave soon after. 😦

However here is Willy Voguish, my simself’s offspring.
He’s alright.

Except, you know, when he shows he shares my blood.
Why do some toddlers do that?

Last one I saw that did that was Barbara.
I had growned attached to her creepiness. But she is moving out. Go out there and extend the alien gene, even though you don’t have alien powers yourself…You were a wonderful teen, did all your homework, never pranked anyone.

Cassandra, on the other hand…
Loves to prank her father.

Clyde: EEEEK!
Coward. Wait, he IS a coward.

On a quest to find which couch Cole ploped unto, I find myself in a face full of familiar faces.
Well, not that one, but that’s one disgusted look.

Maybe it runs in the family?
That’s her father, Scott Vaughan, which could have been Bellatrix’s spouse had Clyde not been handsome as well.

He’s married to Tonya Crumplebottom-Bunch, who I was also stalking and wanted to match with one of the boys.
It HAS to be a family expression at this point.

She was saved at least?
I don’t know her name, but I’ll keep an eye on this Vaughan offspring… She’s already Cole’s friend.

Regan: Hey Daddy! Daaaaaadddy! I’m a teen now!
Bruce: I see that, wanna start fires with me then?

Regan, I checked her traits, she is Athletic, Easily Impressed, Good and Innapropriate. She just turned into a teenager and already got a point in Invention (I had a notification).
She looks as fresh as a rose covered in dewdrops.

Meanwhile we get this.
Trying the Vaughan style, Cassandra?

Still rejected by her husband, Bellatrix has to sleep on the couch with her BFF.
Barbossa: Naw man, something stinks, I’m outta here.

Next morning, Bellatrix makes an important phone call.
Cole: Mom, we’re out of potato chips. I wanna sit outside and watch the grass grow and wish it was snow.

She does not get potato chips, but she cleans her BFF (he was the one who stunk)
Best relationship ever.

It’s morning, but Dean wants to come out anyway.
Dean: Lol, yolo.

You’re dead.

Dean: … yodo?

Though Clyde saw him, he surprisingly did not pass out.
Feeling too betrayed, most likely.

On Bellatrix’s next show, look who’s here.
Blake and his suggar-mammy (back on the sidewalk).

Blake: Oh, it’s Bellatrix’s show? I’m leaving then.
Blake: Can’t be linked with the like sof her. Pfft.


The proprietor asks for an autograph. That’s good.
Even if it considerably slowed her to the stage because everyone in the room wanted to take a picture or get an autograph.

FINALLY, after a day of waiting, Bellatrix’s important call bears fruit.
A companion for Barbossa. This is Calypso. She is Lazy. That’s it? Yes. Pets in this game don’t know how to Trait.

And well, Calypso doesn’t know how to contain her enthusiasm either.
Calypso: Ermahgerd, cat-boner!

To make up for such horror, we are blessed by the rose of this legacy.
Don’t mind Calypso’s foot in the background, she’s still very excited.

With reason, because it’s Cole’s birthday.
All the kids he knew were invited, for potential options, and because kids birthdays need kids. So there’s the Vaughan girl, this guy.

This girl in the background.
Not bad, checked her lineage because I thought she might be the cousin of the Vaughan, but no, she has no parents. Aaaw, how sad 😦

Finally this other girl.
Very face one but has nice eyes and maybe she’ll be more interesting older.

Cole: Why do I have to jump? I just want to sit, god damnit!
Regan: I look good.

Clyde came home just in time for some extatic cheering.
Cole locked in Flirty, to go along with Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Cold and Couch Potato.

This happened.
Regan: Omg, my celeb auntie with a radio-active dishwasher puddle! *click*

Birthday party Sim activity.
Homework. This teen girl actually came home with Cassandra.

Cole: I’m wasted, maaan.
You didn’t have anything. Too much energy spent for a Couch Potato, perhaps?

So Clyde rolled this. No Clyde.
Even if yes, you still have two days of betrayal moodlet in which you refuse to interact with her.

So much that she turns all her attention to her newfound love.
Barbossa. Please don’t eat the fish and please bond with the other cat.

Clyde prefers to interact with the easel to paint horrible things that were already done by Blake in the past when he THAUGHT he had a hard life.
Please produce something nice to hang on the walls one day?

He is interupted by his son who requires some manly attention. (And you can see him without his tuque, he’s cuter that way, but Loves the Cold). Maybe a Clyde faceclone?
Cole: Dad, like, hi.

Clyde: …

After Dean’s inability to sink, here’s Barbossa’s inability to sleep.
There’s only about ten better places to sleep.

Cassandra has been skulking in her bedroom, doing homework.
Such a worried face.

While Cole has breakfast with his mother.
Cole: So, uh, wassup?

Bellatrix: Your dad hates me.

Cole: That’s cool.

Peek at the spares lives.
Blake loses his sugar-momma. Well, good for you, snob!

Regan takes Diamond for a ride, supervised by her mom and Barbara.
She has such an interesting teen life.

Riding in the moonlight.
On her star-dusted steed (Her dad’s horse that Bane bonded with more, actually).

And unlike what Cole thinks, that is not cool.

As soon as they are both home, Clyde pours his rage out on Bellatrix.
Clyde: Me-sa is IRRESISTIBEL and CHARISMATIC. How you-sa dare cheat on me-sa?

Calypso: Oh Lord, can’t I eat in peace, for God’s sake?


There it it. Will Bellatrix’s marriage be fixed? Will Calypso kill them both? Will Cole find his long-lost Potato Chips? Find out in the next chapter!


2 thoughts on “2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?

  1. somebodysangel13

    Ugh, I hate that betrayed moodlet, so hard to fix! Hopefully Bella will find the time to sort it out. Can’t have our beloved TH staying divorced after one single flirt!

    Not sure if the kids are clones…but they’re cute anyway. And hey, at least Cole isn’t a clone of Bella, that way the family genetics will change, somewhat.

    Liked by 1 person


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