2.4- Typical Legacy Style

Another update, yes! Last time, babies aged, and Bellatrix became a bit more awesome at her job, thanks to people dying at her show.

So we start this update with…

Dean’s farewell. 😦


Quite literally as soon as Bellatrix’s last show ended, Dean woke up to expire.

Abducted 7 times or more (I did not document all of them), he “gifted” us with the most terrifying toddler in the whole Sim-world, who luckily grew out of it.


Grimmy: Aw man…wrong side?

Err, what in the world, Aurora?


She wished this upon his death, and it makes no sense. o.O

Barbara is the only one at the scene.


Her only known parent dies, and it breaks her heart 😦

Since I missed Dean’s, I quickly snap Aurora’s Lifetime Happiness points.


Dean died at age 90 (which is why I did not expect it), with between 75,000 and 150,000 Lifetime Happiness points, and at Level 7 of the Teacher’s Career. Not bad for an Idiot who never came close to completing his lifetime wish!

Barbossa takes out his sorrow on this poor innocent newspaper.


Even though he barely knew Dean. Barbossa, I mean, not the newspaper.

In an effort to make everyone a little bit happier, let’s throw a party for Bellatrix’s birthday!


And look who’s invited!

Tyrrel: Hey!

Not you…Getting in the way, seriously…

I meant her!


Samali, the author of the Rourke Epic Legacy, who had the courage to give me her simself!

Quick, Bellatrix, introduce yourself!


Salomé: Hey, look, looooook, I’m pregnant.

Tried to give Samali the closest hair to what she should have, hope you like it!

This is the dog that the simselves adopted.


So cute!

Time for Bellatrix to enter mature adulthood!


If she is over growing up yet and allows it.

So far so good.


Randi: Cole is crying!

Tyrrel: Cole is crying.


Samali: Meh, Cole is crying.

Did not change much, as usual.


Bellatrix: Hey, not too bad. *Midlife Crisis*

Randi: Hey, Cole is crying.

Tyrrel: Where’s Cole? He’s crying.

Clyde: Hmm, me-sa son cryin’

Here’s Cole…NOT CRYING!


But possibly requiring attention for he’s attempting to merge with the xylophone.

Invited to the party but never bothered to go to the kitchen until cake was served is Regan, Cassandra and Cole’s cousin.


She’s lovely.



Little kitty begging for attention.

Cassandra begs for attention too.


Barbara happily obliges. (By the way, despite being a first generation alien, Barbara does not have alien powers)

Clyde: NOW, me-sa son is cryin’!


Clyde: And me-sa hates he-sa!

Parenting skills? I thought this guy was family-oriented.

Time to calm down and get a change of clothes, Aurora comes to punish Clyde’s bad attitude.


Aurora, you always had peculiar faces.

Just a day after her spouse, the legacy’s founder’s lifespark extinguishes.


And somehow that gave permission to a random townie to crash in and participate in the mourning…

This poor poor unfortunate townie.


Can’t remember which family she’s from. Crumplebottom I think.

Aurora begs for her life.


Aurora: All I got to do was parent and write about balls, in a tiny shit house!

But Grimmy doesn’t want to hear it, and Aurora’s tomb is set next to Dean’s next to the top part of the pond.


Aurora’s says “She liked balls.” and Dean’s “Please don’t abduct the grave.”

Aurora died at age 93, with 172,352 Lifetime Happiness Points. She achieved her Lifetime Wish, made it to Level 7 of the Writer’s Career. She had 9 points in writing, and a bunch of scattered points.

Annnnnd Clyde is a coward.


Barbossa: Dude, someone just died! No time for a nap!

On “happier” news, my simself gave birth.


And of course they couldn’t even choose a horrible name.

Okay, Bane takes the trophy of disappointment on this one.


He got himself a Mercedes…I mean an elder girlfriend.

Here she is. That sure is the old Mercedes model, huehue.


Hey there Bruce, only sucessful spare that has a girlfriend, a daughter and a job.

The morning following Aurora’s death, I find this bird in Bellatrix’s inventory.


We name him Hercules. But our previous bird, Pandora, is nowhere to be found. (I’m guessing she was in Aurora’s inventory when she died and upon passing to next of kin, changed species and size of bird…)

But it’s double birthday time!


For eldest kid Cassandra.


Who will hopefully differ from her mother.

And tiny cutey Cole.


Who will hopefully remain a cutey.

Cassandra’s twirl


Aw, so cute even if she’s possibly a face-clone.

This guy is an ultimate heart-breaker though!


Except maybe in this picture.

Cassandra after her makeover!


She locked Irresistible (like her father), to go along with Eccentric, Friendly and Cat Person. She’s adorable (like her mom >.>).

Cole continues the Moonwisp tradition of aging into female hair.


It almost suits him.

After his makeover.


Cole rolls Couch Potato, to join Loves the Cold and Loves the Outdoors. So…he likes to sit around on a bench at the park in winter…

Bellatrix wants to teach Cassandra to drive, and she wants to learn, so let’s get it going!


Bellatrix: My hand broke like this because of a bad driver.

Bad motivational?


Cassandra: OMG Mom! You suck!

Bellatrix took it very personally and goes to cry on her mother’s shoulder.


Bellatrix: My daughter hates me, how did you make me love you? *sob*

Really just lowering the effect of the mourning moodlet. >.>

However, the time has come… *Start sad music*


The time to make this bed, one last final time.

And move on to happy days!


Like the days where Papaya (the gnome) finally moved for the first time, only to sit his fat bottom in the middle of the living room, never to move again.

Cassandra, however, hardly knows joy, she has many moodswings.


Cassandra: I salute thee, cake. You shall serve the worthy purpose of drowning my emotions in sweetness.

After she was done eating her emotions, Cassandra finally accepted to learn how to drive.


Need to give a better look to that car, so terrible to look at.

Look, Aurora came out already!


Aurora: ‘Sup?

Dean too!


Together in death ❤

Except Aurora went straight for the computer.


Aurora: My Farmville crops won’t harvest themselves…

And Dean for a book he chose to read in the kids’ bedroom.


He never found time in life to read his wife’s books, but now he does.

Next day, as soon as he was back from work, Clyde RAN to the litterbox to clean it.


Don’t mind the fact that the clumps are half of Barbossa’s size.

And that size…is small.


Is it what it feels like to be a kitten?

Bellatrix, meanwwhile, is greeted at her show with a admiring fan.


She has the wrong suit again… -_-

Zoomed back home to the tiniest creature in the world.


Barbossa: It’s my birthday, Arr.

Handsomest cat ever.


He used to be tiny, now he’s huge by cat standards.

Clyde: Me-sa has birthday too!


All on his lonesome at home.

This guy runs everywhere.


He ran to finish his lame painting.

And Bellatrix came back home with a goldfish.


Behold mighty Poseidon!

Cole chats up the papparazi in the little hours of the morning.


Cole: Like…your breath, it’s cold, and I like cold. So…yeah.

He then heads inside for his favorite passtime.


Watching TV. His next trait better be a fun one.

While the girls are off to prom, in their outerwear.


Because ten feet from the door to the car is too hard when there isn’t even a trace of snow outside.

Nothing much happened, except for this.


Oh, the irony.

Which means, with the teens out and Bellatrix performing, it’s an all boys night at home.


Cole: So, like, sometimes, outside it’s like, uh, foggy, like and kinda cold? And um, I like it. Yeah.

Clyde’s face shows he shares my concerns about Cole’s mental wellbeing and the crystallization of his personnality.

While the boys literally talk about the weather, Bellatrix is putting on a spectacular show.


Gimme them promotions!

She’s actually starting to be sucessful!


About time, she is level 6 of the Acrobat Career by now.

7 now. Yay!


Only 3 more steps to her Lifetime Wish. 3 long hard steps.

Steps which you will all get to see next time, as well as more of the kids, and some spicey spicey stuff! Remember to hit the like button and to comment your impressions.


2 thoughts on “2.4- Typical Legacy Style

  1. somebodysangel13

    Is Bella practising her athletic skill? If I remember correctly, that helps a lot with promotions – like skilling does with the Ambitions professions. Though it is fun to watch her perform.

    Obviously Aurora loved Dean a lot, to go so quickly after he did. But at least the mourning periods will be mashed together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Loved him enough to want to throw a bachelorette party as soon as he died. 😛
      Bella is practicing it, but keeping most of it for the end because then it gives waaaay more experience than giving a good show.

      Liked by 1 person


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