2.3- Firefly

Hello Simmers! At least I assume you’re a simmer if you’re reading this. Last time, Bellatrix started working on her career, Cassandra aged into a child, Cole into a toddler, and there was a bird called Pandora. This time, more acrobat stuff, our first death (spoiler?), and a cute toddler.

Cassandra being a child and Cole being not so far behind, they get to share a bedroom.
Irish Green and Purple in one room… Why does that remind me of something? (Bane and Bruce)

Speaking of Bane, he didn’t even get a baby out of her.
Oh well, she was getting pretty old.

Cassandra singing to her Imaginary Friend Cosmo.
Hogging the bathroom until she needs to sleep.

Then she bugs her mom for a bedtime story. In her parent’s bed.
Bellatrix: Fall asleep, you little shit.

Cassandra: Meh, this place is boring, I’ll just go in the treehouse.
That is so not mainstream, right.

What’s really not mainstream is teens doing their homework.
Only aliens would. Barbara is the only one to ever had a B in school.

Clyde? You broke it?
Clyde: Me-sa so irresistibel even bathtub get wet.

Erm…right, it’s broken then.

Too bad, because Bellatrix is out at a venue to practice her moves.
Her ACROBAT moves. This old man is just creepily watching her. And hey Sandi, ex-potential-sister-in-law! She gave an 84$ tip.

Bellatrix gets to know the proprietor, AnnMarie SomethingStuff.
Hard time looking straight? How much did you drink, AnnMarie?

Meanwhile, Barbara and Clyde befriend one another.
Better not start flirting once Barb ages up. >.>

Cole makes the cutest faces.
His legs though. Ouch, your poor Aurora’s precious, son.

At the Coffee Shop, Bellatrix decides the best way to impress AnnMarie is mimicking total brain disfunction.

AnnMarie is terrified and throws holy water balloons at her.
AnnMarie: Begone, evil!

Bellatrix: Oh, woe is me! I am vanquished.

As the nigth falls, Cassandra attempts to suck all will to live from the adults.
Dean: Oh my God, this kid. Tell her a story and she won’t sleep. *sigh* Can’t believe it. It was Raymundo too.  Oh God, where goes my life, not even in her own bed.

Bellatrix: I feel your pain, Daddy!
“Though I was exorcised, I fear I haved birthed another creature of the night…”

“So…Do I get the gig?”
AnnMarie: Vade Retro Satana, come back tomorrow, we will recover your soul from the world of Styx.

Cassandra hears none of them and keeps her spreading of misery.
Barbara: Come on, I just want to shower, for ONCE!

Cassandra: Erhmahgurd, Cosmo!

Not seeing much of Aurora, but poor old thing only reads and plays computer all day.
Aurora: Who are you calling poor? This whole house was build on my royalties.

That you were only able to make thanks to some outer force. >.>

With her mom always out and her dad giving attention to bathtubs and such things, Cassandra never learnt what a real meal is.
“Huh? Orange icecream is perfectly fine! Orange is a fruit and icecream is dairy!”

Barbara, though she was never taught, is a model when it comes to healthy living. Homework, exercise, decent sleep, good hygiene (she only stinks because of working out).
Makes up for not being a planned birth?

This one was planned for, and oh booooy.
Cole: Dawwy? I’m ungwy!

Clyde: Shh, admire me face.

Bellatrix arrives early for her show, where someone decides it’s as good a place as any to die.
Dudette: I saw the great Stinky Trixie, I can die in peace.

At least in gathers a decently large crowd for the show.
In which there is an old guy who looks a lot like Dean (without the mustache). Also, this pretty girl who reminds me a lot of someone else.

Investigating, no wonder why.
Bane, get the daughter!

It’s Lisa French, she is pretty.
No father somehow.

ANYHOW, back in the action!
Grimmy: I have come to requisition Dudette McStuff’s demon soul!

AnnMarie: That’s not her…

Grimmy: Oh? So this guy then?
Guy: Aw, come ON, I paid for this show…

Poor Bellatrix, no-one is watching. Not even the proprietor.
AnnMarie: That’ll do! Demon! Take those two souls and leave Bellatrix alone!

Yay, Sandi, thanks for the enthusiasm.
AnnMarie: Oculum Pendulum momentum septum!

Whose performance are you talking about?

Abusing the crowd for some extra money.
People: Oh hey, a performer, didn’t see her there.

How Sandi? You were here all night and NOT Sam!

Back home, Bellatrix makes an important phone call.
Which hopefully will please Cassandra.

Since the Moonwisps get a kitty!
Barbossa the kitten! He is Genius and Friendly. (Black cat on dark purple carpet, sorry.)

Bellatrix: How about I dump you in the pond? Hey? What do you say?
Barbossa: You’re a big fat yeti.

Poor big fat yeti heads to the Town Hall immediately after.
The Moonwisp family is now investing into real estate. Bellatrix bought the beach for 34 838$.

The torch-holder then goes to the park, hoping for another gig.
Bellatrix: OMG I’m trapped.

Which means little Cole has to depend on completely clueless imbeciles to take care of him.
Barbara: What do I do? There’s no intel about that from the mothership!

Cassandra could care less about her baby brother.
Cassandra: Treehouse, duh.

Daawww, Bellatrix and Clyde deeply love one another despite the wide difference in intelligence.
Even more Daawww, Dean is running to Aurora for some autonomous affection.

As was said.
Too cute.


Another type of love…
No more kids, Bellatrix needs her LTW. Or does she?

Kitty Barbossa all curled up in his gigantic cat module.
Do you feel lonely?

>.< You two!
(Yeah, hiding my family name. it’ll be changed to Voguishstorm one day) I hope the baby turns out MONSTRUOUS!

Clyde scanning art (a plant) for his Art appraiser career.
Hopefully he’ll do this on his own enough to get a decent level in his job.

Mother and son skilling. Bellatrix with a tabcast.
Bellatrix: I’ll teach you how to talk trash!

Park meeting time.
Sir CatFluff: You don’t belong here.

Lord KittyMeow: This does not concern you. Leave.

Can’t leave, but can watch Bellatrix’s show.
New acrobat suit, of coal and fire.

So graceful!
So flexible! A bunch of pixels and I am jealous.

Enough for today! Told you there would be our first death! Next time, many tears (my game will crash at some point) and some birthdays, OF COURSE! Thanks for reading ❤


2 thoughts on “2.3- Firefly

  1. somebodysangel13

    Ooh, pretty new outfit. I really should try out the ST careers one of these days, haven’t really done it in any of my legacies.

    I don’t care if both the kids are clones, they’re so adorable anyway. I love Cassandra’s blue and purple outfits.

    Liked by 1 person


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