2.2- Finally her own Life!

Hey simmers! Welcome back to the Moonwisp ISBI Alphabetcy challenge! Last time, Barbara became a teenager, Bellatrix found a husband, made a kid and stuff and so on!

First, we start with Barbara’s makeover.
This time she’s in her pyjamas, in case you were wondering.

Clyde is a sweet father.
Good, Bellatrix has more important stuff to do than to carry on the legacy…

Like going around naked!
She is not streaking, I don’t know what got into her.

Luckily she put her suit on to perform for tips.
She’s not very good yet even if her athletic is at half.

It’s okay Bellatrix, someone’s worse than you.
Bella has never fallen on there.

Cassandra falls in her own way.
Sorry, the only intelligent being (since they’re not all human) in the house, your mom, is busy.

Busy teaching Barbara how to drive until their needs deplete!
Oh right, they won’t, HA! So until she learns.

Althought this is quite unusual…
Perhaps some alien brain merging helps with learning?

Bane has moved on from Kaitlynn to new horizons.
Slightly better, but still, Bane, come on, she’s probably on the verge of being an elder!

Barbara can drive, and this activity made her want to follow Bellatrix everywhere around.
Not sure if creepy or adorable?

Remember Tonya Crumplebottom-Bunch? No? Well here she is as an adult.
Daaaamn giiirl! I would want those genetics! BANE!!!!

Because Bellatrix is pregnant, she can’t do much for her lifetime wish, all the contrary from her mother, so I have her pay a visit to my simself.
And of course she finds her flirting with her HUSBAND, which explains the look on his face. -_-

By the way, here is Regan Moonwisp, daughter of Bruce and Randi.
She’s a cutie, but her mom is a grump all the time and refuses to make friends.

Unlike many other simmers, in-laws don’t heart-fart eachother, but they still have the love-hate relationship (Aurora occasionnally insults Clyde…).
Aurora: Come on, you little sh*t, already tired?

Since Bane found a new girlfriend, Bruce is able to have his horse back.
This is Diamond, and it’s a he.

Not hearing much of Blake?
He’s been busy with his sugar mama, that’s why.

Blake: Problem?

Bellatrix got a problem for sure.
Bellatrix: It’s this shower, it’s so grimey!

No, I think you’re having your baby.

Bellatrix: You’re right…
Meet baby boy Cole Moonwisp. He Loves the Cold and the Outdoors, as well as Rap, Keylime Pie and Irish Green. So much green, always green…

His crib, designed after his great passions.
Can babies even have passions?

Not pregnant, Bellatrix? GET TO WORK! This lifetime wish won’t get itself!
At least she gets the crowds fast.

Exotic bird in a not-so exotic area?
Bird: Hey baby, I can show you how to fly…


Let’s see if Bellatrix can tame it.
She can!

Bird: Your eyes…Can I peck at them?

So “Bird” is now called Pandora, and she better not open any box.
She has her own little corner just outside of Barbara’s bedroom.

Into the hallway of prom!
Dean around the corner: Oh, we got a bird?

Since Clyde got the artistic trait, the easel won’t go to waste!
Hopefully he produces stuff worth hanging around the house. Hopefully he produces.

It’s summer and everyone wants to go to the pool so I allow it.
Well, Cole didn’t want to, but he’s still there… Can you see him?

Shortly after, Bane throws a pool party…so moving from the pool to Bane and Bruce’s house. (Only Bellatrix and Aurora made it, the others are chumps)
Their house. This is made by me, and was the generation 2 house of my previous attempt at a legacy (which ended up way too laggy to play).

On the front lawn, Randi and Regan, and Diamond behind. Diamond got a haircut apparently.
Randi is smiling. She really shouldn’t. Her swimwear is horrible.

Sneak peak at the house because I love it and because.
The entrance, and a view into the blue living room.

The living room.
Dark but clean.

The kids bedroom.
I don’t remember the kids, but okay.

The uh…stairs?
Disregard the ugly OMSP, they were showing up even though it was live mode.

And on the outside, a little barn.
For Diamond. Probably the only barn in town. Diamond is freaking spoiled.

Zen garden at the back.
They went to China often.

Back to the pool party!
At least there IS a pool.

Aurora decides to be a snob and claim the rocking chair.
Sims and rocking chairs…Excuse to show the reading area of the kid zone. >.>

Our founder seems to be having nightmares.
“So you’re saying this could be our house?”

No. This legacy house didn’t belong to an ISBI. Therefore, they were rich…

Sandi French…Defenitely an adult.
Gave her a slight makeover, but she looks so annoyed.

While Bellatrix, her, looks to be enjoying herself.
Shortly after, everyone left, even Bane, so Bellatrix had to move to greener pastures.

Those pastures being this Coffee House to try and get a gig.
But first, here’s the heir on fire because of the warmth (even if she was just in a pool)…

Luckily, there was a fountain around and I remain in power of a Sim.
However, because of the previous pool party in which Bellatrix swam until exhaustion, she had to immediatly get out of it to now drown…And then catch on fire again because she did not have sufficient time to cool off. And so on…

As soon as she was able to walk without burning, Bellatrix headed home promptly. The gig will have to wait.
“I won’t die on my newborn…” You better not.

Not such a newborn anymore, Cole is having his birthday.
“I was ignored for this whole stage of my life…” You’re a burrito, deal with it.

Oh Gawd!
Oh Gawd Cole! Too much cuteness!

Cassandra wants attention too!
I’m sorry hun, you just look bland after taking a look at Cole…

Poor darling, so much pudding, right?
At least I don’t think she’s a complete clone! She rolls Cat Person to join Eccentric and Friendly.

DONE! Not sure why this took me forever, but thanks for reading! Next, some more stuff that I don’t know about because I didn’t play further than this point!


2 thoughts on “2.2- Finally her own Life!

  1. somebodysangel13

    Aw, I missed these last few updates. Did not know that sims could still catch on fire from being too hot, I thought that had been fixed way back just after Seasons came out. Kind of makes me want to experiment now…

    The kiddies are so cute! Though you’re right, Cole is absolutely adorable. I have such a thing for the blue eyes/brown hair combo.

    Liked by 1 person


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