2.1- And a Happy New Year?

Welcome back, as promised, another long post for you guys!

Last time, Bellatrix became the torch holder officially and found herself a non-official boyfriend. The founders became elders, and the spares moved out.

Speaking of Clyde, here he is the next morning!
Drinking, first thing as he wakes up. It’s 7 AM Clyde!

He’s quite sociable though, chatting it up with his Romantic Interest’s mom.
Preventing her from using the bathroom and stuff.

I realize so far there has been no real good shot of Clyde’s face up close, so there it is.
I think he’s adorable!

She’s gonna suck your soul out!!!

The red room, I just love it!
Shots of Bellatrix in the bath are becoming popular with those nice bathrooms and the nice model she is.

Sorry about that table glitch, I only noticed afterwards.

For little creepy-cuty.
Take one last glance, JUST IN CASE she becomes charming.

Okay, nevermind.
“I will conquer the world!…Lolz, joke, I love my family.” She rolls Good Sense of Humor.

Her skintone is unified now, that removes a lot of the weirdness.
Her eyes are not quite aligned though, but I think I like her a lot now. :3

Daaww, Dean looks proud!
That’s also him after his long-due makeover. Only added a moustache back and changed the clothes (Not that it changes much since he’s always in his PJ’s).

And Aurora’s, looking bored as usual.
That’s her sleepwear as well. I made it comfy since she nevers leaves the house for work so she is quite literally in it 24/7.

Update on a spare!
Yay, I hope we get cousins soon!

Here’s Randi. WOW! I REALLY hope we get cousins!
Good catch Bruce! Don’t set her on fire! Bah, if you do, throw her in the sprinklers.

Barbara’s new bedroom, kept simple.
With hints of her origins.

Bellatrix is pregnant! Screenshot-140
This bed in the corner makes for hard screenshots, sorry.

Our heir announces her pregnancy to the father. He looks…thrilled?
Well considering they’re not even officially together, I suppose him not being mad is a golden reaction.

So Bellatrix better make it official!
“Darling, I carry your child, so be my boyfriend?”

He agreed.
“Darling, forget about ‘boyfriend’ and make it ‘fiancé’ since I like stinky stuff.”

Clyde: Dis for me?
Yes Clyde, dis for you.

Bellatrix’s pregnancy slows down her lifetime wish, the only thing she can do for it is workout.
Not sure it’s a good idea to exert yourself when pregnant but oh well…

Aurora couldn’t show it much under my control, so I almost forgot she was childish.
“Wooooooooh” Cute. 🙂

Yesssss, Bane!
Go find someone else now!

Note this, Bruce gets a horse.
Afterwards, all the popups regarding Diamon are from Bane. Replacing girlfriend with a horse?

The next day, after reloading five times to try to have a wedding party, I give up and have Bellatrix and Clyde marry privately.
Too bad since Bellatrix had a nice dress.

It’s mainly Clyde’s fault for going all “It’s getting late, I should go.” at his OWN wedding.
Too late now, he’s stuck in this legacy forever. (Well maybe.)

Clyde Barlow is officially a Moonwisp. He is Family-Oriented, Irresistible, Charismatic, Kleptomaniac and a Coward. His favorites are orange, Digitunes and Falafel.

His Lifetime Wish is to Max influence with all Social groups.

Sounds like a politician to me, so his Young Adult action is to join the Political Career.

Aaaaand, back to training for Bellatrix.
The newlywed moodlets make for a great pregnancy mood.

She saw Barbara and her waters broke.

Synchronized panic from Aurora and Barbara.
“What’s their problem, I’m fine.”

Poor Barbara looks disgusted more than panicked.
“I want to know if it’s an alien baby!”

(I know only male sims can be pregnant from abduction, but how would the Sims know that?)

It’s a girl! A non-alien girl.
Clyde: Dude, a baby…

Her name is Cassandra,she’s a Friendly Eccentric who likes Hip Hop, Cheesesteak and Purple.

Aurora is a nerd from all her gaming on the computer, and she constantly insults Clyde.
Despite the two of them being friends from their frequent interactions.

Poor Clyde, he looks so sad.
“Why she no like me?”

This is indeed alarming, Barbara is asking for bedtime stories!
In her half-sister’s bed, too, when she has her own.

Still cute though, as her adopted mother agrees to read her one of her own books.
Learning about balls quite young, I’m afraid.

At least she fell asleep and is friends enough with her half-sister not to disturb her too much.
Bellatrix: “Finally married, get to sleep with company.” Err..

There’s your company.
Poor Clyde.

Anyhow, with his happiness points, he got to max rank with the Rebels (I know it’s the only way he’ll fulfill his wish) and he became an Art Apraiser. His extra trait from the Rebels is Artistic.

Cassandra still exists!
From what I can tell, she has Clyde’s skintone.

Spring is here, so it’s time for Bellatrix to work on her career and lifetimewish.
Head to the park and perform for tips!

When she comes back home, it’s to find…
A clogged toilet that overflowed…

A puddle of pee in the other bathroom…

A broken computer…

And a crying baby…
Poor Cassandra, welcome to an ISBI.

Meanwhile, we get a COUSIN in the oven!
Way to go Bruce!

Clyde proves himself useful by cooking.
Bellatrix never needs to cook since he keeps the fridge full for the whole family. 😀

I barely capture Cassandra because whenever I zoom onto her, my camera glitches the hell out. Brought her in CAS to figure out why.Screenshot-169
Here’s why. Stupid game. After this she only gets floating hair without glitching my game. Had to reset her though.

Bellatrix fixes everything in the house.
Can’t tell you how many times this laptop has been fixed since Aurora acquired it.

Back to training for Bellatrix!
This bellybutton looks very deep.

And as per legacy customs, BIRTHDAY around every corner!
As you can see, I planned for it and Bellatrix was bringing Cassandra to the cake.

But then she dropped her halfway because the little brat felt like aging up on the floor without blowing her candles instead…
Just for that, you get a pre-makeover dumb looking face shot!

Here she is, in CAS, to compare her to her mother since they look so similar.
Cassandra with her mom’s hair as toddler.

And Bellatrix back in the good old days.
Aw man, those changes in graphics though! They’re very similar, we’ll see as Cassandra ages.

After her makeover.
Still cute ❤

And onward she goes already!
The adventure begins!

Except her adventure is cut short by Bellatrix putting her in the walker.
Mother-daughter skilling time! Aaaww.

Once she can walk, Cassandra gets to have a break and plays with the block table.
Don’t swallow it, please.

Oh don’t mind this screenshot, just Dean reporting for duty at his night job.
“I’ll never get used to the warp.” What about the probing? >.>

I think he’s taking a liking to it because as soon as he comes back…
Not going to happen, sadly, but Dean sure is getting twisted.

On another note, since I have SP to ask me which name to keep upon marriage (so I can keep track of family trees and I don’t like composed family names), I saw the most horrible disappointment…
My simself is getting married to my real life boyfriend’s simself. D; You idiots! You were supposed to get miserable lives so I could laugh my face off! Break up immediately! -.-

Back to the Moonwisps!
Old Alien “Dean Stalker”: Jack…I can fly!

Cassandra is confused.
“I’M SO TIRED!” Yeah, you’re in your bed, so just sleep. >.<

Baby is sleeping (or should be), means it’s time for the parents to be romantic.
Clyde: Me-sa like you-sa eyes!

Bellatrix: Why do you talk like Jar Jar Binks?

Clyde: Me-sa irresistibel! Me-sa have charming speech!

Well apparently it works on Bellatrix, since next thing you know, they’re discovering new horizons in the bathroom.
The chairs outside were meant for the wedding party that NEVER HAPPENED (Thanks Clyde…)

Not only toddlers need sleep! Grandmas do too!
So near, yet so far…

That flawless face though.
By flawless I mean I can barely see the wrinkles.

With Bellatrix being the leader of the house now, she gets to take care of the garden.
All it has so far is lettuce.

Randi gave birth!

Here she is, fresh out of the hospital, with little Regan.
Suffering from a terrible CC forced on her. (I downloaded that for fairies…)

“And then, balls shrink when…”
Barbara: “I’ll just sleep now so she leaves me alone…”

My zombie-simself! Screenshot-192
That’s all you deserve for getting married properly!

Go eat HIS brain.

Apparently Cassandra wasn’t done learning how to walk.
Oh well, now she will!

With Bellatrix’s happiness points, I have the Moonwisp get their first car.
First time I ever get it. I always thought it only “froze” their needs so they wouldn’t deplete while travelling. Oh God…I LOVE THIS THING!

Looks like there’s a zombie secret meeting club forming at the back.
“First the garden, and then the WOOOOORLD” Except the garden has a locked gate so you won’t go far…

Old habits die hard.
By the way, seeing the mirror reminds me I used Dean’s Adult action for him to learn Charisma. I hopped he’d continue his training on his own…He still hasn’t.

Bellatrix is pregnant again!
Most likely her last kid too, since it prevents her from working properly on her lifetime wish.

In the meantime, it’s already little Cassandra’s birthday!

Clyde seems rather scared about it!
“What if she’s ugly?”

What’cha talking about? You and your wife are both superb, it’s impossible!
“Right” *Massive mouth of joy”

Bellatrix’s face: “Something’s wrong!”

“Hello, missed me?”

Allow me to explain… I aged up Cassandra thinking it was her birthday, when it was actually Barbara‘s…So I reloaded.
So here’s th eboys having a water ballon fight, with the secret zombie society in the background.

So Bellatrix is still training.
While pregnant, as usual. We did not lose much from the reload.

This time let’s do it right!
Barbara, slowly getting closer to moving out of the house.

“Ah yes, can’t wait!”
Must first go through sparkles shot.

And…whatever this is.
She stayed like that for a while.

After her makeover! She locked in Dramatic. to join Easily Impressed, Athletic and Good Sense of Humor.
And then as I save…*CRASH* -.- Happily we only lost Barbara aging up since I had to reload just before. Raaaah, still got to redo the makeover. Oh well, the rest is coming soon! Next, Barbara’s second makeover, Bellatrix’s second child, and Cassandra’s second birthday!


2 thoughts on “2.1- And a Happy New Year?

  1. somebodysangel13

    Ugh, hate it when the game crashes on you, mine has been very temperamental since Origin is now forced to stay open. Going Offline in Origin helps some.

    As creepy as she is, I love the makeover you gave Barbara, very cool!

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