5.4- Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hello again! It’s the last time I’ll say that this is Update #5 for SimNaNoWriMo, which ends with September. Last time, Eve got pregnant, and Ethan got a horse. He was also left frozen on the lawn. Let’s see if Gan ever decided to save the heir?

Well Gan didn’t but the paparazzi did.
This girl is officially the best paparazzi around.

If Ethan wasn’t already married, he would have picked her. She seems to agree.
Elizabeth: You’re quite the piece of meat, Mr Moonwisp. I’d hate to see you get freezer burned.

Ethan promptly thanked his savior. Elizabeth O’Malley is a name that will not be forgotten.
Ethan: I swear, if you ever get stung by a jellyfish, I’ll be the first to pee on you.

After securing his most important friendship ever, he made sure to warm himself up beside the woman he loves.
He would tell her all about it in the morning.

When it came, Elliot was already practicing his blocks skill.
He is not done with the more important skills, but no-one is up to help him train yet.

The ghost still refuse to go back into their graves when the sun it up.
Ethan: Would be nice if you guys made yourselves useful at least.
Bellatrix: But he stinks!

Once he was done with Elliot, Ethan found Eve in the upstairs bathroom.
She is so very pregnant, she could pop at any moment now.

Such as RIGHT NOW!
Maybe choosing another spot than right in front of the toilet would be wise?

Except no-one is there to tell her, as Ethan is napping on the couch.
Completely unaware how much he’ll need the sleep in about two hours.

It’s a girl! She likes Red, Spaghetti and Rap.
Her name is Fiora and she is Artistic and Disciplined.

Eve walked all the way to the nursery to set Fiora down.
Then she felt the need to push again.

It’s another girl, who likes Irish Green, Chinese music and Firecracker Tofu.
She was named Flemeth. She is a Grumpy girl who Loves the cold.

Ethan woke up from his nap to come and meet his daughters.
Meanwhile, Eve gave birth to Finnick, a little Disciplined and Loner boy who loves Spiceberry, Egg Rolls and Egyptian…

Right after Finnick was in his crib, Eve started sparkling again…
Ethan: Seriously honey? Four? Are you trying to kill me?

Last one is also a boy, Fenris!
He is a Perceptive Slob. He likes Spice brown, Grilled Salmon and Beach Party music.

Elvis was awake and quickly came to meet the new half-aliens.
Elvis: You’re at least half as good as me, little nugget.

The rest of the family came too, including ghosts.
Despite Ethan acting like a total scrub, the Nurturing trait he got from University should come in handy.

Cole sat and watched the familiar chaos in front of him, with a bad case of déja vu.
Cole: I had it worse. The game was lagging and no-one else helped.

It is eerie how the two men’s situation resemble one another.

Both will have delt with a total of 5 toddler/baby combo, one of which is an alien.

Before real toddler hell starts, Ethan decides to tackle some skilling to avoid being swarmed later.
Elliot: Finnick is a crybaby.

No, Finnick IS a baby.
Ethan quickly took care of his son before going completely crazy since all babies started chaining their need for attention.

Outside, Cosmos drinks from the pond, enjoying the horse life.
Happy to be oblivious to the endless screeches happening inside.

Between waves of crying, Ethan sneaks in a nap in Cole’s old bedroom.
His own is way too far so a two-generation old bed is all he gets.

What is Eve doing while there is an army of kids in need of adults?
Painting. At least it’s something pretty.

Elvis and Gan are both lending a hand that morning.
Gan: If you took one baby, only one would be left unattended.

It would be true, since Ethan is done napping and finishing Elliot’s potty training.
He is now fully skilled up.

Good timing since there is about to be four more toddlers in need of learning stuff.
They will also cruelly break everyone’s ears at all times.

Skipping sparkles shots because it would be too many of them…
Flemeth! She has Ethan’s hair. It’s hard to tell facial structure on toddlers, but she has those long gorgeous eyelashes!

Fenris has black hair!
It could be from Gan, but it could also be from Jerald.

Fiora also has Daddy’s hair color.
She is also stinky, requiring adult attention.

And lastly Finnick.
He has Mommy’s hair and his face sure look a lot different from the typical alien.

Gan has a favorite!
Gan: There now. We both know your hair color is the best in the world.

Once Gan set him down, Ethan started teaching him how to talk while Finnick was in the walker.
Ethan: Well, I’m super ripped and I think that has something to do in me being heir so you should start working out now if that’s your goal.

For now, little Fenris has goals more fit for a child.
Such as fitting the cylinder in the circle hole. You can do it, Fenris!

The elders love eachother deeply.
They are the meanest couple of this entire legacy but are the ones who autonomously show lover for one another the most.

Cosmos doesn’t get much attention because of all the kids.
So she just takes care of herself.

She also gets to do silly things since no-one is watching ever.
Still a good girl.

Another shot showing toddler skilling.
Dalyra wants to help but it completely clueless.

Cole is irritated at Elliot’s xylophone talent.
He definitely has had enough toddlers to last him a lifetime, and now more.

Ethan’s brain can only stay on child-friendly subjects for so long.
Ethan: Some mushrooms are radio-active. So be careful what you lick, okay honey?

Gan’s sense of humor will never change. Lucky for him his favorite target is still around.
Gan: You’ll get pregnant again and never go to work, hahahaha!

There is also a limit to how much Ethan can watch over all his kids.
Finnick just mushed his entire head. Hopefully he does not seem aware.

Whenever Ethan DOES manage to find some time for Cosmos, she is asleep from a long day with herself.
Ethan: Don’t worry girl, I’m not forgetting you.

Elvis’ birthday is also not forgotten. He gets cake!
Everyone is there to cheer him on!

Yes, everyone, except some can’t seem to figure it out…
Dalyra: Happy Birthday, man in the frame!

Elvis did not change too much.
He rolled Friendly as his last trait. So now he wants to be friends with everyone he ever dissed.

Before this chapter ends, news from the spares…
It happened. Elika, you are a disappointment. Michelle got deleted and the relationship was broken. Brian (Bane’s son) should have been dead a long time ago anyway.

What will happen next? Who is your favorite toddler so far? Will Ethan crumble under the pressure? Will he ever work on his lifetime wish? There is much yet to discover, and until then, happy simming!


1 thought on “5.4- Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  1. somebodysangel13

    Haha, by the time they get that far removed, I tend not to bother with breaking romances – it’s part of the reason why I move my families so often, so we don’t get too much incest.

    Wow, quads, well done Ethan and Eve! Get all your baby rearing out of the way early, and we can get onto learning about the new kiddies.



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