5.0- New Quarters

Welcome back to the Moonwisp ISBI Alphabetcy Legacy! It’s been a while. I’m sorry it took so long, but I did many things during the heir poll and then I needed to finish them before playing. And then I played an played and played (In my current game, generation F is born).

I also just discovered a new way to write these updates, so if you see differences, that’s why. I decided to make the images smaller because I thought other ones were waaaay too big.Last time, the family was left to cry around the dining table after Edward’s death, which sounded the end of generation D and the start of generation E.

This time, they’re still crying, but outside because the house was reworked and this is where the dining room used to be.
Also these scrubs are now all available for download on the Family page.

It’s time for you to see the new house. Don’t expect too much difference because building this left the family with no money. Many rooms were simply moved around.
The front yard now has some work into it! (First time ever putting time into a front yard)

There is a gazebo on the side, overlooking a small pond, and right next to the Spares Graveyard lot.
It serves no purpose other than being there.

The pool area changed only a tiny bit.
It merely got switched around to still be by the house.

The crypt is very much the same, except for the outside of it.
Sadly it will soon need to merge with the Spares Graveyard as there is a tremendous amount of ghosts every single night that lags the game out…

The entrance FINALLY got a look that fits together.
Note that the main change to the house is that it was moved closer to the street to help kids not miss the bus.

The sight from the entrance, what would be called the foyer (?).
With Dalyra sporting her pyjamas and testing the area before the torch was passed down.

Just a…corner? With the fireplace and some activities for guests.
Still need some space for those parties, you know?

The kitchen got a major change, it can now help sit some more people.
As well as a bar to get said people juiced up.

The dining room is pretty much the same.
Still has the cake from Edward and Eve’s birthdays, even!

Living room is also mostly the same.
It connects to the dining room, the hallway and the way to the garden or the pool.

This is the way to the garden which also serves as a tiny office.
Yes okay, the household was too poor to make it look better. >.>

Nursery is also mostly the same.
It simply moved and is connected to the garage as well.

Upstairs is the first ever home gym in the house!
Probably the most awesome room.

A new blue bathroom to make sure everybody won’t wet themselves…
Pretty proud of it because it’s not a square.

As well as an orange one to serve the same purpose.
There is now a red, orange, green, grey/light blue, blue, and purple bathroom. Next one needs to be yellow, it seems.

And finally the room you all want to see, the heir’s bedroom.
Oh! It has green, is it Ethan? Is it Elika?

Here is the results of the poll.
So it’s Ethan, the crypt child with an unknown father.

Glorious, glorious Ethan.
Who starts his heirship with his first failure.

Edward already is paying a visit, only to be reminded of his living days.
Edward: Why can’t I ever bathe with you around, Jason?
Ethan: “Jason”? What do you mean, Casper?

Eve is the most affected by his death.
She retreated to the gazebo to mourn in solitude.

Elrath preferred to piss himself…
He’s starting to have quite a collection of “No-one must know about this”.

Ethan tried to go console Eve but she wasn’t keen on it too much.
Ethan: I’m only trying to make you feel better. Dead people always come back. He was in the bathroom just now.
Eve: I don’t even know you! You’re just that weird guy on the bus that moved in with us!

Ethan hid his confusion behind his mask and let her rant some more.
Eve: You know what would help me? Edward would! Nothing else!

Ethan then suggested art, having heard about her interest.
Eve: I guess art is good. I like art.

Ethan finally retreated to his new bedroom.
Ethan: Woah, I’m sleeping in a house! It even has wallpaper!

Eve followed on the art conversation by starting a sculpture in the garage.
Oops, forgot to put some lights in there!

Gan is getting abducted, AGAIN!
If he comes back pregnant, he might need to be wacked behind the head.

Ethan’s night was short, he is so unused to sleeping above ground.
He still happily goes around in his swimwear.

Being heir means doing stuff no-one else does, like cleaning the dishes.
Ethan: Hey there, Great-Grandma.
Bellatrix: Hey Jason.

After cleaning the dishes in the bathroom, he had sudden urges to lick the bamboo plant.
Ethan: Oh my, who knows the effects of it on one’s brain? FOR SCIENCE!

There is more science happening in Gan than anywhere else right now.
Gan: They put a pumpkin up my –
OKAY ENOUGH! It says “No-one else knows what happened up there” for a reason.

There’s nothing like watching TV in the middle of the night.
Eve is naturally always there. She has yet to use her bed as a young adult or even do anything to restore her brain power.

Perfect opportunity to make her a friend!
Ethan: So…what are you watching?
Eve: The food channel. It talks about food but I enjoy seeing how they run the business.

Ethan never learnt tact because no ghost thought it was important.
Ethan: How do you feel about Edward being dead?

The time it took for Eve to reply made him understand he was being awkward.
Eve: Are you stupid?
Ethan: No, I’m a Genius!

She finally took pity on his social skills an accepted being consoled by him.
Ethan: If it makes you feel better, you can smack me in the face!

Eve agreed to it but chose to do it with pillows instead of resorting to violence.
And of course Ethan decided to show off…

It didn’t make Eve waver and she hit him with full force.
Ethan: But I’m the one who’s ripped and stuff.

Eve laughed at him gleefully.
Eve: Haha, you got beat! You have jelly arms!

This is when Ethan decided that while he has insane muscle definition, maybe he should have the muscles to go with it.
Time to take advantage of this pretty home gym! In his new suit. Make sure to stink it up, Ethan.

His face says it’s painful.
Ethan: Can’t skip leg day!

Meanwhile, Gan continues to have deep and joyful conversations with his offspring.
Gan: Why can’t you be a proper man?
Elvis: Because I’m an alien, duh. Men stink. Especially you right now.

Time for graduation! Dalyra isn’t taking it well.
Dalyra: Why can’t my youngest be here? He died too early!

At the city hall, Eve gets eyed by Lucia who would like her to marry her son.
Eve: But your son is a Moonwisp!
Lucia: You have no blood ties with them. Do you realize how valuable you are?

Toss of the diploma for Elrath!
He, Elika and Eve were the graduates while Ethan did that a while ago and Edward never will.

Upon return, a crushing discovery was made.
Eve: Hey Dad, you’re fat!
Gan: Aw, shit.

There are ghosts in the house 24/7. despite them only supposed to show up at night.
Elika: Oh hi Grandpa. I’d like to tell you it’s about 2 p.m. right now so…

It is usually highly disturbing because everyone stops what they’re doing to go all “Ew, a ghost”.
At least Elrath keeps pursuing better activities. The spares will be kicked out soon…ish.

First, Ethan wants to go to University so he takes the aptitude test.
Ethan: Will I impress them if I talk about basement fungus growing?

This is what he scored. Too bad he wants to be a scientist.

He immediately enrolled in the Science and Medicine degree.
Ethan: Yes, I’d like two large pepperoni pizza’s with fried chicken on it please.

Everyone sent him off, alternating between happy goodbyes and crying about Edward.
Ethan: I’m not sure what to think about all this.

Upon arriving, Ethan realized Eve had been in the car all along. She will be pursuing Business.
Eve: Oh Edward, I’m sure you wanted to go to University too!
Ethan: Oh god, I wasn’t told everyone else who rolled the wish would come too.

Only Eve rolled the wish but obviously her success depends on herself entirely because this is still an ISBI.
Eve: Do you think it’s fair to say that I’m doing this for both me and Edward?

They dropped studying in favor of just talking.
Ethan: I’m not sure because my interactions with Edward limited themselves to taking the bathroom from him and watching him while he slept so…

Then it was time for the welcome event.
Eve: Oh, why can’t Edward be there?

Eve pulled it together long enough to take friendly pictures with Ethan.
They are particularly fitting, given Ethan’s choice of clothes.

Ethan started a game with the mascot, Eve and some girl called Carol.
Ethan was the first to go.

Carol left before it really started, but the mascot stuck around.
Eve: It’s too bad I can’t visit Edward’s grave here. (I swear, she’s ALWAYS talking about death and graveyards.)

Soon it was Eve’s turn so she had to focus on the game rather than the dead.
Ethan: From my experience, dead people don’t really stay in their graves anyway. I always had company.

The game was interrupted when Ethan got invited to his first party.
Ethan: Sweet, Eve! Let’s go!
Eve: Waaaah, Edward!

They both made it there, though no-one was home at first.
Ethan: Maybe if we throw flower pots at the door?

Eventually it started and a fire got going.
Ethan: You call that a bonfire?

There it goes!
Ethan: Fires are so nice when they don’t burn siblings…

Eve restored to other methods and either drowned her sorrows or really wanted to party.
Eve: …I won’t go near fire. Alcohol, on the other hand…

Not much happened at the party so Ethan went back to the dorm to sleep before his first day of school.
Not everything will be reported since University can get pretty repetitive.

Since Eve never needs to sleep, she prefers painting the night away.
This will be very useful to finally decorate the house with unique paintings.

She painted until dawn, when the room’s tenant realized she had had company the entire night.
Asala: Woah, you can’t just stalk me like that on the first night.

Before his first class, Ethan headed to the consignment store to buy some food.
It would later be useful for him to snack in between his classes, since they are very close together in time.

Some time was left so he studied anatomy on his skeleton model.
Ethan: The skull would be a perfect place to grow mushrooms in.

The day came to an end just as Ethan was hungry.
Eve: Are you really eating a raw potato?
Ethan: Yeah? It’s full of protein.
Eve: It’s…not.

The heir went to bed and Eve painted through the night once again.
Eve: My inspiration is at its best when people sleep in this room.

Next morning, she boasted about being the best gamer ever to Asala and Anoki.
Anoki: Wow! You beat level 24 of Candy Crush?

She then snuck in a quick studying session before class while Ethan had a hotdog for breakfast.
Ethan: I still can’t believe I live in a house now.

Some other people in the dorm have a very peculiar routine.
Tammy here woke up, immediately turned on the radio and started dancing.

Ethan is at his first lecture, and there is no teacher in sight.
So instead of learning anything useful, he spent that time wondering if he should draw anything stupid on the face of the girl sleeping beside him.

He came back home to study. At least do one productive thing in his day.
Ethan: Oh wow, seriously? You can’t just go around in your bathing suit, Shannon.

Even though there is still plenty of daylight left, Tiberius needed a break.
Eve jumped on the opportunity to paint.

Ethan took the rest of his day to work on building muscle.
It might not give him better grades in school but perhaps he’ll score higher with the ladies.

He was interrupted by a call from Mommy Dalyra.
Dalyra: Hey chump, your DNA test results or whatever came back.

Ethan was very enthusiastic.
Ethan: This is music to my ears! What family tree is my mushroom growing on?
Dalyra: Err…

Excited to have the results, Ethan shared the news with Eve.
Ethan: So uh my Mom is with your Dad but my Mom is not your Mom and your Dad is sadly not my Dad but Edward is both our half-sibling because some guy got in my Mom’s pants or lack of rather.
Eve: What?

Ethan took a moment to pull it together before making more sense.
Ethan: Gan is not my father. We have more in common than meets the eye.
Eve: From what meets the eye, we have nothing in common. And you not being my half-sibling means we have less in common.
Ethan: We both don’t know one of our parents and Edward is our half-sibling but we have different halves.

Eve tried to digest the news –mainly avoiding thinking of Edward separated in halves- by watching TV.
Tiffany: Hey do you like butterflies? Cause I do, and you have butterflies on your shirt, so I like you.

Between classes, Ethan uses the Moodlet Management machine to relieve stress so both he and Eve can perform.
Eve: Isn’t that unfair to other students? Oh who cares, the world of business isn’t fair either.

After which, our legacy heir had to go and learn about bones.
Student: Oh snap, it’s Jason. I hope he can’t hear my heartbeat, otherwise I’m screwed.

“Jason” peacefully went back to his dormitory afterwards, to build up some more muscle.
He is coming along nicely and his muscle mass has at least increased by 20% since he came to University.

Eve is however still a bit clueless about business plans.
Eve: Here is a perfect graph showing why art is the best business to invest into!

Yeah right…I’ll leave it there for now. Next time, more University adventures, if you can call them that. Hopefully it won’t take ME 5 months to write, since I started my own University semester just a week ago. (And unlike Ethan, I don’t have a Moodlet Manager). So until then, happy simming!


4 thoughts on “5.0- New Quarters

  1. somebodysangel13

    Yay, Ethan for heir! Is he going to be looking for a spouse at uni, or do you have someone in mind already?

    Damn, you need to mod that alien abduction thing, can’t keep filling up the house with spares. And possibly the ghost reaction – I find that *so* annoying, especially in an ISBI, when I can’t direct them to do something else.



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