4.7- Like Fish in a Barrel

Welcome back! Last time, Dalyra had more kids, and then Cole died on Elika’s birthday, so she fled to China in company of Ethan.

The both of them start their trip with a game of chess.

Ethan: So I don’t need to hide in a basement here, do I?

As the match heated on, they concentrated to best the other.

Dalyra: How is a milk-drinker like you beating me?

After their match, Dalyra and Ethan went skating on a pond.

Dalyra had a hard time with her balance, while Ethan took it slow and steady.

Eventually, Dalyra found her balance and helped Ethan feel more confident on his feet.

By midnight, both of them were becoming better, though Dalyra learned quicker.

Exhausted and a bit cold, they returned to base camp, where Dalyra prepared some grilled cheese.

Nothing better to warm up.

Dalyra wasn’t hungry but she kept Ethan company.

Dalyra: Try not to leave crums on the plates, wouldn’t want to dirty them.
Ethan: *cough* Whaa?

Ethan washed his plate and left for his bed, and none other than Dante sat in his place with his own serving of grilled cheese.

Dalyra: What do you think you’re teaching your kid, not even eating your crusts?

Next morning, Ethan declared himself king of China as well.

Ethan: Rise, people of the China Kingdom, the sun is here!

Watching the sunrise is Dalyra, fishing and relaxing.

Hoping to catch some good value fish to sell.

Ethan decided to take a bath. Every king must be clean once in a while.

Living in a crypt has a way of making you responsible enough to take care of yourself on your own.

That also includes finding fun things to do out of thin air.

Such as pretending you’re racing hard, and materializing helmets on your head.

Soon after, Dante found his nephew and they had some quality bonding time.

Smashing each other in the face, naturally.

Only to be interrupted by some other adventurer that disapproved.

AngryMan: Why don’t you just play cubes with him and teach him how to count?

Without any clue that her brother was getting accused of teaching violence to her son, Dalyra embarked on new adventures.

Dalyra: Hey Daiyu, I want some cool relics.

She was pointed to a basement somewhere.

Dalyra: Better not be some kid down there. Geez, people are heartless.

No kids were found, but a pile of rubble was.

Dalyra: My poor back. I’m not as young as I used to be.

May it be so but she still managed to reveal the hole behind it and activate the switch in it.

Dalyra: So easy, I could do this all day.

Behind the door lay a chest full of wonders.


Disappointed and mainly pissed at Daiyu, Dalyra headed back to camp.

She cheered herself up using her old trick of trapping everyone by playing guitar.

Meanwhile, Ethan was still working on being the best pilot known to Earth.

Or maybe he’s practicing to be a limo driver, who knows.

He was soon joined by his mother and uncle.

Dalyra: So Dante, can we just pretend he’s your kid and my nephew?
Dante: Hmmm? No, I have a kid of my own, thanks.

Since Dalyra couldn’t find the perfect fix to her situation, she resumed bonding with her son.

Ethan: Mom, are you trying to get rid of me because I’m ugly? Look, blerhgh!

Knowing Ethan looked a lot like herself, she wouldn’t let him call himself ugly so easily.

Dalyra: Ugly like this? Blaart! No, Mommy just wants to know who your dad is.

No matter who it might be, Dalyra decided to introduce him to his possible family.

Dalyra: Hey Piiiiiing!
Ethan: Wow, this little girl lives all alone too. I should totally adopt 6 strays. *Rolls LTW*

Ping eventually greeted her sister in law in a bored fashion.

Ping: It’s not like I talk to my brothers anyway, they left me here. So your potentially pointless secret is safe.

Dalyra left the kids to socialize while she read some skill books.

Ethan: And adults think we need them, HA!

The two of them had great fun, with Ethan yet again trying to rule the world.

Ping: You should act in movies, you’d be a nice king.

As they were about to go back to camp, Ethan showed he was not a very good guest -or king- by booby trapping his new friend’s house.

Ethan: They won’t say I can’t make a girl wet for sure.

Before bed, mother and son had another game of chess.

Dalyra: Ethan, you’re too young to be saying gross things like that.

Realizing how foul his words were, Ethan went to throw up.

Ethan: I must be pregnant…right?

Since Ethan could not be left unsupervised -unlike at home-, Dalyra took him fishing.

Dalyra: Ethan, the water is cold, you’ll get sick. Besides, your butt is ringing.

Ethan obeyed and got out of the water but was not amused.

Ethan: What’s the point in taking me out of the crypt if I can’t do stuff? At least down there I can do anything I want.

While Ethan was throwing his fit, Dalyra went shopping for a few China-exclusive items.

Cui: If it isn’t by bestie Dalyra!

After exchanging the newest insults in the dictionnary, Dalyra brought Ethan to her favorite stop.

The Dragon Springs.

However, there was not much for him to do and he was soon bored after claiming it for his kingdom.

Ethan: K, there’s a fountain. And then? Can we go home now?

Yes Ethan, you can.

Dalyra: What the heck, people here don’t clean dishes either!

Dalyra quickly wrote a letter about that and sent it to Cui.

Gan: Don’t mind me, just reporting in to my night job.

Dalyra patiently waited for him on the porch in her non-weather friendly clothes.

Gan: I take it you’re pregnant again, what a useless piece of woman.

Well the useless piece of woman brought back a lot more for the relics collection, thank you very much.

So much that this corner will need an upgrade if she ever finds more in the future.

AND the useless piece of woman also takes care of the kids almost on her own.

Elika: Mommy, my head is split.

Dalyra might split her toddler’s head, but she’s doing her best at giving them a future.

Dalyra: See, talking is important, so you can get out of trouble with the police.

Soon it was time for massive lag and a party.

All of Dalyra’s siblings and the simselves were invited. (The mausoleum in the background is a graveyard for the Moonwisp spares, to avoid having 10 000 ghosts on the main lot)

The guests were nice enough to bring a boatload of food.

Drake: I hate you Duncan, you took the spot I wanted to drop my food.

Jenn was less pleased because she brought a cake, but the other one was already being blown.

Jenn: I made a goddamn cake for nothing.

The celebrated sim that day is Elrath, of whom many sparkles shot are missing because of lag Jenn destroyed them as vengance.

Elrath rolled Star Quality. His genetics are quite awesome.

While all the guests were too stupid to figure out routing, Dalyra and Jenn danced the night away.

Dalyra: No hard feelings for the cake? … I know where you live.
Jenn: So do I.

Later that night, when everyone was gone, Samali’s cat, Socks, remained.

Socks: This placed is so equipped for cats. Why leave?

Maybe because the place is so equipped with screaming and stinky toddlers?

Dalyra: Oh god! A pregnant woman shouldn’t have to do that!

Who knew a pregnant woman could build snowmen without any proper winter coat though.

Dalyra: I need a soldier.

Once her one man army was complete, she gave it her orders.

Dalyra: No-one but me and whoever is already down there may go in the crypt. Guard it with your life, Private Carrots.

While Dalyra was creating extra security, Gan was being worse than useless.

Gan: That is quite the unusual stink cloud. Food here is just nasty.

He is going to bring another screaming machine into the world and not help in taking care of it.

Gan: I guess I should have believed my mom when she said western food could make me fat.

The next morning, Elrath woke up in his best suit, right out from a night in the treehouse. In the back, Drake let himself go on the side of the barn.

Drake: Hehe, they’ll blame the horse. …Oh wait, the horse died…

The reason Elrath is so well-dressed is because it’s Snowflake Day.

Samali: I just came to get my cat back.

Even though he’s chubby like no tomorrow, here’s a look at Gan’s formalwear.

Gan: Bah, as long as I fit my Dad’s suit.

The rest of the guests poored in, and Jenn and Damien immediately got ideas.

Damien: Jenn ❤
Jenn: D-Damien.
Nick/Rick: Get a room.

Alas there is not much for free rooms, so their plans would have to wait.

Dalyra: Okay cockroaches, presents time.

Bobbi finally showed her elegant face, Duncan panicked over nothing and Nick/Rick stalked.

So yeah, Nick/Rick is a cousin. The Moonwisps have a cousin called Nick, and one called Rick. They both have the same haircut and fairly ressemble one another, so it’s literally impossible to pick them apart. Since they are both always everywhere, a makeover might be in order one day.

Weird family matters aside, Elrath finally gets to go for his gift.

He seems decently pleased at first…

But then is completely disappointed with a teddy bear?

Elrath: I am to become a classy distinguished member of the highest society -like my grandmother- A teddy bear is extremely distasteful.

Cole decided he’d pay a visit, swimming through the floor, just as Jenn went to pick up her own gift.

Cole: Where’s my sweet little wife?

When it was time for Dalyra to step to the gift pile, she got a guitar.

Since she already has one and left Bobbi’s in China, it was given to the musician (She is Lead Guitarist of the Musician Career. That is level 8)

The guests started leaving, except for Rick/Nick, and Cole stayed around to spend some time with his wife.

Cole: Wooot, awesome voice honey, I’m a big fan!

Cole really couldn’t get enough so Dalyra and Bobbi joined together in a jam session.

Time to put that new guitar to good use, Bobbi.

Meanwhile, all on her own, Elika is learning how to talk to herself.

Elika: Why yes, I do come here often.

Also, since Elrath is a big boy now, he gets a bedroom. This is Dalyra’s old childhood bedroom.

He also gets a drum set, in hopes he picks that as his instrument.

All of a sudden, Gan felt he needed to express his parentship.

Gan: Go to bed, worm.
Elrath: A high-class citizen like me cannot listen to the likes of you.

While Gan went to sleep after such rejection, his rest didn’t last long because Dalyra interupted him with loud wailing.

Gan: Sweet lord, Dalyra, would you stop being such a dying cow?

However, once he understood what was going on, he started panicking wildly.

Dalyra: Men…

He immediately had to go relieve himself -in his outerwear- and mysteriously lost his chubbyness.

Gan: I’m expulsing bubbles from my butt. Something is wrong with me.

Dalyra, on her part, was expulsing a living being from her womb, and it was a boy.

Edward is Evil and Friendly (what a mix). He likes Island Life Music, Egg rolls -Bobbi will love him- and Grey.

So weird stuff is happening in the game, such as Private Carrots changing what type of snowman he is… Either way, Gan exteriorised his anger at pooping bubbles on him.

Gan: Screw you, Private Carrots. Why guard the crypts anyway?

Only because Elrath is NOT the first kid to be born in this generation, of course.

He seems to be settling in his new bedroom just fine.

Next morning, Dalyra took it upon herself to teach Elika about their ancestors.

Dalyra: So our matriarch had a weird fascination for balls, but she did turn her tiny lame cabin into a house writing about them, so I guess she was great still.

While Dalyra was busy giving a history lesson, Gan decided to leave work early.

And walked all the way home.

By the time he arrived, night was already falling. Then he broke into man-labor.

Gan: I should have known what the aliens gave me wasn’t candies.

Yes he should have known, but instead he brings another alien into the lineage, again one not up for heirship.

This is Eve. She is an Artistic Couch Potato who likes Kids music, Hamburgers and the color Sea Foam.

Plan was that maybe Dalyra would try for another kid and hope for a second girl, but given how Gan popped a kid of his own and Dalyra’s career is highly suffering from toddler-caring, Edward is most likely the last kid of this generation. Hence we will stop here before both Dalyra and I get overexhausted by toddlers. And their crying sound.

3 thoughts on “4.7- Like Fish in a Barrel

  1. somebodysangel13

    Is the Traveller mod what brings the family members to China? I haven’t seen that before. Looks like your game may not be liking the China trips, though, with the glitches. Though I have never heard of a snowman glitch, fun!

    Somehow, I don’t think I could possibly vote for Edward as heir. Which sucks, because he could be amazing, and I once did like that name. Stupid Twilight.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenn

    “Jenn: I made a goddamn cake for nothing.”
    LMAO That is so something I would say.

    Woo, more kids! Can’t wait to see them grow up.



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