4.6- Fishing Contract

Hey there! Welcome back to the Moonwisp Legacy Alphabetcy ISBI Challenge! Ain’t that a long enough name? If it isn’t, too bad. If it is, read on!
Last time, Dalyra hid Ethan in the basement, gave birth to Ethan and got pregnant again. Gan moved in, also.

On this evening, Elrath is learning how to pee properly.

Dalyra: That’s right Elrath, if you can’t pee straight, no-one will want to marry you.

However, going about in your underwear constantly is no reason to leave someone, especially if they can fix the TV.

Dalyra: Maybe Mom will stop making hotdogs and eggrolls now.

Maybe getting married in your underwear and pyjamas is a different story.

Aurora: I’ll be the witness, if you need it.

While Gan worried about having a ghost for a witness, Dalyra blurted out her vows.

Dalyra: Since you took off your stupid hat, I’ll take you for a husband.

Rings were exchanged, and Gan left no comment about his hat.

Gan: You forced me away from my annoying family, so I’ll take you for a wife.

With such profound vows, they kissed.

A private wedding was preferable because parties take time away from duties.

It didn’t stop Cole from showing up as it ended.

Cole: My little potato held her word and got married. *sob*

There are smaller potatoes going about, such as Elrath, learning how to walk.

Or mashing  on buttons randomly, in his case.

And this youngling, forgotten in the catacombs.

Dalyra: Hey little worm. It’s your birthday, so I’ll spend it with you!

With no-one else to assist, the birthday was held in the dark.

Dalyra: Blow the candles, already…

Sparkles and derp!

Here’s to more autonomous days in the basement.

Ethan rolled Supernatural Fan. How very fitting since he sees ghosts every day.

Dalyra: Oh my, so ugly.

While Dalyra went to puke her face out, Ethan got a convenient space for himself.

A real bedroom, all in his favorite color.

As well as a living area with a few things to do.

May he have a fun childhood.

Ethan immediately found the chemistry set.

Little Genius quickly figured stuff out.

On her way to the toilet, Dalyra froze in the doorway.

Cole: Darling, I need to go in.

While she finally changed into her pregnancy clothes, Cole gave up and went elsewhere.

Dalyra: I’m a married woman now, I should dress like it.

Back in the basement, Lucky came to life.

Ethan: What if I wanted to be left alone?

It is true that Ethan can have much fun on his own.

Ethan: Oh, great Lord of the Dark Stone, please grant me but a single wish!

He performed a very unique ritual to summon his deity.

Ethan: I hereby sacrifice some of my bacterias for your pleasure.

It would seem the Lord of the Dark Stone was unimpressed.

Ethan: Why, you prick, all I wanted was an ice cream machine.

His failure was soon forgotten when he found his pony.

Ethan: I am the Headless Horseman, looking for pumpkin fields!

Meanwhile, Dalyra went on a nightly fishing trip.

In her maternity wedding dress, naturally.

Back home, Gan is standing around aimlessly, being useless.

Gan: I’m finally married…Now what?

Bobbi heard him and came to call him a piece of junk for not knowing. He called her a Diva in return.

Somehow that increased their relationship…

Since Gan is not helpful, Dalyra had to return home to teach the kids herself.

Dalyra: Come on Elrath, focus. Say Mommy.

While his younger brother learns about life, Ethan crowned himself king.

Ethan: Bring forth the guillotine, Lucky!

Afraid to have her head chopped off, Aurora hid in the house. Only to be spooked by the living.

Dalyra: Haha, not so scary now, are you?

After putting the ghosts back in their place, Dalyra announced her pregnancy to Gan.

Dalyra: You knocked me up, a-hole.

Gan responded well.

Gan: I’m glad you have to go through the crappy part while I just stand around.

These two love eachother so much and it doesn’t even make sense.

Dalyra: You’re the best mean person around.

Ethan extended his kingdom to the poolside.

Ethan: I claim this source of water worthy of my land!

Good thing Gan was busy staring into the void inside, otherwise he might have noticed a weird child on his lawn.


Poor Elrath has to suffer while Dalyra is gone fishing.

Hang on, she’s on her way back.

The king found time for a nap.

Good because he will soon have to go to his first day of school.

Somehow he rolled this.

Sorry, but I don’t see how you could exist any less than you already do.

As the morning came, Dalyra’s waters broke.

Cole: Why do you women merge your hands with your belly?

Then Bobbi started to panick.

Dalyra: Wait, Dad? How did you become Mom?

It’s a girl! Elika is born Evil and Artistic. She likes Egyptian music, French Toast and Green.

Bobbi/Cole: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Have a snickers.

After setting down Elika to be a boring burrito, Dalyra spent time with Elrath.

The claw is going to attack him!

Nooo, it got him!

He is one adorable toddler.

For his first day at school, Ethan chose to show up in his swimwear.

Ethan: First impressions are important.

Gan, your face, it’s awesome.

If only you did other things than just wait there.

Such as helping to take care of your kids.

Dalyra barely has any time for anything else.

Other than chatting with ghosts, of course.

Dalyra: You’re that creep that witnessed my wedding. Why don’t you stop eating our food? You don’t need to eat.

Though insulting her most important ancestor led to nothing, Dalyra had to go back to her duties.

Which involved fixing and cleaning Ethan’s living area.

Sadly that left her no time for her own birthday. 😦

Dalyra: Hey, at least no-one will know I’m growing older.

And stinkier, as well.

Dalyra: Ahahaha, nothing changed. Right?

As soon as Gan was home from his job, Dalyra jumped on him.

Dalyra: Don’t I look as young as ever?

Gan: Err, sure?

Just as they were getting down to business, Gan noticed stange lights outside.

Gan: You’re not coming to check this out?

Dalyra: No. You just married a Moonwisp woman, that’s all it is.

Unaware of what she meant, Gan still continued his investigation.

Gan: So she means this is normal?

While waiting for him, Dalyra casually played her guitar.

Her relic collection also grew because she had some sitting in her inventory.

Gan was back shortly after, and did not enjoy his experience.

Gan: I don’t remember this being in the contract.

Oh, poor man, you just had to read the fine print.

Dalyra: Were you scared, Mr. Scaredy pants? I’ll make it all go away.

They resumed their activities as if nothing happened. He’d have to get used to it anyway.

Gan: It’s not so bad if I get to woohoo everytime.

Afterwards, Dalyra proved she loves her kids very much.

Dalyra: Who’s a little rat?

The “rat” was fed and set on the ground while Mommy had other things to do.

This kid better no disappoint with his genes.

Dalyra’s thing to attend to was one of finding out if this kid disappoints or not.

All hail the burrito.

Elika post-makeover.

She has her grandma’s eyes. Otherwise she seems a decent mix. Yay.

Right as the birthday ended, Cole, the ever happy potato man, made a grumpy face.

Cole: My butt feels funny.

Bobbi was immediately devastated. 😦

Bobbi: No fair! What will our million kids say?

Grimmy came to get Cole, who did not object any.

Cole: It’s okay Bobbi, I’m not going very far.

Then it was over. Cole died at age 90, completed his LTW, raised 8 kids, of which one was not his.

He also maxed Logic and Handiness skills, and had verious points in others.

He was laid to rest in the catacombs, with his chess table, some things to remind him of the outside, and his beloved bench.

See you soon, Cole. 😦

As per her usual phase of denial, Dalyra wished to escape reality.

Dalyra: China, here I come! Ethan, you’re tagging along.

Bobbi: Can I go too?

Dalyra: No. Too old.


On this note ends this chapter. Sad to see Cole go. Next time, Dalyra and Ethan in China, as well as more stuff.


3 thoughts on “4.6- Fishing Contract

  1. somebodysangel13

    Okay, I was wrong about Dalyra and her event wedding. PJs and undies is just as good! Elika and Elrath are both adorbs, and I have a special spot for Elika, love green eyes with the dark hair.

    Wow, I did not realise poor Ethan would be spending his whole life in the crypt. Poor baby. But at least he has fun things to do? And an imaginary friend to go with the hands that want to kill him. I love his beanie. Also, your lighting in there (or maybe the editing?) is really nice, all dark backgrounds but the sims stand out very nicely.

    Liked by 1 person


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